Pandora Winter 2021 Collection inspired by the starry sky and consists of decorations with beautiful star motifs. Vintage designs and holiday charms are also in the collection, along with new adorable Disney jewelry! Plus some super cool ruthenium-plated jewelry from the Mandalorian Star Wars collection.

Winter collection Pandora 2021 will be released worldwide on Thursday, October 28, 2021.



Pandora Moments Shining Asymmetric Star Bracelet (599639C01)

Give your look a celestial glow with the Pandora Moments Asymmetric Star Chain Bracelet. The hand-crafted sterling silver star-shaped clasp of the bracelet is covered on both sides with sparkling clear cubic zirconia pavé. Wear it alone for a simple, understated look, or layer it with others. The sparkling clasp means it will look stunning alone or with pendants.


Bracelet sparkling disk Pandora Moments (590038C01)

Sparkling and elegant, the bracelet features a large sparkling clear cubic zirconia in the center surrounded by a double halo of tiny stones. The back of the clasp is engraved with the Pandora logo and embellished with a solid stone. Decorate the bracelet with charms or wear it alone for a chic look.


Pandora Moments Starry Galaxy Bangle Bracelet (590009C01)

Stars on top of stars adorn the Pandora Moments bracelet! On a smooth spherical clasp, tiny cubic zirconias are inserted into circles and stars. A combination of small and large stars is embossed on the outside of the silver bracelet.



Chain bracelet shining blue stone (590039C01)

A classic winter season tennis bracelet featuring a large blue princess-cut crystal framed in clear cubic zirkonia in the center. The lobster clasp allows you to adjust the length of the bracelet. Wear it on its own or pair it with other sparkling Pandora jewelry for a timeless, classic look.


Heart shining chain bracelet (590041C01)

The tennis bracelet is perfect for a party outfit! This sterling silver tennis bracelet features a large heart-shaped stone in the center, crafted from sparkling clear cubic zirconia. The bracelet is easily adjustable in length with a lobster clasp.


Heart-shaped bracelet with T-clasp (589285C00)

The pretty Pandora Moments chain bracelet with snake T clasp is now available in a unique rose gold plated finish. Insert the T-bar at one end of the bracelet into the heart-shaped disc at the other end to close the bracelet securely. One side of the heart-shaped clasp is engraved with the Pandora logo.


Chain bracelet radiance of the heart Rose (580041C01)

Take your stack of tennis bracelets to the next level with a new tennis bracelet made from a unique rose gold plated alloy of metals. The artificial pink orchid crystals look amazing against the beautiful blush of rose gold. A large heart-shaped crystal adorns the center of the bracelet. It can be adjusted in length with a lobster clasp. Wear the bracelet alone or pair it with other Pandora jewelry for a sparkle that shines from afar.


Chain bracelet green glow Rose (580044C01)

Add a festive touch to your outfits this winter season with an elegant tennis bracelet set with stunning emerald green stones. The lobster clasp allows you to easily adjust the length of the bracelet. Wear it on its own or pair it with other shimmery Pandora pieces for an incredible look.



Murano Charm Starry Galaxy (790015C00)

This striking Murano glass charm captures the beauty of the night sky. Handcrafted in sterling silver, this galaxy-inspired pendant is set with brilliant blue Murano glass surrounded by asymmetrical silver stars of varying sizes. Wear this charm to stay in touch with the power of the stars and planets of the galaxy wherever you are, or gift this charm to someone significant to show you care.


Charm Shining asymmetric star (790016C01)

A shining asymmetrical star will add romantic starlight to the overall look. This star-themed piece features an asymmetrical design in polished 925 sterling silver. Numerous rows of colorless pavé cubic zirconia show exquisite handwork, and the center is adorned with a star pattern. This harmonious asymmetrical design is inspired by the endless starry sky and interprets the aesthetic concept of perfection.


Christmas Tree Charm (790018C01)

Get into the holiday spirit with a colorful Christmas tree charm adorned with red and green cubic zirconia stones and microbeads. At the top is a raised silver star, and the message “The MAGIC of Christmas” is engraved on the back of the pendant.



Pendant Snow globe angel (790027C01)

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Shake up your style with the snow globe angel pendant! A graceful snow angel with a heart-shaped body and wings radiates love from within a beautiful clear glass Murano glass ball filled with sparkles. The base of the globe has a vintage look with stars and swirls. Small silver stars scatter around the edge of the globe and alternate with sparkling stones at the base. The lower part of the pendant is engraved with the inscription «Peace Love Joy» — Peace, love, joy, and the year «2021» is engraved on the bale.



