The winter collection features wonderful icy and space blues motifs, as well as the use of bright enamel — a standard trick for Pandora’s holiday collection, but, as always, well executed.


Pandora Winter 2017 Collection debuts November 2. This preview covers all charm jewelry, including bracelets and miniature medallion petitas. If you would like to see other jewelry such as rings, necklaces, etc., please read our PANDORA WINTER 2017 JEWELRY article. 🙂

Read on to see all the charms!

Pandora Winter 2017 Collection

Let’s start with a never-before-seen one — this year’s exclusive Jared charm! it «Playful Festive Sock» (Sparkling Festive Stocking). To the best of our knowledge, this pendant will not be available anywhere in the world and will remain exclusive to the Jared chain of stores in the US.

We’ll get back to the rest of the Christmas charms later, but for now let’s take a look at some stunning winter beads detailed in icy blues.

«Dazzling Snowflake» (Dazzling Snowflake) is one of our favorites in this set, this model offers a new charm design solution «Shining Hearts» (Radiant Hearts) — it seems that a snowflake crashes into a stone!
«Dazzling Snowflake» comes in two colors: midnight blue and clear.
charm design «Ice Beauty» (Glacial Beauty) offers a diamond shape wrapped around a blue crystal.
«Heart of the Snowflake» (Snowflake Heart) looks a bit like the original charm «Snowflake» Pandora with a small white cubic zirconia in the center.
The next charm is probably our favorite of the Winter 2017 collection. The sparkling midnight blue enamel pairs perfectly with the polished silver of the snowflakes. It’s so simple and elegant, and a wonderful demonstration of how beautiful the «new» Pandora is.
«Glass Ice Drop» (Ice Drops Glass) — another one of our favorites, it looks insanely beautiful in the photo! We heard that the glass itself is transparent, dotted with blue crystals, and the color pigment itself is on the base. We would prefer that the glass itself be colored, but until we judge which is better, I would like to see it in person.
«Snow Flurry» (Snow Flurry) is made in the classic Pave technique. The interweaving of stones of different shapes gives the charm of airiness and lightness, at the same time, the white color makes it also elegant.
«Heart of Winter» (Heart of Winter) is engraved with «You will melt my heart» and presented to us in the form of a pendant — last year’s trend.
Matching clip «Heart of Winter» (Heart of Winter) continues the line dedicated to this theme and also contains an ice snowflake pattern with zirconium.
The next set of cosmic/star beads will appear in additional colors. We think they have a really nice combination with winter beads.

One of our favorite ones is «Celestial Mosaic» (Celestial Mosaic). It is made from pearl mother-of-pearl, which gives it the perfect luminous shimmer for the night sky effect.
Bead «Glowing Stars» (Illuminating Stars) is made in the style of a button, with stars cut out to decorate its edges. Each star in the center of the bead is worked out individually — one is filled with snow-white enamel, the second has a fixed zirconium bead in the center, the third is completely carved from transparent stone.
Kit «Bright Star» (Bright Star) uses some lovely bright colors but its large stones don’t give the same delicate effect as some of the other charms in this collection. We really think the colors are almost tropical; You could add one of these to an ocean bracelet from the Caribbean!
Charm «Galaxy» (Galaxy) — A design that originally debuted in the Winter 2014 collection has been reinvented this year. Pandora has added a deep blue stone to the center, which pairs well with sleek silver and brilliant zirconia.
«Star Cluster» (Starry Formation) — A cute little clip, with a hint of sparkling detail. We would have preferred a simple silver version, with larger stars placed in the middle.
Finally, for the collection of star beads, we have a charm «Orbit» (Orbit). We really like how her design combines such simple and at the same time very dramatic features.
Next, we have colorful decorative charms.
«Shining Hearts» (Radiant Hearts) is now available in emerald green which looks stunning and makes a great centerpiece for a holiday bracelet with a touch of elegance.
charms «Shine of Nature» (Nature’s Radiance) comes in two new colors: deep crimson and ocean blue.
«Color Fresco» (Color Fresco) is the only charm in the collection that is made of 14k gold. Its colors are reminiscent of stained glass windows, but at the same time, it is playful and frivolous thanks to the bright colors of iridescent stones!

