Phalanx rings are a type of finger jewelry. They are worn on the upper phalanx, unlike the standard ring. This decoration looks quite original and is always perceived by girls. To be not like everyone else is the motto of everyone. Unusual decoration always attracts the eye and does not leave others indifferent.

Phalanx rings came to us from tribal customs. In the tribes, the number of rings spoke of the age, maturity, or other differences of the girl. Everything depended on the tribe and its location. Some men also wore phalanx rings. They were made of ordinary metal, but it was always handmade. In the tribes, unlike our time, such a ring was a symbol, not a piece of jewelry. The modern decoration is a modernized version of the phalanx ring. Jewelry brands use this line in their products and it finds its buyer. Pandora is no exception.

Types of rings on the phalanx

Phalanx rings are a non-standard decoration, but today, the number of types, shapes, models and metals from which they are made is quite a lot. For the manufacture of phalanx rings, several types of metals are used:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • bronze;
  • platinum;
  • surgical steel.

Often these metals are used as the basis for sputtering. The Pandora brand makes products from silver plated with yellow and rose gold. Further, the varieties of rings on the phalanx include different types in shape and models.

Knowing these nuances will help you choose the perfect jewelry, know how to combine it correctly, and what is right for you. There are 5 types of rings for the phalanx:

  1. Long ring
    “Long” (translated from English) — long. The phalangeal ring of this species occupies the entire finger. Its length is three phalanges. Some models are made in such a way that they also cover the nail plate. There are models that occupy two phalanxes, they are also considered a long ring. This ring looks like a complete piece of jewelry. It is very elegant and will definitely attract the eyes of others. They make decorations in the form of flowers, branches that go around, threads, etc.
  2. Mussels
    The phalanx midi ring is a medium-length decoration. The model adorns the upper phalanx and should not be massive. Midi rings are used as an addition to the classic types of jewelry on the finger.
  3. Double
    A ring with two phalanges is called a double because they are used on two fingers. Two rings are connected by a small chain. There are models without a chain. This is a decoration for true ladies.
  4. A spring
    Everything is simple here. The ring on the phalanx in the form of a spring wraps around the finger. Comfortable and functional decoration. Like a regular spring, the ring can stretch. You control its size. As a stylistic feature, pay attention to the fact that such a model will look perfect only on thin fingers.
  5. open
    An open ring does not form a solid circle, unlike the classic options. This is its peculiarity. This model is for one phalanx. Looks pretty stylish and original. Here we also include a mirror relative — a closed type.

Who wears phalangeal rings?

The phalanx ring is a rather unique and original product. Its shape and style is not just a matter of taste. Often such a product is not suitable for everyone. Instead of embellishing the image of a woman, it will become a cult of bad taste. Therefore, you need to choose the phalangeal ring very carefully.

The best tandem of Pandora knuckle rings is thin long fingers and round brushes. A phalangeal ring will definitely adorn such a hand. Model, it is better to choose one that will look visually beautiful. Girls, owners of puffy hands and short fingers, should pick up the jewelry after the fact. For those who have puffy fingers, it is better to abandon the phalanx rings and give preference to the classic options.

If you still prefer a phalanx ring, then rely on a few rules that will help you choose and look decent with jewelry.

  • We do not overload our hands
    The number of jewelry on one hand is not limited. Combinations of style, color and shape can be perfect, but remember that oversaturation is bad. Try to make accents that will stand out and look loose on the hand, rather than standing in line to be noticed among the many other rings.
  • metal combination
    The best advice here is to choose one precious metal for the combination. If you’re not sure if the jewelry matches or how to do it, don’t risk it. An easy way to take advantage of the combination is to buy the product in combination.
  • Style
    The phalanx decoration should match your style of clothing and other decorations, not only on the hands. With Pandora, choosing a product by style is easy. Choose jewelry from one collection or in a theme and you will always shine.

Where to buy phalanx rings?

By following simple rules, you will pick up a decoration for the phalanx pretty quickly. The Fragola online store is the best place, seasoned with good discounts. If you need advice, advice or ready-made combinations, you will select everything on the site. Among the Pandora jewelry there are ready-made combinations. Rely on the theme of the product or collection, where all the decorations fit together. Making a choice will be easy.

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