Charm Journey to the Galaxy (790028C01)

Capture the serene beauty of space with the Galaxy Journey charm. One side of the charm features a pear-shaped icy blue stone spaceship, a sparkling planet covered in colorful handmade enamel, and a star. Carved crescents, stars and sparkling stones in stars adorn the sides of the charm. Add the heavenly beauty of the galaxy to any look!


Pendant Astronaut in the Galaxy (790030C01)

Do you want to go on a fantastic journey through the galaxy? This 925 sterling silver pendant is embellished with beads and colorless cubic zirconia that adorn the suit and oxygen tank. Blue enamel adds brightness to the visor of the helmet. The cosmonaut’s hand is engraved with a heart encrusted with artificial precious stones, and in his hand a dazzling star with a colorless cubic zirconia is held high. This beautiful star theme charm always reminds us that our hearts are up to the sky and our feet are on the ground.


Northern Embrace Charm (790032C01)

The charming charm of hugging polar bears will touch you to the core! In honor of unconditional love, the polished silver charm depicts a bear tenderly hugging her little cub. Their noses are hand-painted in high-gloss black enamel, while oxidation brings out the details of their eyes and the pads of their feet.



Charm faith in miracles (790033C01)

This sterling silver charm features Santa Claus in a sleigh as he flies through a shimmering blue enamel sky. Mother-of-pearl white enamel is applied to the full moon, and a combination of raised and carved stars illuminates the sky. Both sides of the pendant are adorned with a beaded frame, and «Do you BELIEVE in Magic» is engraved along the edge.



Radiance separator (790046C01)

Add sparkle to your bracelet with a glittery sterling silver divider. Embellished with beautiful clear cubic zirkonia and linear grooves on both sides. Inside there is a silicone tab that allows you to attach it anywhere on the bracelet.


Pendant Gingerbread Man (799637C01)

Have some fun this holiday season with the mischievous Gingerbread Man. The brown enamel gingerbread man is decorated with colorful red, pink and green enamel icing and holds a red and white striped candy in his hands. A cute bow and buttons and silver icing on the wrists, legs and head bring the little gingerbread man to life. Brilliant red and emerald green stones are set in a star shape on the pendant’s massive base, and the message «Life is Sweet» is engraved on the back of the pendant. — sweetness of life


Pendant Guiding Star (799640C01)

Carry a shining example of who you are with this Guiding Star pendant. This charm is delicately set with a clear cubic zirconia stone cut like a magnifying glass to illuminate the stars that cover the back disc. Handcrafted in sterling silver, the pendant features sparkling stones and asymmetrical carved stars. Wear it as part of your style story and a reminder to aim high and dream big.


Charm Moon and Stars (799643C01)

Add a celestial glow to any look with the Luna and Zyezda charm. Handcrafted in sterling silver, the charm has been meticulously hand-crafted with rows of cubic zirconias and carved stars and circles. Microbeads adorn the edges, while asymmetrical stars with stones and microbeads dangle from the sides. The cosmic charm is engraved with «Dream big» to remind you to always reach higher for the stars.



Pendant Night Magic (799645C01)

Add some night magic to your daytime look with this pendant. The earthly beauty of the family tree takes on a new celestial form in this expressive charm, with a combination of carved and star-shaped leaves adorning the front disc and stars and planets depicting the galaxy in the rear disc. Keep the wonderful secret of the earth and the night sky close to you.


Pendant Mother of God (799646C01)

This sterling silver pendant features the Virgin of Guadalupe with folded arms, standing serenely on a crescent moon carried by an angel. Hand-applied black enamel adds drama, while the cloak is embellished with sparkling star-shaped stones and small microbeads along the hem. The base is adorned with a star on the front and hearts engraved on the sides.


American heart pendant (799649C01)

On one disc is carved a heart with a yellow enamel ribbon — a symbol of the «Support Our Troops» movement. The second heart-shaped disc features the American flag, decorated with hand-applied red, white and blue enamel and embossed micro stars. This positively patriotic amulet will add color to your image..


Clip Star Galaxy (790010C01)

Add starry beauty to any look with the Galaxy Star Clip. Handcrafted in sterling silver, this sky-inspired charm features rows of clear cubic zirconia and engraved carved stars. Stones and stars are connected by shimmering, hand-applied, silver-white enamel strips. There is no silicone tab in the clip, so it can be worn on thickenings (two convex partitions). Add this charm to your look as a reminder to always reach for the stars..



