Gold and silver rings worn on the knuckles have been popular accessories for several seasons in a row. Moreover, he was introduced into this trend not by catwalk, but by street fashion. Some designers and stylists believe that such products should be worn in a single copy. Others state how to wear rings on the knuckles of different fingers so that they contrast with each other. Let’s see what models of phalanx rings are in fashion now and what they can be combined with.

How to wear phalanx rings made of gold and silver?

phalanx rings

Until recently, the combination of gold and silver rings was considered a sign of lack of taste. However, this principle has remained in the past. Modern women’s fashion has learned to harmoniously combine jewelry made from metals of different colors to achieve a stylish effect.

You can wear rings on the phalanges either alone or on each finger, but then they should be the same.

The composition of gold and silver is ideal for wide rings. In spring and summer, wide combined products inlaid with pearls look especially chic. Faux pearls do not look any worse than real ones.

The novelty of the 2019-2020 fashion season is models decorated with a thin branch. This insert comes in different lengths. The bezel looks original, in which two rings are connected with a decorative chain. It is not necessary that this chain fasten two parts of one piece of jewelry. They produce combined sets of rings that are put on adjacent fingers and fastened with a chain.

If the love for jewelry has no limits, it is worth experimenting by applying traditional wide phalanx rings on two fingers, and open narrow models on the remaining three.

How to choose phalangeal rings and how to wear?

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Again, it is allowed to wear several jewelry on the arm, which are different from each other, but do not overload the image too much. When you really want to add something, then put on a beautiful bracelet or watch.

It is customary to wear a ring in two phalanges on the index or middle finger, much less often on the little finger. If they are long, they look harmonious.

For those who prefer to always be in trend, many unusual phalanx models are made with long bells and pendants. Severity in clothes and accessories is not popular this fashion season.

Products for phalanges are produced in the most unexpected designs that have their own name:

  • imitation of knightly armor is a non-standard option that will suit strong personalities with an active lifestyle. But such an accessory does not need to be supplemented with anything. In extreme cases, you can add a few neat thin rings made in a similar style;

  • the upper ring of the phalanx is made in two variations:

  1. midi-ring, designed to be worn on the first finger of the joint with an attached nozzle, which is located above the nail plate. This bright and extravagant option is suitable for bold fashionistas. In everyday life, it is best to wear one product. But the stars of modeling and show business can afford to decorate their image to go on stage or podium in front of the public with several phalangeal rings;
  2. nail mini-ring is a neat and elegant product. Suitable for both everyday wear and in combination with evening dresses. The most sensational collection of such small nail decorations was created by the Chanel brand. They are designed to be worn on each phalanx of one finger.

How to wear rings on the phalanges of the fingers with a certain meaning?phalanx rings

Phalanx models made of other metals (jewelry steel, platinum, titanium) emphasize the beauty of hands with amazing sophistication. They attract the attention of others. They are decorated with precious stones or a pattern that is a symbol of something.

If you believe in the energy of the material, you can choose a phalanx ring with a stone insert that matches your horoscope. It is believed that this will bring happiness in life and help the fashionista to always be in a good mood.

Midi rings of an unusual shape may seem uncomfortable, but do not immediately abandon their choice. Manufacturers have taken into account all the nuances. If you choose a knuckle ring of the right size, then there will be no problems with how to wear it. After all, such jewelry will not fall off the fingers and will not cause sensations of squeezing them. After a while wearing them will become a habit and then you will stop feeling them.

How to wear phalangeal rings to avoid bad taste?

phalanx rings

If you decide to wear only one gold or silver ring on the phalanx, then take care of its originality. It is better that it be an ornament inlaid with stones. It can become an element of business style, but then the model should be restrained.

When choosing a phalangeal decoration, it is necessary to take into account the size — width and length — of the nail plate. In no case do not combine phalanx midi rings with long, sharp and narrowed nails. It looks tasteless, even vulgar.

Don’t forget that the knuckle ring is an accessory that is not trivial, so it is always in the spotlight. And this means that the skin of your hands and manicure must be perfect.

Stylists recommend covering your nails with dark varnish, which will perfectly set off the beauty of silver and gold phalanx rings. A manicure of a light or saturated shade is allowed, but definitely without sparkles and rhinestones, or a geometric pattern made of metallic colored foil.