A difficult year 2020 has corrected trends in the world of fashion and design. Impersonal masks still prevent self-expression, and the layering of clothes makes you look for ways to stand out from the crowd through interesting and unique jewelry. One of the current trends has become fashionable piercing — 2021. Unlike the late 90s, ear, nose and navel piercings no longer indicate belonging to a particular subculture. They emphasize the style, individuality of character and make a holistic image, provided that the right accessory is chosen. Read on to find out how to do it successfully.

Features of piercing male and female ears in 2021

Earrings are a piece of jewelry loved by many girls, women, and even some men. But the classic position of earrings faded into the background. Fashionable and stylish ear piercings in 2021:

  • daith (dais), when the decoration is in the central cartilage near the ear canal;
  • stacked (stroud) — on the lobe, one puncture is located above the other;
  • tragus (tragus) — tragus piercing in 2021 — the location of the product on the outer ear, opposite the auricle;
  • trifecta (trifecta) — a triangular arrangement of punctures.

Despite the variety of jewelry, stylists recommend giving preference to naturalness. Beautiful is the «effect of a drop of water» — single transparent stones or crystals. Various combinations are also welcome: asymmetry, rings, chains, stars.

Another hit of this year is two different earrings in each ear. Models on fashion catwalks have long been wearing shoes, one is black, the other is white. This decision is reflected in the world of jewelry. As an option: in the left ear — flat earrings, and in the right — rings. Try it and see how others will be surprised at your decision to look stylish!

A new approach to female navel piercing in 2021

On the fashion catwalks, “flashbacks to the 2000s” are observed every season. 3 years ago, many people did not want to decorate the navel because of the high-rise jeans. With the return of low-waisted trousers, navel piercings are back in fashion, but in a new form.

The bar with decor is already a thing of the past. She was replaced by an elegant ring and chain. They look more concise and elegant. However, they can only be worn in healed punctures.

Septum is a hit in female nose piercing in 2021

There are three most popular types of nose piercings: nostrils, bridge of the nose, and septum (a septum is a cartilage puncture in the nasal septum or on the skin directly below it). The latter solution is definitely less painful and easier to care for.
The fashion for septum arose from the rituals of the tribes of Central Asia and captivated the hearts of even the singers Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Talia Barnett. It was made popular by the Givenchy brand, which showed the world models adorned with huge septum rings and curls along the face.

Despite the fact that the puncture of the septum between the nostrils or the cartilage and the septum is quite complicated, it is very easy to pick up decorations for it — clickers and circulars:

  • classical,
  • titanium,
  • curly,
  • with phianites.

Another plus of this type of puncture is that it is easy to hide. When the dress code is unforgiving, just put a flat earring or wrap a half ring inside the nose. Checked — it works!

Piercing 2021: tongue, lips, fingers

An amazing and unusual trend that will allow women to stand out in 2022 is finger piercing. This is a bold decision for those who do not like to wear rings and bracelets. It involves the use of microdermals — implants in the form of a titanium anchor implanted under the skin, or special rings for finger piercings.

Such a puncture caused a lot of discussion and controversy in the network. But for the most daring, it has become an original alternative to wedding rings. The look is unusual and eye-catching, especially when combined with a tattoo or mehendi (henna tattoo).

Thanks to the show of the cruise collection from Chanel, the world rethought its attitude to lip piercing. It fits perfectly with flowing light dresses, retro blouses and classic suits.

An idea for those who do not want to show off jewelry is to make a puncture in the tongue. It is easy to hide, it is not conspicuous. Ornament for the tongue gives self-confidence and allows you to challenge the routine and everyday life of gray everyday life.

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