Security Chain Star Galaxy (790011C01)

Keep your charms and pendants safe with Star Galaxy Safety Chain. A sterling silver chain charm attaches to each end of your bracelet for added peace of mind. The clasps are adorned with engraved stars and sparkling circle and star shaped cubic zirconia stones, which are connected by hand-applied shimmering silver-white enamel bands. Combine style and safety in one heaven-inspired piece.789650C01-Pandora-Heart-Winged-Angel-Dangle-Charm-768x444.jpg

Rose Angel and Shining Star Pendant (789650C01)

The pendant is handcrafted from a unique rose gold plated metal alloy, featuring a detailed 3D angel clad in a robe. His little heart-shaped wings are folded and he holds a sparkling cubic zirconia star.


Charm shining three-tier heart Rose(789218C01)

Two large pink heart-shaped stones shine on both sides of the charm. Tiny pink cubic zirkonia form a frame around the hearts, and carved hearts adorn the side of the charm. This incredible rose gold charm with a unique metal alloy makes a romantic gift for your loved one.


Separator radiance Rose (780046C01)

The beautiful clip is also available in a unique rose gold plated metal blend. Clear cubic zirconia stones reflect light for a glamorous look. Thanks to silicone clips, the clip can be attached to the bracelet anywhere.


Pendant Santa on the Moon (769648C01)

This double pendant depicts Santa sitting on a crescent moon in front of a sparkling night sky adorned with blue stones and raised silver stars. A gold-plated star hangs from the top of the moon, radiating a magical glow. Carved stars and circles mingle with embossed stars on the far side of the moon. Glittering stones are also placed in the form of stars on a silver base, which is engraved with the words «Merry Christmas everyone».



Disney Eternal Rose Ring (190017C01)

Embark on a magical world with this enchanting ring. Inspired by the enchanted rose from the Walt Disney movie, the silver ring features a rose set with crimson cubic zirconia stones, surrounded by openwork leaves and curved branches. The perfect way to celebrate the imperfect yet magical love between Disney Belle and the Beast.


Disney Princess Belle Pendant (790014C01)

Tell a tale as old as time with this stunning pendant from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Belle’s signature yellow stones adorn her dress, which swirls as she waltzes with the Beast. Belle holds one rose in her hand, and a second rose adorned with clear cubic zirconia is located on the front of the pendant’s base.


Pendant eternal rose in a flask Disney (790024C01)

Make a magical confession with this charming pendant! Inside a transparent blue Murano glass flask rises a rose with red and green enamel details. A line of hearts adorns the base of the flask, and tiny cut-out stars adorn the sides. Charming silver beads and two clear cubic zirkonia adorn the base of the pendant, while the sweet message «Beautiful as a Rose» is engraved on the bottom of the pendant.


Charm Princess Belle and her Disney Friends (790060C00)

Claim the magic of friendship with a detailed charm! On one side of the charm, beautiful Belle is reading a book next to Mrs. Potts and Chip. On the other side, Lumiere and Cogsworth are shown standing in front of an enchanted castle, waiting for the spell to be lifted. Embossed rose motifs adorn the edges of the charm along with engraved words «Charm» and «Waiting».


Pendant Dance Beauty and the Beast Disney (799014C01)

Beauty and the Beast are finally here! This double disc pendant represents the ballroom depicted on a transparent yellow disc in the background. In the foreground, Belle and the Beast are dancing together, framed by roses adorned with gold colored stones. The phrase «Beauty lies within» is engraved on the back of the pendant, while the base of the pendant is adorned with beautiful embossed roses.


Disney tea set charm (799015C01)

Inspired by two of my favorite characters from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, this cute silver charm features the kind Mrs. Potts with adorable little Chip swaying underneath. The lilac, blue and pink enamel is hand-applied on the porcelain pattern, while the black enamel brings out the cute faces of Mrs. Potts and Chip!


Olaf Disney Hugs Love Pendant (799638C01)

Everyone’s favorite snowman is here! This cool pendant consists of two discs, the rear disc depicts a snowy landscape covered in icy blue enamel. Standing in the foreground, Olaf is ready for a hug, surrounded by a frame of snowflakes adorned with clear and blue stones. Bright orange enamel is hand-applied to Olaf’s carrot nose, and Olaf’s famous saying «I love a warm hug» is engraved on the back of the pendant. Sparkling stones are set in a thin base, and beautiful snowflakes are imprinted on its sides and on the back of the pendant itself.


Disney Friends Bambi and Thumper Pendant (799647C01)

This adorable pendant features two famous and inseparable best friends beautifully rendered in 3D. Black enamel details highlight Bambi and Thumper’s cute faces, while oxidization highlights a small butterfly. A sparkling disk of snowflakes engraved with «Merry Christmas» hangs next to the candy. Multicolored stones are set into the stars at the base of the pendant for a festive look.


