It often happens that even if you do not wear silver jewelry — a chain, earrings or a ring — over time they lose their original radiance and begin to darken. A suspicious graphite or brown coating forms on them. You will learn about what silver can darken from by carefully reading this article to the end.

Most people think that the darkening of a piece of jewelry indicates that it is of poor quality or even that it is not real metal, but a fake. However, in fact, darkened silver is a natural phenomenon, due to its chemical properties.

The process of plaque formation is facilitated by the fact that sulfur compounds contained in the air react with silver, forming a dark layer on the surface of jewelry of any sample.

Even silver jewelry that is not worn often but is kept with other items is subjected to this process.

The faster this process occurs, the more sulfur compounds are in the air.

Other factors that can negatively affect the appearance of jewelry are water and cosmetics. That is why it is not recommended to store and leave silver jewelry in the bathroom.

The answer to this question is complex and ambiguous. On the one hand, it is difficult to find strong scientific evidence to support the hypothesis of why silver turns black.

On the other hand, there are many testimonies of people who speak and write that the decoration began to darken after they got sick.

Almost all jewelry is constantly in contact with the human body, that is, with its natural secretions (including sweat). Their chemical composition largely depends on food, drugs, and most importantly, on the state of health of the body. Released substances can react with silver and thus respond to an irritant. It is for this reason that a person who has been diagnosed with a disease notices that his jewelry behaves suspiciously — they begin to blacken.

The phrase «prevention is better than cure» should be the motto of any person who likes to wear not only silver, but also gold.

There are several simple yet effective ways to help extend the life of your jewelry.

First of all, proper storage. The ideal place is a closed box or a special box that cuts off the air supply to the jewelry. Additional, but less effective protection is bags or cosmetic bags with a zipper. Jewelry stored this way will remain free of dark deposits much longer and retain its original luster. But an important condition is that products from different metals should not come into contact with each other.

The second reason why silver on the body can blacken is improper wear and careless attitude.

Since silver does not like water, before every shower, going to the pool, gym or before washing dishes, jewelry from it must be removed.

Often what darkens silver on the human body is the influence of cosmetics. That is why it is not recommended to wear rings on cremated hands or, without removing jewelry, lubricate hands with cream, spray perfume on a neck decorated with a chain. It is also impossible to store jewelry next to cosmetics and perfumes — it spoils them.

The third is proper care. From time to time it is necessary to clean your silver jewelry with special products. The most popular are liquids in which jewelry is immersed. Polishing foams, pastes and cloths impregnated with a cleaning agent are also convenient to use. It is enough to rub the item several times with a cloth or brush when the silver has turned black to restore its natural color and shine.

For restorative cleaning of silver you will need:

  • small capacity (in no case metal, not copper!),

  • boiled water,

  • aluminium foil,

  • baking soda.

First you need to put aluminum foil into the container so that its glossy side is on the outside. Then pour baking soda into a spoon inside, put on or put jewelry in it. Then dip them into poured boiled water and wait a few minutes (depending on the degree of contamination). When foam forms in the container, the products must be removed, rinsed thoroughly with warm water, and wiped dry with a soft cloth. Everything, they will again look like new.

Now you know what exactly makes silver items blacken and how to clean them.