autumn collection 2020 preview from PANDORA: hobbies and places

Collect your memories with souvenirs from your favorite places or adventures.

New collection from Pandora allows you to create styles that reflect your personality and memories.

collection 2020 from PANDORA: hobbies and places

Charm «Tennis racket and ball» from Pandora

This is a sterling silver charm with 18k gold tennis ball pendant Pandora Shine. Embossed logo Pandora and white enameled lines create a unique design. Pretty micro beading forms fishnet strings on the racquet with dark oxidation stitching on the sides. On one side of the decoration is engraved the inscription «PANDORA TENNIS».

Badminton shuttlecock charm from Pandora

Beautiful openwork feathers form the basis of the badminton shuttlecock, and a tiny embossed heart is hidden on the underside of the cork. Fuchsia pink enamel adorns the top of the charm, which is engraved with «PANDORA BADMINTON».

American Bald Eagle Charm from Pandora

The American Bald Eagle, the national symbol of the United States, is ready for adventure with his red, white and blue backpack. The proud eagle is adorned with a blue enamel star on the chest to remind you of a place close to your heart.

Charm «Japanese Dog Akita Inu» from Pandora

The adorable Japanese Akita Inu Dog Charm is perfect for dog lovers or Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. Black enamel decorates the muzzle of the dog, which looks elegant with a bandanna around his neck. The red and white enamel detail on the neckerchief depicts the flag of Japan.

Surfing Koala Charm Pandora

The surf koala is our favorite decoration from the new collection. This badass koala is ready to hit the waves with a surfboard tucked under one arm. Black glossy enamel highlights her friendly face, while blue, red and white enamel paint the Australian flag on her surfboard.

Charm «Lion — Union Jack» from Pandora

The lion charm symbolizes strength, courage and dignity. King of the jungle, this lion looks regal with his wavy mane and is dressed in a red, white and blue enameled Union Jack flag.

What do you think of the new collection? What other charms would you like to see in the new collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below…