Charm fireworks 2022 Disney (799644C01)

Sparkle like the famous Disney fireworks! Hot pink, white, blue and lilac enamel details surround the silhouette of Disney’s most famous character, Mickey Mouse. One side of the charm is embossed with «2022» with a zero in the shape of Mickey. Scattered over the charm are the magical symbols of some of your favorite Disney park memories, including fireworks, hot air balloons and Mickey Mouse ear hats.


Disney book pendant (790062C01)

One of my favorite things to do at Disney Park is to collect autographs from different characters! This is beautifully illustrated in the Disney Parks Autograph Book. The pages really turn and each one is autographed by iconic characters, including Disney’s Pluto, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse. The red, black and blue enamel details are hand-painted on the iconic four on the front of the pendant, while the logos of Disney Castle and Disney Parks are embossed on the back. Sparkling brilliant-cut cubic zirconia stones are set at the base of the pendant for a glamorous touch.




Double Black Leather Star Wars Bracelet (540031C00)

Carve your own path with the double black Pandora Moments leather bracelet with Star Wars clasp. Inspired by the Star Wars movies, this woven leather double bracelet features a ruthenium-plated barrel clasp and the Star Wars logo. Wear alone or create a look with 14 charms or pendants, including your favorite pendants from the Star Wars collection.


Charm Mandalorian Helmet Star Wars Ruthenium (740019C01)

Possibly the most iconic helmet from the movies is now available in this cool gray Pandora charm! This charm is part of Dean Djarin’s gazebo from the Star Wars series. The Mandalorian.» It is handcrafted from a unique metal alloy with ruthenium and black enamel. The helmet has realistic details, including a macro binocular plaque and embossed lines. The bottom of the charm is engraved with the classic «This is the way» line, making it the perfect charm for the Mandalorian fan.


Charm Baby Yoda Star Wars Ruthenium (749253C01)

The pretty Yoda silver charm is now available in a unique metal blend with a cool ruthenium finish! Grogu stands in a «magic hand» pose with a small outstretched hand, and his large eyes are painted in black enamel. Other details include the signature features of the beloved character, their enlarged head, large ears, small body, and cape. Paired with the Mandalorian Helmet, your bracelet will feature the main characters from The Mandalorian movie.




Necklace Shining asymmetric star (390020C01)

Create a star-studded look with the beautiful, sparkling Pavé star necklace. Hand crafted in sterling silver with sparkling clear cubic zirconia, this is a subtle design, graceful shape with unique details. The necklace is adorned with an asymmetrical sparkling star pendant with a rotating mini star and a stone in the center. Inspired by shining stars, this sky-themed necklace is perfect for those who want to add the magic of the night sky to their look.


Necklace geometric radiance (390048C01)

An exquisite necklace that has stood the test of time is a modern classic. This handmade silver necklace includes a pendant consisting of two transparent cubic zirconias in two different cuts and sizes: a small round stone and a square stone. This versatile model with adjustable chain length will complete any outfit.


Necklace shining blue stone (390055C01)

Add some vintage glamor to your look with this sparkling blue stone pendant necklace. A large blue cubic zirconia stone is surrounded by clear stones and dangles from a dainty silver necklace. At the end of the extension chain hangs a miniature blue crystal that allows you to adjust the necklace to different lengths.


Sparkling pavé necklace (390059C01)

Pandora turns the iconic tennis bracelet into a necklace with a sophisticated and elegant choker! The handcrafted sterling silver necklace is a mix of pavé and polished bands with unusual larger cubic zirconia crystals in between. The necklace can be adjusted in length.




Ring Shining Star (190026C01)

Inspired by celestial beauty, this delicate ring features a smooth silver band with a star-shaped clear cubic zirconia at the center. The inside is engraved with the word «Dreamer» written in a star-shaped script on both sides. This dazzling design looks great worn alone or paired with contrasting Pandora rings in a range of metallic tones.


Ring Asymmetric stars (190029C00)

Add starry sparkle to your outfits with the Asymmetrical Stars Ring. Inspired by heavenly beauty, this sterling silver ring features a band of asymmetrical openwork stars with delicate milgrain details. The captivating design looks equally beautiful when worn alone or with other Pandora rings. A classic and sophisticated addition to any woman’s wardrobe.


Vintage three stone ring (190049C01)

Add sophistication to your look with a beautiful vintage sterling silver ring. This sparkling ring features two oval-cut cubic zirconias flanked by a large oval stone in the center. A pavé halo surrounds three large stones, while the thin band and open walls of the basket of stones give the ring an elegant look.



Ring Shine of stones (190050C01)

Get a classic look! This sterling silver Eternity ring features a band encrusted with sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones. Wear alone or with other rings for a monochromatic look, or use contrasting metals for an eye-catching combination.


