The pre-fall Pandora collection showcases new jewelry from the Logomania line in three metals: silver, rose gold and 14k gold.

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Pre-Fall Pandora 2021 Collection will be released on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

Pandora Pre-Fall 2021 Bracelets


Bangle Pandora Logomania (599493C00)

Create an elegant look with the Pandora Sterling Silver Logomania Bracelet. One half of the bracelet is round and polished, while the other half is slightly larger and square. Three sides of the square half are adorned with a stretched Pandora logo. Both ends of the bracelet are stamped with a tiny Pandora Crown O monogram.


Open bangle bracelet «Logomania» Pandora Rose (589493C00)

The Pandora Logomania bracelet is also available in 14k rose gold plated metal, which will look good alone or paired with the silver version. The Pandora Logomania bracelet has been crafted along the optimal lines of the hand for convenience and comfort, and is not designed to bend or twist when put on and taken off.


Open bangle bracelet «Logomania» Pandora Shine (569493C00)

Gorgeous 14k gold plated Pandora Logomania bracelet.

Pendants and Charms from Pandora Pre-Fall 2021 Collection


Charm Moments «Logomania» (799489C01)

Add sparkle to your look with the Pandora Pavé logo charm. Four rows of brilliant-cut clear cubic zirkonia are separated in the middle by an embossed silver line, which bears the Pandora logos. Decorative microbeads around the stones give this contemporary design a vintage feel.


Charm pendant Moments «Logomania» (799490C01)

Rings within rings within rings! This Pandora logo hoop pendant looks great on a bracelet or necklace. Three interlaced rings are decorated with different techniques. Clear pavé cubic zirconia adorns the tiny center ring. Surrounding it is a larger ring with a row of hearts around the edges and a Pandora logo on the rib. A smaller ring connects the charm to a sleek base engraved with the Pandora logo on each side. All three rings rotate to create dynamic movement and make this charm an eye-catching addition to any look.


Pandora Sparkling Pavé & Lines Logo Charm (769042C01)

Add sparkle to your look with sparkling pavé lines and a logo clip. Handcrafted in 585 gold-plated metal, this clip is embellished with two rows of sparkling clear cubic zirconia pavé. A raised row in the center is adorned with the Pandora logo, flanked with delicate microbeads. Both sides of the clip are engraved with hearts.


Pandora Link Chain with Pavé Clip (766322C01-05)

Keep your charms secure with the stylish Clear Pavé Clip connecting chain. It is hand-finished in 14 carat gold-plated metal and adorned with clip-on charms at each end. Each clip is embellished with sparkling clear cubic zirkonia in various sizes, creating a pleasing contrast against the warm-toned metal. The silicone grips are inside each clip, which means they won’t fit into the threads.



Necklace «Logomania» (399487C01)

It’s twice as good with the pendant and double circle pendant! Not only are there two circles in the design, but the pendant can also be flipped to give it a different look. A number of transparent cubic zirconias are set on the smaller ring and on one side of the larger circle. The back of the large circle is adorned with a cut-out heart pattern, while the Pandora logo is engraved on each side of the small ring. This 45 cm necklace is also equipped with an extension chain, allowing you to wear the necklace in the desired length.


Necklace «rings in two tones» (389483C01)

Create a geometric style with a two-tone pendant and circle necklace. Handcrafted in sterling silver and plated in 14k rose gold, this necklace features three rotating circles. The silver outer circle is engraved with two Pandora logos on one side and the back is polished. Clear cubic zirconia stones are set to one side of the middle circle, plated in 14k rose gold, with a carved heart pattern on the back. The center circle is also adorned with clear cubic zirkonia on one side and emblazoned with the Pandora logo on the back. All circles can be rotated to create eight different style combinations!


Pandora Pavé Logo Necklace (367436C01)

The iconic Pandora Logomania necklace is now available in 14K gold. On one side of the pendant, transparent cubic zirconias are inserted, framed with microbeads for a beautiful texture. A cut-out heart pattern adorns the hem, while the back is polished with an engraved Pandora logo. Perfect for everyday style or for special occasions.



