Today we decided to take a look at the process of what little charms go through on your wrists to get on your bracelets! We haven’t done a post like this before between the seasons, but just recently Pandora released a pretty fun new video of the making of the Vintage Lace charm, from concept in Copenhagen to production in Thailand.

This prompted the idea that we do not have a single post about how Pandora creates charms, which, in fact, we will fix today. We thought it would be interesting to stop and appreciate how much effort has been put into the charms we have! We have added a new video to this post along with more information on how the charms are made.

Where and how are charms made? Pandora?

Because Pandora is a Danish company, charms and other jewelry are made in Gemopolis, Thailand, with over 5,900 employees Pandora! Gemopolis is an industrial complex specializing in the production of exclusive goods such as high fashion, jewelry and electronics.

Each charm is the result of hand finishing and is claimed to go through at least 20 hands before reaching the shelves. This includes setting gems into a charm, soldering pieces together, and oxidizing and polishing charms — all by hand!

It’s just amazing! It should be recognized that Pandora very popular all over the world and charms are produced in huge quantities. In this regard, many people often tend to think that the production of charms goes through a conveyor process and, therefore, the craftsmanship hidden behind each charm is a little lost. However, it’s incredible to know that every Pandora item, no matter how many, has survived this painstaking process.

Charm variations

By this process, it is understood that there may be variations and deviations in the finishing of each charm. This is especially true of murano, which are not just amenable to hand-finishing, but completely made by hand; they can vary in size, patterns, and even color. In our opinion, this gives the charm a sense of something more personal and suggests a high level of individual craftsmanship in each element. Still, it’s great to go and pick something up in person, so you’re sure to be happy with your choice!

Watch it happen!

Pandora just released a number of pretty cool new videos detailing how they make their charms. The first video introduces the process of making the charm Vintage Lace. It all starts with the design process in Copenhagen and then leads us to the process of actually creating and finishing the charm!

The second video is no less amazing, it reveals the secret of how Murano glass charms are made — up to beautiful 3D murano details Cherry Blossom.

You can also see how the enamel pieces are made in this video — it’s incredible to see how enamel is processed in liquid form!

The last video has been around for quite a few years, but it conveys an excellent overview of the various processes.


Of course, it would be amazing to visit the factory in person and see the process of making jewelry with your own eyes, but, unfortunately, such a tour is prohibited for ordinary visitors! In addition, first you need to get to Thailand;) In the meantime, we will only have to go to YouTube