Before we had time to fully enjoy the beautiful Pandora Fall 2018 collection, we were provided with new photos of the upcoming next collection — Pandora Winter 2018/2019!

It has already become a tradition for the brand to release charms with ice and sky motifs that contrast alongside fun and bold holiday beads. Today we are going to take a look at the main line of charms. The Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine collections, as well as jewelry, will be discussed later in separate articles in more detail.

The collection will be released on November 1st!

Let’s start our review with traditional winter beads with a frosty pattern, as well as with one interesting character.

The Heart Melter Charm is a fancy little Murano glass charm. Quite an unusual design for a winter theme. The rest of the beads below are more seasonal with a traditional frosty motif. Most of them have a rather abstract design, which allows them to be used not only in winter.


However, our favorites are presented in the following selection. We are big fans of hot drinks and there is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter evening. Another awesome winter charm is the Christmas Train, which carries gifts.


There will also be space themed charms. The connecting chain is simply adorable, it will be perfect for both space and Christmas themes. And if you want to combine everything, then the Santa in Space charm is for you! =)


We managed to peep what was prepared this year exclusive for the Pandora Winter 2018/2019 collection! The Christmas Ornament Charm is a mother-of-pearl version of last year’s Rockettes with a small star and crescent pendant.


This charm will look great on an exclusive Firework bracelet. The bangle will feature a fireworks sparkle clasp encrusted with cubic zirconia stones and engraved with «The best is yet to come».


This pendant will look great with Firework-themed jewelry. It will be released in the general collection in an unlimited edition. The Dazzling Wishes pendant looks absolutely amazing. The iridescent cosmic blue enamel pairs beautifully with the cubic zirconia stones on the band and in the firework sparkle.


On the other hand, if you look at the Dazzling Firework charm, it looks more like a snowflake than a firework.


The next two beads are not part of the British Pandora catalog and have a more religious motif. The first Nossa Senhora Aparecida pendant looks great with blue enamel and deep silver detailing.


The second charm, the Radio City Charm, should be related to last year’s Rockettes charm.


Our today’s review is completed by a bracelet with a clasp in the form of a star, encrusted with zirconium stones of various blue shades.