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Charm «Elsa and NOKK» from the collection Disney

Elsa is depicted next to NOKK and they are moving forward together. Lustrous blue stones create a wave-like pattern on the second disc, and the words «Inner Power» are engraved on the inside. In the center of the star on the clasp is a transparent cube-shaped zirconium stone.

Charm «Anna» from the collection Disney

The new «Anna» charm also consists of two discs. Anna is depicted stepping forward. The back of the disc is decorated with interesting patterns with a mixture of red, purple and honey stones. Anna’s «Fearless by Nature» is engraved on the back of the charm.

Charm «frozen Crystal» from the collection Disney

Charm «frozen Crystal» similar to charm «Blue shiny snowflake». charm «frozen Crystal» differs the presence of an image Meltingyes snow on top. A pale blue crystal shimmers in the center of the brilliant stone zirconium The main characters from cartoon «Frozen» depicted on the sides of the charm.

Charm «Mickey and Minnie in the sleigh» from the series Pandora Rose

Last year Pandora released an exclusiveis a decoration from the series Disney Parks «Mickey and Minnie Sleigh Ride» with silver and red enamel. On a sled logo was engraved Pandora and date 2019. New Mickey and Minnie Sleigh charm is made with trim Pandora Rose with red enamel and zirconia details in the form of a cube.

Charm «Christmas Ia» from the collection Disney

Ia is reluctant puts on a red enamel cap and holds a wrapped gift instead of a tail.

Charm «Winnie the Pooh with a mound of honey » from the collection Disney

Winnie the Pooh too dress in a new red enamel hat that complements it beautifully holiday a t-shirt! Winnie the Pooh looks much happier than Ea, but his mood is good through large banks of with honey next to him!

Charm «Christmas Stitch»

This is the charm of Stitch looking as bold as ever with big black crystal eyes and a red enamel hat. A mountain of presents lies at his feet, but Stitch doesn’t look very pleased at all!

Charm «Edition 2020» from the series Disney

Charm «Edition 2020» from the series Disney differs in design from previous limited Charms. This ornament has the shape of Mickey and a pattern of fireworks on the edges. One side of the charm features the iconic Disney castle, decorated with fuchsia enamel and fireworks. The back has the words «2020» surrounded by fireworks.


A brilliant blue clip from the series Reflections

This is a laconic round clip with icy blue crystals.

Clip «Shining Icicles» from the series Reflections

The edge of this clip forms a beautiful icicle of clear cubic zirconia stones.

Clip «Round Pavé» from the series Reflections

Clear cubic zirconia stones sparkle against the oxidized background of this jewelry.

WINTER COLLECTION 2019 from PANDORA: necklaces

Shooting Star Necklace

This is a great necklace from the seriesPandora Shine forms a spiral. The length of the silver chain is 50 cm.

Shiny Heart Necklace

A large sparkling heart is framed by small cubic zirconia stones. The length of the silver chain is 45 cm.

Necklace «Geometric Shapes»

A large brilliant round stone is set on an arch of cubic zirconia stones. The length of the silver chain is 45 cm.

Necklaces with pendants «Geometric shapes»

Geometric figures hang from this necklace. The length of the silver chain is 45 cm.

Drop necklace «Geometric shapes»

This is an elegant necklace with a brilliant drop diamond. The length of the silver chain is 60 cm.

AboutZhereliev «Winged Heart» from the series Pandora PavIt is

Polished silver wings flank a glowing clear cubic zirconia heart on the Winged Heart series necklace Pandora Pavé. The length of the silver chain is 45 cm.


Stud earrings «Blue glow»

Sterling silver stud earrings with stunning moon blue crystals surrounded by small cubic zirconia stones.

Stud earrings «Shining heart»

Silver heart-shaped stud earrings with sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones.

Earrings — studs with pendants «Angel Wings»

The earrings are decorated with angel wings that open upwards on these charming stud earrings and a delicate sparkling stone.

Pandora Wings Stud Earrings

Silver stud earrings decorated with wings with a clear zirconium stone.