As we know, in 2017 Pandora released a new exclusive collection of jewelry — Pandora Rose. This collection is characterized by a unique pink color that has somewhat bypassed the traditional silver tones. Pandora Rose is a brand new line of Pandora jewelry, which consists of a patented alloy of sterling silver and a certain percentage of copper, which transforms into a delicate and very beautiful pink color, which is emphasized by microscopic thickness of 14 carat rose gold plating. Like all PANDORA jewelry, PANDORA Rose alloy rings and pendants are handcrafted. The final process of their production is gold plating, which is applied to each charm and ring using an electroplating process. Of all the methods of gilding, electroplating is considered one of the best for extending the life of your favorite jewelry and keeping it beautifully golden.

I received a lot of questions from women: “How to care for Pandora products?”, And in the previous article I shared with you all the secrets of careful care for these jewelry: both Pandora silver bracelets, Pandora charms, and leather bracelets. But, with the release of the Pandora Rose collection, these questions have increased, as women are afraid to clean Rose in the usual way of cleaning Pandora through its unique coating. For me personally, the Pandora Rose collection is my favorite collection! I can’t stop admiring the beauty of this pink color and the new charms for Pandora bracelets, and of course, I have already purchased several charms, a security chain and a bracelet from this Pandora Rose collection. Therefore, from my own experience I will tell you how to care for and not be afraid to clean this beauty.

How to care for Pandora Rose jewelry?

All Pandora Rose jewelry is a little different than the classic sterling silver bracelets. To be honest, I was also afraid to take care of my jewelry in the classic way, because I read a lot of reviews that someone’s Pandora Rose was cracked, bracelets and charms were covered with dark spots and they would never be cleaned again. I took a chance, and from my own experience I tell you how to take care of your products so that there are no unpleasant situations. I didn’t soak my bracelet in water as it’s quite new and looks nice, so I just polish it from time to time with a special Pandora cloth. You can buy these napkins separately or even buy a Pandora jewelry care kit. Mandatory for Pandora Rose You must use white tissue paper and store in white bags.

At the expense of charms: I poured warm water into a transparent jar, added liquid non-aggressive soap and immersed my jewelry in it for a few minutes. After that, I took them out and washed them in running warm water, but also not for long. I found a white, lint-free cloth at home and carefully cleaned my charms. I didn’t use a brush, because everything shines beautifully and the way it was when I bought them. My charms consist of small and large enough stones, so when I use a brush, I will clean them very carefully. The main thing is not aggressively, so as not to damage the stones!

Also, as an option, you can purchase a ready-made Pandora care and cleaning kit.