The new Pandora collection has just come out and we immediately prepared for you a detailed analysis of what the jewelry brand will surprise us with this year. In this article, we will look at basic jewelry such as charms and bracelets. Reviews of the Disney Pandora line and jewelry are waiting for you in our next posts in the very near future!

The main inspiring theme of the new collection was the cosmos, the glare of stars, the motifs of celestial bodies and the magical shapes of the crescent moon, which can be traced in many jewelry. Winter frosty patterns and ice crystals also complete the collection perfectly, especially when combined with cool blue highlights.



The theme of celestial bodies of the new collection also did not bypass the addition to the new line of the Reflexions brand — we were presented with a magnificent Star clip in Pandora Shine finish. An interesting feature is that in this launch, all the clips for the Reflex collection were released in one color scheme, and the choice of Pandora Shine finishes for this clip is just perfect!


Adding to the Pandora Reflexions collection is another space-themed clip in a Pandora Rose finish: the Space Rocket clip. Its galactic yet understated design is highlighted by a single sparkling cubic zirconia stone.


The company’s classic New Year’s design, in the form of a gift box, gets a modern interpretation in the new PANDORA Reflexions line. We noticed that there is no unambiguous place where the company puts its corporate inscription, they approach this process quite creatively. We especially liked how the PANDORA inscription was successfully placed on the packaging tape that wraps the gift.


Create your own dream story with this sleek crescent-shaped clip or pair it with the Reflexions Star and Space Rocket clips to recreate a mesmerizing night sky!




No, you don’t think… We’ve seen this design before! A new rigid Bangle bracelet with a star charm clasp that looks almost identical to the Bright Star charm from PANDORA’s Winter 2017 collection. They are similar but still have some differences. In the Bright Star charm, 6 stones of the same size in different shades of blue were used and placed along the rays of the star and in the center. However, the bracelet uses stones and crystals of various shades from ice green to blue and crystal clear, which are arranged in random order.


You can experience another sense of déjà vu with the Bangle Fireworks hard bangle. The inlaid clasp is very reminiscent of the Ice Crystal charm released in the Pandora Winter 2015 collection. Instead of a symmetrical design, the clasp of the bracelet is made like a sudden volley of bright fireworks. The bracelet comes engraved with «The best is yet to come».


The new fascinating design of Glacial Beauty is one of the main ones in the Pandora Winter 2018/2019 collection. This insanely beautiful pattern looks especially elegant on the Glacial Beauty Adjustable Bracelet, perfect for a party. The sliding clasp allows you to adjust the size of the bracelet to your hand. The bracelet is available in 2 sizes: 23 cm and 25 cm.


Like all adjustable bracelets, the new String of Beads bracelet can be easily adjusted to fit your wrist with a sliding clasp. Choose how you want to wear it today — loose, closer to the wrist or everyday.



The Glacial Beauty design is also featured in this elegant and dazzling divider. Baguette-cut cubic zirconia stones alternate with round brilliant-cut stones for added interest.

The Ice Sculpture Spacer is also available in a stunning blue shade with eye-catching blue crystals.


The Ice Formation Separator, from the Pandora Rose range, looks absolutely magical with the bewitching contrast of crystal clear zirconia stones and a warm pink hue. Baguette-cut stones in the Pandora Winter 2018/2019 collection look just perfect.


For Jared stores, the Love Tag pendant from the PANDORA Rose line will be an exclusive charm in this collection. On the back of the pendant there is an engraving «Family is Forever».


Shards of sparkling pieces of ice combine to form a frosty sparkling charm with a mix of round and baguette cut cubic zirconia stones. The sharp edges of the stones create a slightly dangerous feel and will pair beautifully with the new PANDORA Disney Villains charms!

The Chiselled Elegance charm will be available in two colors: clear and blue.


The Cerise Dazzling Snowflake charm is very similar to the Twilight Blue Dazzling Snowflake charm from last year’s Pandora Winter 2017 collection. At first it seemed to us that the beads are absolutely identical in design, except for the color of the stone. But looking closer, we noticed some differences in how the snowflake was made. On the new charm, it goes flat with a slight blackening, while last year’s charm had the snowflake studded with cubic zirconia stones. The new version impressed us more, because now it is clearly visible that this is a snowflake.


There is a new version of the Sparkling Love charm with a gorgeous midnight sky heart stone.


A miniature wreath of ice floes hangs alongside a sleek round pendant engraved with «You melt my heart» with a tiny carved heart. We absolutely love how Pandora used baguette-cut stones in this launch, they perfectly complement the winter theme of the collection.


