When creating locket medallions, modern technologies and craftsmanship accumulated over the centuries are effectively combined. They are those wonderful pieces of jewelry that cherish the most important and brightest moments of life, ideas and dreams.

Women and girls of all ages are chosen for their modern yet timeless sensuality combined with some intrigue and unsurpassed exclusivity.

What is petit?

What is petit?

This word is of French origin and literally means “small”, “miniature”. This term is often used to refer to anything that is small in size. Often referred to as thin women or teenage girls.

In general, the word has a clearly feminine nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that it migrated to the jewelry section.

What is petite in jewelry?

Medallions, due to their ability to tell a woman’s unique personal story, originally appeared as mourning decorations. They were worn as a sign of spiritual closeness with the deceased. Then strands of hair or portraits of loved ones (later photographs) became sentimental elements in them. The latter do not lose their relevance in the 21st century.

Modern jewelry has brought these products to a new level. Now the owners of the medallions have the opportunity to store in them not only portraits of loved ones, but also other intimate and dear memories, events, dreams. This was made possible thanks to miniature figurines-symbols made of gold, silver and precious stones. For their small size, they received the name «Petite».

Since such pendants are incredibly beautiful and not as personal as a strand of hair or a portrait, hiding them from prying eyes has become irrelevant. Therefore, the lid on the medallions, where the figures are placed, began to be made transparent.

What is petit?

What is petit in Pandora jewelry?

Of course, Pandora, which specializes in charms-symbols, could not bypass the petit direction. Her line of jewelry has an entire collection dedicated to them PANDORA Petite Memories.

The collection includes three pieces made of 925 sterling silver:

All are a modern take on the classic medallion design. Petites pendants are placed inside to keep close to the heart and tell others about your feelings at the same time.

Cherish your special memories with this collection of jewelry and add miniature charms to showcase your unique story.

Just choose your favorite medallion design. It can be a classic round shape, in the form of a heart, a key or a Mickey Mouse head. Personalize it in endless ways with Petite Charms that symbolize what you hold dear. Here you will find flowers, bees, hearts, infinity symbols, Mickey Mouse, clover, family tree and more.

They can be found in classic silver designs, PANDORA Shine and PANDORA Rose. Finished with cubic zirconia and enamel.

The transparent cover of the medallion is made of glass.

What is petit?

The charm-medallion for the bracelet is a rounded bead with a transparent cover.

Petita charms are purchased based on personal tastes and financial capabilities. It is worth remembering that elbows are worn in a conspicuous place and will surely attract the attention of strangers. Therefore, if you do not really want to open up to strangers, do not put too personal characters in them.

It is also worth thinking about the appropriate combination of them with your today’s bow. Neutral will be a clover leaf, a star, flowers, the inscription “love”. Most of these medallions have a rather discreet design, so they are perfect for casual style, parties with friends, dates, shopping and office.

At the same time, the loket filled with petites is a self-sufficient eye-catching decoration. Therefore, if you plan to wear more earrings, bracelets or rings, it is better to stop at neutral and not bright options.

Where to buy PANDORA Petite in Ukraine and how to choose?

You can buy these and other Pandora jewelry in the Fragola online store. We will help you write your unique story.

What is petit?

Often asked:

⏩ How many miniature pendants can fit in a ❤️ PANDORA ❤️ medallion?

The medium locket will fit 3 Petite Memories charms and the large pendant will fit 5.

⏩ How many charms fit in a ring and bracelet pendant?

Each holds 1 charm from the Petite Memories collection.

⏩ Can Petit Memorize charms be used as regular pendants?

No. They are exclusively for Pandora Locket necklaces. These little charms are wonderful sentimental items that will keep precious moments of your life for years to come.

⏩ What is Pandora Petite Charms?

These mini charms are specially designed for PANDORA Petite Memories medallions.