Get ready to be enchanted by the winter collection from Pandorafilled with sparkling crystals, stars and quirky new characters.

Collection winter 2019 from Pandora goes on sale on Thursday, October 31, 2019.


Open bracelet from the series Pandora Rose.

The sparkling clear zirconia at the ends of this open bangle is surrounded by tiny gemstones.

Blue snowflake bracelet

New stunning bracelet from the series Pandora Moments Embellished with a sparkling blue snowflake stone, it is perfect as decoration for the winter holidays.

Bracelet «Heavenly Stars»

Nine sparkling stars come together in this beautiful bracelet! Cute tiny stars can remind us of the drawings we used to draw on the cover of books as kids!

Round bracelet «Shiny balls»

A row of five glittering orbs adorns the center of this bracelet. Available in 23cm and 25cm sizes, this bracelet features an adjustable clasp for a comfortable fit. It can be worn as an addition to another bracelet or as an independent decoration.

Bracelet «Radiance»

Magical blue crystals alternate with clear zirconia stones on the exquisite Radiance bracelet. The darker rhodium plating adds a modern touch to the design. Available to order in size 23cm and 25cm, with adjustable closure.

Bracelet «Star» from Pandora PavIt is

The popular bracelet is back! This time, the sky-themed bracelet features a large star-shaped clasp set with clear cubic zirconia stones. Two small polished stars hang from the clasp. Available to order in size 28 cm, this bracelet is sure to become the collection’s bestseller.

Shooting Star Open Bracelet

An elegant design lends a magical touch to this sterling silver open bangle. Each end is adorned with a tiny shooting star set with clear stones. The sparkling stars look great on the polished clasp.

Bflare with snowflake clasp

Pandora released a mesh bracelet with a special snowflake-shaped clasp, which is decorated with beads and transparent cubic zirconia in the center.


Shiny Star Charm from Pandora Shine Series

A large number make this 18 carat gold plated charm magical! Round and oval stones form a beautiful star-shaped design. A cute star pattern adorns the edge of the charm. This jewelry has every chance of becoming a favorite of the Winter 2019 collection from Pandora.

Charm «Angel and Shooting Star» from the series Pandora Shine

The adorable Angel and Shooting Star Charm is also likely to be popular with fans. Pandora. The little angel folded its wings to rest on a shooting star. Sparkling cubic zirconia stones adorn the center of the star.

Clip «Geometric shapes» from the series Pandora Rose

This cute charm from the series Pandora Rose Decorated with round zirconia stones that form various geometric shapes. The silicone coating on the inside makes this charm perfect for use on bracelets from the series. Pandora Smooth Moments.

Charm «Cute kangaroo» from the series Pandora Rose

At first it may seem strange decoration in the form of a kangaroo in the winter collection from Pandora. But it’s summer in some parts of the world! New kangaroo charm with beautiful trim from the series Pandora Rose and with sparkling eyes looks very cute.

Charm «angel of love»

Traditionally Pandora offers a new angel design in its winter collection. This angel has soft wings with feathers and a small halo above its head. The little angel looks down at the heart he holds in his hands.

Clip «Double lines»

Glittering lines of clear cubic zirconia stones create a sleek silver clip design. The silicone coating on the inside allows it to be used on smooth and leather bracelets from the series Pandora Moments.

Charm «Koala»

The second Australian friend from the winter collection is the cute new Koala charm. Sparkling stones adorn his fluffy ears, and his eyes and nose are trimmed with black enamel. It is very cool that the little Koala is depicted in such a way that it is holding on to the bracelet!

Charm «Stars in the blue sky» with pendants

The stars sparkle in the night sky in the shape of a blue enamel disc. Engraved on the back is the inspiring message: «Dream, wish, do.»

Charm «Christmas carousel»

The new «Christmas Carousel» charm is one of our favorite winter collections from Pandora. The characters of the carousel are Bruno the horse and a cute Christmas penguin. The top of the carousel is decorated with red and white enamel, and the edges are decorated with sparkling stones. The words «Love Peace Believe” are engraved on the bottom of this cute charm.

Charm «New 2020»

The inscription «New Year 2020» is located in the center of this shining charm. Royal blue, sky blue and clear stones adorn the outlines of the jewelry, sparkling like New Year’s fireworks. The silver clasp is engraved with the message «Health and Love».

Charm «Rocking horse Bruno»

The well-known horse Bruno looks charming in this jewelry! She wears a star-studded saddle and is depicted with a tail and mane that bobs up and down. This cute charm is another one of our winter collection favorites. Pandora.

Charm «Openwork heart in the stars»

Similar to the Family Heart charm, the new Openwork Heart in the Stars charm features beautiful details. Several stars merge together to form a heart shape.

Clip «Geometric shapes»

The beautiful clip «Geometric shapes» is also available to order in silver. As in the version Pandora Roseit has a silicone coating on the inside, which makes it easy to wear the jewelry on smooth bracelets Pandora.

Charm «Exalted Heart»

This enchanting charm is surrounded by sparkling heart-shaped stones and cubic shaped clear zircons.

Charm «Exalted Stars» from the series Pandora Pave

The new Sublime Stars charm is similar to the Sublime Heart charm. In this decoration, instead of hearts, blue stars with crystals inside rise and scatter throughout the charm. Blue, moonlight blue crystals and clear cubic zirconia stones adorn the backdrop.

Charm with Santa «Love Peace Joy»

Santa Claus is surrounded by gifts, reindeer and bells on this silver charm. Please note that Santa’s team is presented in the form of a heart. A second silver disc dangles behind a brilliant crimson enamel adorned with two stars. The back of the charm is engraved with the words «Love Peace Joy» and features a tiny star on the clasp.

Polished Snowflake Charm

A cute snowflake is engraved on both sides of this simple winter charm. The simple lines and polished silver can be reminiscent of the paper snowflakes we made as kids at school!

Charm «Santa in a gift box»

Santa peeks out of a Christmas gift box wearing red enamel mittens. A tiny heart dangles from a tied ribbon at the top of the box, and sparkling stones adorn the sides of the box. The message «All I want from Christmas is ♥» is engraved on the bottom of the charm.