Ring «Logomania» (199482C01)

Create a sleek yet simple style with the Pandora Logo & Hearts Ring. This highly polished ring has a square inset and features Pandora logos on both sides and a carved heart pattern on the inside. Fluted lines form a square border on each side of the ring with a sparkling cubic zirconia on each side.


Pandora overlap ring (199491C01)

Add some chic to your style with the modern Sparkling Overlapping Ring. This sterling silver ring features an asymmetrical design with crossed ends. Sparkling pavé cubic zirconia is set with delicate microbeads on the outside of the ring, and the Pandora logo is engraved on the sides. The inside of the ring features a pretty mosaic heart pattern, and each end of the ring features tiny Pandora Crown O monograms.


Pandora Crossover Triple Ring (199057C01)

The Crossover Pavé Triple Band Ring is inspired by the spiral structure of the solar system. This intricate ring consists of three stripes, one of which diagonally overlaps the other two. One inner band is engraved with the Pandora logo and the other inner band is polished silver. Zirconia pavé adorns the outer band with beautiful microbeads. All three bands merge together at the back of the ring.


Pandora ring with logo and hearts (189482C01)

Available in stunning 14k rose gold plating. This highly polished ring features a square inset with Pandora logos engraved on each side. A heart pattern adorns the inside of the ring, while clear cubic zirkonia are placed in a fluted frame on both sides of the ring. This ring will look charming on its own or together with the silver version.


Sparkling Pandora Rose Splash Ring (189491C01)

Sparkling Overlapping Ring in 14k rose gold. This beautiful asymmetrical ring features clear cubic zirkonia and is engraved with the Pandora logo on both sides. The inside of the ring is engraved with a heart pattern, and two tiny Pandora Crown O monograms adorn the intersecting lines of the ring. This ring looks charming on its own. And in combination with the silver version, it will look just amazing!


Pandora Crossover Triple Stripe Pavé Ring (169057C01)

The Triple Band Ring is also available in 14K gold. In this design, three stripes intersect diagonally. One inner band is engraved with the Pandora logo, while the other is highly polished. The third band is decorated with transparent cubic zirkonia pavé and framed with decorative microbeads.


Pandora Earrings Pre-Fall Collection 2021


Reversible Pandora Pavé Logo Stud Earrings (299486C01)

Reversible Pavé & Logo Circle Reversible stud earrings with versatile style. A large transparent cubic zirconia stone is set on the top of the earrings, and the outer frame is double-sided. Brilliant clear pavé cubic zirconia and a micro-beaded edge feature on one side of the earrings, while two Pandora logos are engraved on the back. The round frame is flippable allowing you to create different styles depending on your mood or outfit!


Pandora U Shape Hoop Earrings (299488C01)

Modern sterling silver U-shaped earrings with a rectangular outline. Both sides are engraved with the Pandora logo, while the interior features a cut-out heart pattern. Half of the outer edge is adorned with clear cubic zirconia pavé and the other half is smooth polished sterling silver. Wear them symmetrically or asymmetrically — the choice is yours.


Shiny Pandora Double Hoop Earrings (289052C01)

Glitter double hoop earrings are a great choice to create a wow look. Sparkling Double Hoop earrings are plated in 14K rose gold and feature two hoops set in clear cubic zirconia pavé and delicate microbeads. A cut-out heart pattern adorns the back of the lower hoop, while the Pandora logo is engraved on the sides. The top ring is attached to the bottom one at a perpendicular angle, while the bottom one swings back and forth to create a spectacular movement.


Pandora Pavé Heart Hoop Earrings (266317C01)

The pretty Pandora Pavé Heart hoop earrings are now available in 14K gold. Sparkling transparent cubic zirconias are inserted both into the outer and inner parts of the hoop, and there are carved hearts along the edges. Geometric, sophisticated and versatile, these headbands will look stylish for everyday wear or special occasions.


Pandora Fall 2021 Collection will be released globally both in stores and online on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

Remember that this is not Pandora’s main fall collection, but the pre-fall collection.