Now let’s take a closer look at themed holiday charms! There are some really cute and funny arrivals this year.

This is another charm that pairs well with elegant holiday designs. The charm is engraved «Merry Christmas» on the side, while offering more subtle festive looks with an angel, a traditional star and a small snowflake. The interlacing of the two colors works great, we love how the gold star is detailed with the sparkling zirconia inside.
However, if you want more traditional, then Pandora has released a charm. «Christmas Joy» (Christmas Joy) by adding plain red and white enamel with a cute little Santa Claus combined with a little star and a gift. Also on the charm is an engraving of «Merry Christmas», continuing the motifs of the central elements.
«Christmas Polar Bear» (Christmas Polar Bear) is another one of our absolute favorites from this collection. The cute red scarf, his adorably slender build and the little token he’s holding, all the details make him adorable.
«Celebration Wreath» (Holiday Wreath) is also very pretty, with bright red and green enamel. It will be quite an interesting centerpiece on the bracelet.
«Holiday Sock» (Festive Stocking) is very similar to Jared’s exclusive charm, except it uses red enamel instead of red cubic zirconia. In our opinion, the enamel pendant creates an even more festive mood.
«Sparkling Candy Cane» (Sparkling Candy Cane) offers a slight twist on the traditional Pandora candy design, adding sparkling zirconia stones instead of the usual sterling silver and a little bow — a little do-it-yourself thing we love.
«Playful Jolly Santa» (Sparkling Jolly Santa) is another existing design of the previously released Pandora enamel charm. In this collection, it is presented to us in red stones to give it a «sparkling effect», although in our opinion, this made it look like it was made of bubbles!
«Red Shimmering Glass» (Red Twinkle Glass) looks stunning, with a deep, vibrant red tint and added gold dust. I hope the charm lives up to expectations in a «personal meeting»! 😀

In addition to these traditional colors of Christmas, we also have two beautiful blue beads that go very well with the other charms in this collection — the more subtle color will make it easier to style and be wearable all year round.
«Snowy Wonderland» (Snowy Wonderland) offers a cute snowy scene with a snowman, enamel green Christmas trees, a pearly blue sky, and cute little silver snowflakes.
«Christmas Night» (Christmas Night) is one of our favorite pendants, it offers us a lovely subtle snow globe design with every detail worked out to the smallest detail.
Also in the collection there are six new small petites, which are designed to be worn with medallions.
Finally, we also have three holiday charms from the Pandora Rose range. These are all remakes of existing Pandora charms, but they look great in Rose.

«Sparkling Surprise» (Sparkling Surprise) is a gift, the ribbon of which is strewn with shiny zirconium stones.
Our favorite of these adorable holiday charms is the playful snowflake, the rose gold version of the popular pendant. «Kiss of Winter». It would be nice to use it as the centerpiece of a bracelet or as a pendant for a necklace.
Finally, «Glimmering Christmas Tree» (Twinkling Christmas Tree). An openwork Christmas tree, decorated with snow-white stones and a dazzling star on its top, will definitely not leave you indifferent. ; )
The only new charm bracelet coming out of this Pandora Winter 2017 collection is a limited edition bracelet with «Heart of Winter»on both sides of the clasp there is a snowflake and the engraving «You melt my heart» (You melt my heart).
There are also some new Disney beads that you can see in our Pandora Disney AW17 article. 🙂

All in all, this is a very nice collection — it may be different from previous years, but there are a few beads that are really noteworthy. The use of blue enamel on Wintry Delight, Orbit and Christmas Night works great, while the Christmas polar bear and holiday wreath are so cute. It’s also great to see that they’ve released a couple of holiday options that are more elegant and easy to wear all year round — such as Rose Holiday Beads, Sky Wonder and Snowy Wonderland.

Our must-have is Wintry Delight, but we’re also tempted by Christmas Polar Bear and Sparkling Snowflake in Rose! We are still trying to be more selective in what we add to our collection despite the many temptations on offer here. 🙂

Are you excited about this collection? Have you already made your wish list?