We collect the Pandora bracelet, guided by simple rules from the Fragola store

The Pandora jewelry brand has created and produced many truly exclusive jewelry for its many years of existence. They have managed to win the hearts of many connoisseurs around the world. But perhaps the most recognizable models are bracelets and charms, which are created thanks to the avant-garde trend. The very idea of ​​such jewelry design appeared long before the creators of the brand managed to patent it. Although it was Pandora who managed to win the hearts of lovers of beautiful jewelry, which contain an extraordinary and unsolved mystery of attraction. FRAGOLA store professionals have collected and helped create many Pandora bracelets over a long period of work. And each of them became a masterpiece. Therefore, the store team, observing the process, formulated several rules for the successful creation of a bracelet. And in this article, we decided to share the rules with everyone who decides to buy a unique Pandora accessory.

Rule number 1: first choose the basis

Before choosing and creating a bracelet, decide what material it will be made of: classic or oxidized silver, genuine leather or gold. Think about how you want to see your jewelry: bright, classic in restrained colors, themed or extravagant. The most popular are silver and leather bracelets of different colors. And be sure to correctly determine the desired size of the bracelet, using the size table on the Fragola store website.

Rule #2: follow your idea

Think about how you want to see your composition and then you will understand in which direction to move. It depends on which charms are best to choose. But, remember, each Pandora jewelry is well suited to each other, which means you can just pick up charms that you just like. Or collect charms with certain figures of animals, flowers, fruits from different collections.

Rule number 3: symmetry and harmony

Most customers, when buying charms for bracelets, take completely different models. And only a few of them wear charms of the same size or similar design on their bracelets. After all, jewelry publishers themselves demonstrate this way of packaging in their commercials, so why don’t you follow their example?

Rule number 4: we place accents

Everyone knows that in order to make your image harmonious, it is worth placing accents correctly. This rule applies to makeup and clothing. And yet, many people ask themselves the question, how to create a Pandora-style bracelet? The same is true for Pandora bracelets. If you have a silver bracelet with silver charms, try to spice it up with an enamel charm or bright stones. You can add Murano glass beads or a pendant with a themed image to your bracelet. Thanks to this technique, your decoration will have a unique zest.

Rule #5: add a theme

Most buyers prefer themed jewelry. Because the Pandora brand cares about its customers, delighting with unique pendants, charms and clips dedicated to the joyful events of life. For example: travel, love, friendship, family events, professional achievements. And that’s what a lot of people like. Most models are bought as a gift for significant dates and holidays. Thus, with each event, new jewelry is put on the bracelet and an individual model of the bracelet is created.

Rule number 6: combine bracelets from different materials

This is another feature of all Pandora jewelry. They are beautifully combined with each other, regardless of what material they are made of. Leather bracelets perfectly complement the silver ones. You can wear several bracelets from different materials and collections on your hand at the same time. Thus, every time your style will be successfully emphasized by several branded jewelry. If you follow these simple rules, you can make your own Pandora bracelet. And you can always choose and buy components for it in the Fragola store, which has a large assortment of original Pandora jewelry.