Reach for the stars with the new PANDORA WINTER 2020 collection!
The Pandora Pre-Winter 2020 collection is dedicated to mysticism.


Bracelet with chain and stones Pandora Rose

The new Pandora Rose Link Chain & Stones bracelet is in the same style as the Long Link Cable Chain necklace (388349) . Both have massive chain links and a carabiner clasp. The link chain bracelet has an additional detail of three sparkling clear cubic zirconias set in three links. Available in sizes 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm.


Pendant Fatima’s Hand (799144C00)

Also known as the Hamsa hand, the Hanging Hand of Fatima pendant is a mixture of symbols with beads on one side and a smooth finish on the other. The silver base of the pendant is decorated with beads. This icon is used in various religions including Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist.


Pandora Pegasus / Magical Unicorn Dangle Charm (799145C01)

This pendant features Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek mythology. Standing on its hind hooves, Pegasus with outstretched wings is surrounded by stars. The back silver disc depicts a vibrant sky, hand-painted in pink and purple enamel. Fluffy silver clouds partially cover a tiny stamped heart and stars under the enamel. A heart and star pattern also adorns the base of the pendant, with Aurora borealis cubic zirconia stones set in each. The back of the pendant is engraved with the message «Love is the closest thing to magic».


Pandora’s Bridesmaid Charm
heart shape (799146C00)

The perfect gift for those who support you on your big day. This adorable heart-shaped charm is engraved with «I couldn’t say I DO without you» on one side and the Pandora logo on the back. The side of the pendant is decorated with an ornament of flowers entwined with a ribbon and a bow.


Goddaughter Pandora (799147C01)

The line of love hearts is framed with beads on the sides of the Goddaughter’s amulet. Each side is inscribed with the word «Goddaughter» and a pink enamel heart.


Pendant Pandora Heart Family Tree (799149C00)

Two leafy branches intertwine together to form a family tree in a heart-shaped frame. A carved heart is hidden at the bottom of the tree, symbolizing love in the family. The base of the pendant is engraved with «FAMILY ♥ ︎ FOREVER» on one side, and a heart adorns the front and back of the base.


Pendant Pandora Pink Heart Family Tree (799153C01)

Similar to the Tree of Love charm, a deciduous tree in the shape of a heart. Silver leaves include beautiful pink zirconia, synthetic pink sapphire and synthetic rubies. Hot pink gems also adorn the base of the pendant.


Good Luck Horseshoe Pandora

A traditional horseshoe dangles from a graceful beaded base. The horseshoe is decorated with a tiny pattern of hearts and dots. Another heart is depicted in the center of a horseshoe with a sparkling cubic zirconia, which is in the rays of the setting sun.


Charm of the all-seeing eye and heart
Pandora (799179C00)

Silver charm in the shape of a heart with an embossed eyelet. Cut lines create an interesting pattern, and a pretty beaded line adorns the edges. The words «Lucky Protection» are engraved on the top of the pendant.


Charm Pandora Sun, Stars & Moon

Delicate openwork charm is decorated with heavenly bodies. Scattered around the crescent and the great solar flare are stars of varying sizes.


Pendant Pandora Sparkling Blue Disc (799186C01)

The pendant is embellished with bright blue crystals on a silver disc on the back. In the foreground, a circle of transparent cubic zirkonia glistens. More sparkling stones adorn the delicate base of the pendant, while the Pandora logo and crowns are engraved on the back of the pendant.


Pandora mother and daughter pendant (799187C01)

This double pendant is perfect for mother and daughter Pandora fans! A caramel-colored enamel heart adorns one of the pieces, engraved with the words «Daughter» on the front and «Forever» on the back. The second part is carved with a heart and engraved with the word «Mother» on the front and «In my» on the back. Both pieces are adorned with a tiny embossed heart at the base of the pendant.


Pandora Aunt and Niece Pendant (799188C00)

This pendant set is perfect for niece and aunt! One of the pendants features an embossed heart above the word «aunt» and the reverse side says «Forever». The second pendant has a heart-shaped recess and is engraved with the word «Niece» on the front and «In My Heart» on the back. Two heart-shaped elements can be connected together. Both pendants hang from a beautiful beaded base.


Pandora Rose Pendant
Sparkling Blue Disc with
two pendants (789186C01)

The pendant is also available in a pretty Pandora Rose finish that looks striking with blue crystals.


Pandora Rose
Sparkling Pink Disc Double
Dangle Charm (789186C02)

Also featured in Pandora Rose is a pendant that is adorned with pink synthetic sapphire stones for a rather feminine style.


Disney x Pandora Nightmare Before Christmas Dangle Charm (799148C01)

What’s this? New Nightmare Before Christmas charm! Jack Skellington looks cheerful as a skeleton in a silver frame. On the back of the silver disc is a night scene depicting a yellow-enamelled full moon against a shimmering pink-purple sky. The base of the pendant is decorated with many interesting details: a scary spider sitting on a web, an engraving with Jack’s famous phrase «What is this?» and a tiny witch that is embossed on the side of the base between the engraving.


Pandora Disney Parks Maleficent Mistress of Evil Charm (799150C01)

Disney fans who prefer villainous heroes will love the new Maleficent Mistress of Evil charm. One side of this charm features glittery purple enamel and a portrait of the evil fairy Maleficent from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. On the back of the charm, Maleficent is depicted in the form of a dragon against a background of shiny green enamel. The side of the charm is adorned with a carved scale pattern.


Pandora Sparkling Crescent Moon Pendant

The pendant in the form of a crescent is decorated with transparent cubic zirconia stones. Beading adorns the edge of the moon for a vintage look.



Pandora Sparkling Crescent Moon Ring

Decorated with transparent cubic zirkonia, a shining moon adorns the middle of the beaded ring. The interesting shape of the moon will make this ring perfect.



Pandora Mysticism Crescent Moon Hoop Earrings (299152C01)

These dainty hoop earrings are set with clear cubic zirconia stones, a tiny crescent moon and a star for a subtle sheen. Silver earrings are decorated with beads.

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