Ring Radiance of blue stones (190050C02)

The ring is also available in blue. The silver ring is adorned with a row of blue princess crystals. Wear the ring alone or pair with the clear version for a glamorous ring set.


Ring of Perfection (190052C01)

This glamorous ring will look sophisticated in any outfit. The handcrafted sterling silver ring features a sparkling clear cubic zirconia in a scalloped setting that lifts the stone from a thin band engraved with the Pandora logo on the inside.


Blue stone ring (190056C01)

Gorgeous sparkling ring will decorate any occasion! This striking ring features a large blue oval crystal, beautifully cut to reflect the light. A pavé halo glistens from beneath the stone, and the ring is adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia stones in a traditional style.



Ring Shine of stones Rose (180050C01)

Add a classic touch to your look with this exclusive rose gold plated metal alloy ring. The sparkling clear cubic zirconia forms a special piece that will look charming when worn alone or in combination with other rings.


Ring Sparkling Pink Heart Rose (188421C04)

The ring is also now available in rose gold plating. Clear cubic zirconia creates a halo with a heart-shaped pink raised center stone that looks very feminine.


Ring Sparkling Emerald Heart Rose (188421C03)

A beautiful sparkling sublime heart ring is now available in a new color! Handcrafted in a unique rose gold metallic blend, the piece features an emerald green heart-shaped raised center stone surrounded by a halo of clear cubic zirconia stones. Bright ring in festive colors!


Vintage ring with three emerald stones Rose (180057C01)

Full of vintage glamour, this unique rose gold plated metal ring is hand set with three emerald green stones! A large crystal in the center is flanked by a smaller one, and a sparkling halo of clear pavé surrounds the three stones.


Triple helix ring with Rose stones (180051C01)

Create a statement-making look with the Triple Spiral Ring, handcrafted in a unique rose gold alloy. This wide ring has the appearance of a triple wrapped band, embellished with sparkling brilliant-cut cubic zirkonia. Two large square shaped stones adorn both ends for extra glamour.



Stud earrings Shining asymmetric star (290012C01)

Add some sparkle to your look with these sky-inspired stud earrings. Handmade sterling silver earrings with sparkling cubic zirkonia are embellished with asymmetrical pavé stars and microbeads. Let them shine on their own or pair them with other Pandora stud earrings for an eclectic modern look.


Stud earrings Shining star (290023C01)

Add starry sparkle to your look with the Shining Star Stud Earrings. Handcrafted in sterling silver, these studs feature a star-shaped clear cubic zirconia at the center and are set in prongs. The design inspired by the celestial beauty of the galaxy will remind you of the beauty of nature.


Geometric glow stud earrings (290036C01)

These classic sparkling round and square earrings will brighten up any look. The hand-finished sterling silver studs feature a round cubic zirconia set under a large square stone. The metal part with square edges is tapered, which allows you to set the earrings with any stone up or down.


Earrings-studs shining blue stone (290040C01)

Create a glamorous style with sparkling chunky earrings. Stunning blue oval faux crystals framed by sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones create an antique heirloom feel.




Sparkling Pavé Hoop Earrings (290043C01)

Refined and elegant, these dainty Pavé Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings feature sparkling pavé clear cubic zirconia, highlighted by five large stones of varying heights. The sparkling pavé runs halfway around the outside and half around the inside of the ring, giving the front stones full visibility and brilliance.


Earrings dangling geometric radiance (290045C01)

These classic sparkling round and square earrings are embellished with square and round cubic zirconia. These hand-finished sterling silver earrings feature a square stone on top with three dangling stones underneath. Wear them alone or with a matching necklace for a harmonious and elegant look.


Double pavé hoop earrings (290058C01)

Enhance any look with handcrafted sterling silver hoop earrings. The hoops feature two bands, one with a row of smaller sparkling clear cubic zirconia pavés and the other with larger ones. Mixed stone sizes and settings bring a contemporary twist to a classic hoop earring.


The Pandora Winter 2021 Collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

The Pandora Winter Collection 2021 is great and I love all the star motifs! My favorite pieces are the sparkling asymmetric star bracelet, Murano Star Galaxy charm and Angla Snow Globe pendant, Nordic Embrace charm The new jewelry from the Beauty and the Beast collection is so cute, especially the Princess Belle and Friends charm and the Mrs. Potts charm. Also, I love the cool gray Star Wars details, especially the helmet. I really hope that Pandora will continue to make ruthenium jewelry.

What are your favorite pieces from the Pandora Winter 2021 collection? What will be on your wish list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below…