Since I am often asked about the release time of new collections of Pandora charms and bracelets, I decided to write a short note about which collections and in what time frames are released during the calendar year.

Times are approximate and may vary slightly from year to year. Each collection has its own name and color scheme, corresponding to the season and mood, which set the tone for the entire issue.

Pandora has 4 main seasonal collections.
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They come out around this time:

spring collection Pandora / Pandora spring — early March
summer collection Pandora / Pandora summer — the first days of June
autumn collection Pandora / Pandora autumn — end of August
winter collection Pandora / Pandora winter — October November

There are separate collections that usually come out with the main ones, but not always every season. This applies to releases such as Pandora Disney / Pandora Disney, Pandora Rose (rose gold) and Pandora Essence (essence).

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There are also collections dedicated to certain holidays.

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Christmas / New Year collection / Chistmas, new year – together with winter, October/November
Valentine’s Day Collection / Valentine’s – middle of January
Mother’s day collection – mid-April
Mid-season collection / pre-autumn – middle of July

Charms currently being released once a year.

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Charm Black Friday – the last Friday of November (the day of the start of huge sales in the USA)
The charm of the club – early summer / together with the summer collection.