When we saw this charm in the first photos of the collection, we thought that it was made of silver with enamel details. We were delighted when it turned out to be a Murano charm! The Heart Melter bead is shaped like an ice cube and is unique in its kind as it is the first square murano from Panodra. This little guy with a cheerful twinkle in his eye has already melted our hearts and made it to our wish list!


The next pendant consists of 2 elements — the front part is a firework decorated with silver beads and zirconium stones, the second part is a disk filled with magnificent blue enamel. The enamel is filled with shimmering brilliance, reminiscent of countless stars in the galaxy. On the reverse side is the engraving «The best is yet to come».


A mixture of clear cubic zirconia and royal blue crystals creates this incredible fireworks explosion. The sparkling blue crystals will pair wonderfully with some of the Winter 2017 charms such as the Royal Blue Galaxy and Wintry Delight Charms.


The PANDORA Winter 2018/2019 Collection includes a new member of the PANDORA family — Bobby Bot, Bella Bot’s pet dog! Like charming Bella, Bobby Bot has movable legs and ears! The puppy’s nose is made in the shape of a heart using white mother-of-pearl enamel. For the cat lovers, we hope Pandora will release a little cat bot in the future.


Another new friend from Pandora — Cosmo Tommy Astronaut! He’s ready to go into space with Bella and Bobby to explore the galaxy! The rather large helmet reminds us of Oggy, the protagonist from the book and movie of the same name, Miracle. If you haven’t watched it or haven’t read the book, we highly recommend it.


The new Planer of Love charm will pair perfectly with Cosmo Tommy! The ring that encircles the planet will look interesting on the strands of the bracelet and add even more cosmic atmosphere.


This rather pretty connecting chain has a band of sparkling zirconia stones on its bases, as well as additional decorations — two pendants in the form of a tiny crescent and a star. Made in the theme of space, it will perfectly complement the thematic bracelet.


Continuing the theme of space and astronauts, Pandora has introduced a new interpretation of the charm with Santa. Instead of the usual sleigh, he delivers his gifts on a rocket. The hand-painted charm with red and white enamel, together with cubic zirconia, creates almost a New Year’s mood.


The magical nativity scene comes to life on this beautiful sterling silver pendant. A red enamel house, a festive wreath above the door, a Christmas tree in the living room and sparkling garlands — everything is ready for fun and gifts from Santa.


This is the first collection in the history of the brand, in which we were presented with a double charm! The front of the train connects to a carriage filled with red-enamelled gift boxes.


A large cup of hot cocoa is our third favorite drink, after tea and coffee of course! This fragrant cocoa looks insanely appetizing with a fluffy top of whipped cream, marshmallow drops and an enamel candy. The cup itself is also adorned with a sweet red enamel heart.


This sterling silver pendant captures a very cute snowy scene with a deer, a snowman and a midnight star sparkling from above. On the second half there is a hidden message: on one side is engraved «It’s not what’s under the tree that matters» (It does not matter what is under the tree), on the other — «It’s who’s gathered around it» (The main thing is who gathered near it).


A happy teddy bear is enjoying his delicious cocoa. His cozy pajamas are hand-dyed in red and white enamel. Do not leave him unattended, he will certainly win your heart!


Round like a snowball, with a diamond coating like freshly fallen snow, the charm is decorated with black enamel with a Christmas greeting.


The next charm consists of three smooth silver beads of different sizes — from a larger one at the base to a smaller one hanging on a thin chain.


If you are a pavé fan, then this spherical charm is for you! The new concave shape, filled with sparkling stones of different sizes, creates a simply dazzling effect.


A radiant line runs along the entire divider, embellished with silver beaded beads. Its elegant design will suit any style of bracelet and will only complement it with its own charm.


This cute handmade plump reindeer with a sparkling collar is ready to take you to the New Year’s Eve party.


Sleek, heart-shaped sterling silver is adorned with sparkling beads that add interesting texture to the charm. It will make a wonderful addition to any bracelet, and on a silver thread, its open design creates an even more intriguing contrast.


Our beloved Bella Bot is now available in the PANDORA Shine line. We are glad that the Shine Bella Bot comes with a white enamel bow instead of a pink one. Glossy white enamel gives a clean, modern look when paired with Pandora Shine.


Fans of Pandora gold jewelry will be delighted to hear about the new charms made from 14 carat gold. But according to rumors, unfortunately, it will not be available in all countries. The word Love is intertwined with carved filigree hearts and looks like a secret message.


When we first saw the Gold Heart of Luxury clip we were very surprised as we initially thought it was a charm. The carved heart sits at the very center of the puck charm and is adorned with sparkling zirconia stones.