PANDORA lovers will be happy to hear about the long-awaited release of the upcoming PANDORA Pre-Autumn 2018 collection!


This year, the Pre-Autumn collection saw a small redesign of PANDORA classics. series Love Pod! The charming pod pendants will now be available in silver, PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine. Instead of diamonds, there are clear cubic zirconia stones, thanks to which the assortment will become more affordable.



These new PANDORA letter bracelets have a variety of finishes on each side, allowing for a fun contrast of textures!

And here it is new bracelets with interchangeable letters are bracelets together with PANDORA signature inserts and a beautiful PANDORA Signature Heart decoration. We noticed that the Locket Bangle is in the photo, as it was supposed to be released in the PANDORA Spring 2018 collection, but we still couldn’t wait for it. Hopefully it will finally be released as part of the PANDORA Pre-Autumn Collection.

This charm is one of PANDORA’s new moving charms, and we think you’d be very interested to see how it works. I wonder if the rotation will be quite free, if the charm will move by itself or only when turned.

This is the second new moving charm, and here it is much easier to understand the principle of its movement. The central disc rotates in a circle around its central axis. «PANDORA» is embossed on one side and a heart is embossed in the center. The back features clear cubic zirconia stones, and tiny cut hearts create a pattern around the edge.

And this unusual charm is ideal for pasta lovers. Each element hangs separately from the central ring, supposedly adding playfulness. And do you have friends who would like such a decoration?

A freshly cut mouth-watering slice hangs over the pizza, ready to eat! The ‘mouth’ of the ornament is studded with red and transparent stones and hand-painted green enamel. The base of the pizza is engraved with the word «Love», making it a fun souvenir from Italy.

This bright charm has flip-flops, a drink and a tambourine with a Brazilian patch on it. The previous two Brazilian jewels were recently discontinued and were included in the PANDORA Summer Sale. Well, this seems to be a new Brazilian «thing».


Bracelet PANDORA Padlock will also be available in colors such as PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine.

stunning bracelet PANDORA Mesh will be available in PANDORA Rose. There is no version in PANDORA Shine yet, but we are sure that it will appear soon.


Continuing the Signature collection, we have three different necklace styles. This Y necklace can be adjusted for both high and low necklines.

One side of the necklace is embossed with the PANDORA logo, while the rest shimmers with clear cubic zirconia stones. The length of the chain is 45 cm. It can also be adjusted to 42 cm and 38 cm.

We think this necklace looks really cool! You can change the look of the necklace by rotating the inner circle to connect it with the outer circle — whatever you want. The length of the chain is 60 cm, it has a sliding clasp, so you can adjust it to any convenient length.

This minimalist necklace is similar to the Arcs of Love charm from the PANDORA 2018 Valentine’s Day collection. Like the rest of the new PANDORA 2018 Pre-Autumn Collection, it can be worn for any occasion


Similar to the Love Lock Ring from the Valentine’s Day 2018 collection, this ring features a round ‘lock’ with the PANDORA logo and 14 sparkling pavé stones.

Two lines of clear stones can be reversed on either side of this versatile ring. You can line them up with the PANDORA logo or cut out hearts, depending on your mood.

And this PANDORA ring features the logo, cut-out hearts and shimmering cubic zirconia. You can return the shiny side of the stone, or any part of the heart.

PANDORA PRE-AUTUMN 2018 earrings

This pair of earrings can be worn in as many as five ways! The front of the circle features the PANDORA logo and the back features sparkling stones, creating a two-dimensional graphic design. Wear both circles at the front of your ear or wear one at the back for a unique design. There is also an option to wear circles alone. Which of all options do you like the most?