And new previews keep coming out! Now we have for you a small overview of the PANDORA Disney Parks Summer 2018 collection …


PANDORA Disney fans will be excited to see the upcoming release of PANDORA Disney Parks for 2018!

Charm PANDORA Disney Parks Happy Birthday

This festive silver charm is decorated with red, green, orange and blue enamel elements. it’s a great way to celebrate Disney Lover’s Day and take back memories with you. The front of the charm is embossed with Mickey Mouse jumping for joy with a cheerful expression on his face. The inscription at the top reads: «Happy Birthday«(English -» Happy birthday «). The reverse of the charm features an illustration of the iconic Disney castle and three silhouettes of Mickey Mouse in green, pink and orange enamel. Clear cubic zirconia stones adorn the edge of the charm.

Charm PANDORA Disney Parks Peter Pan

Join Peter Pan on a magical adventure with this charming sterling silver pendant with red and green enamel. Peter Pan stands with his hands on his hips and has a mischievous expression on his face, and his legs seem ready to tear off the ground and fly away. Behind him, Captain Hook’s ship with a red striped sail hangs separately. You can also notice that the top is inlaid with a tiny blue zirconia star.

Charm PANDORA Exclusive Disneyland «Shanghai Memories»

This charm is exclusive to Shanghai Disneyland Resort. Cinderella’s magical castle is depicted on a background of cute white enamel, and is surrounded by glittering silhouettes of Mickey and stars.

Charm PANDORA Disney Parks It’s A SmallWorld

This triangular charm is a fun tribute to the magical charm of Disneyland. Each of the three sides of the charm represents a different color and image to represent amusement parks in different parts of the world. On one side there is peach-colored enamel, on the other — purple and on the third — blue with the quote «it’s a small world» (English — «it’s a small world»).

Charm PANDORA Disney Parks World of Disney

This sparkling pendant with clear cubic zirconia stones includes a silver ball with blue enamel. Mickey shows off his adventurous spirit as he flies a plane on a wonderful Disney journey around the world!

Charm PANDORA Exclusive Hong Kong «StellaLou»

This silver dangling charm features the sweet StellaLu, Daffy’s friend! The adorable ballerina bunny is dressed in a little tutu and fun Mickey silhouettes are visible on her paws and ears. charming lavender cubic zirconia stones encrusted into the pendant and a tiny flower tucked between Stella’s ears.

Charm PANDORA Disney Parks My First Visit

This fun button charm features all of our favorite Disney friends and the message “1st Visit! » (English — «1st visit!»). Lilac, blue and pink enamel stars adorn both sides of the charm, while the reverse features a Disney castle. Tiny die-cut stars surround the edge of the charm.

The Peter Pan charm is really cute and would look amazing on a bracelet with the Tinker Bell’s Dress charm! We also love the World of Disney charm, and the airplane and Mickey give it all a great Disney feel.

What do you think of this PANDORA Disney Parks preview? Does it have anything to add to your wish list? Share your thoughts in the comments below…