Growing up, we always remain children at heart. And this means that, as before, we love good fairy tales, cartoons and their heroes. Pandora, as always, decided to please her fans and released a fabulous Disney 2017 collection.

Fabulous Pandora Disney Collection 2017

In 2017, Pandora made a surprise and created unique pendants and charms featuring Disney cartoon characters. They, like the rest of the models, are decorated with cubic zirconia and multi-colored enamel. And immediately, as always, she made an incredible impression on her clients. The Disney collection from Pandora delighted all women, regardless of their age. Because thanks to such decorations, they remembered their childhood. They remembered how they loved to watch fairy tales and waited for new cartoons in a colorful adaptation.

You can buy Collection Disney Pandora in Fragola’s online store

The FRAGOLA website always follows the latest Pandora jewelry brand. Because the entire store team is trying for their customers. Beautiful models from the new collection are already in stock and available for order. As soon as the official sale of new jewelry starts, the site immediately replenishes its range. On March 16, in the United States and Europe, copies from the Spring 2017 collection from the Disney jewelry series began to be sold. And longtime admirers know that earlier, only the characters of Minnie and Mickey were used as images for pendants and charms. But, the designers, over time, added other participants in the cartoons. More characters have appeared in the Disney collection Pandora:

  1. Daisy
  2. Donald
  3. Winnie the Pooh
  4. The beauty and the Beast
  5. Tinker Bell

Thanks to new models, you can create new compositions and whole friendly companies.

Pandora always follows the world’s novelties

Thanks to marketers, Pandora always knows what is in demand and what is interesting to the consumer today. It was the popularity of another cartoon from Disney “Beauty and the Beast”, which was released in 2017, that prompted the brand to create new jewelry in the Disney 2017 collection. Three models of jewelry were dedicated to the mentioned fairy tale:

  1. Charm pendant “Enchanted rose”
  2. Charm pendant “Mrs. Potts and Chip”
  3. Silver Pandora bracelet with “Enchanted Rose” clasp

Charming characters Donald and Daisy will also appear among the fabulous assortment of the Pandora jewelry brand. As well as models in honor of the heroes of many beloved cartoons — Winnie the Pooh and Piglet charm pendant with pink enamel, as well as a silver Tiger charm.

Pandora 2017 novelties are always available on the Fragola website

In Ukraine, the Disney Pandora 2017 collection is presented on the official website of the Fragola online store. Original jewelry, which has long been loved by many connoisseurs of beauty, can be bought without leaving home. The Fragola store provides convenient payment and delivery methods, as well as a warranty period for each product. Fragol’s website is always ready to please everyone who decides to buy wonderful gifts for themselves or loved ones. Therefore, consultants will always help each client to make the right choice. They will professionally answer all your questions. Being an adult means remembering the wonderful moments of childhood and believing in a fairy tale. And with this you will be helped by fabulous Pandora pendants that make the world kinder.