The winter collection sticks firmly to the brand’s tried and tested formula, offering more neutral winter blues as well as bright Christmas motifs in its pieces. The collection will be released on November 2.

Today’s post brings a long awaited preview of Pandora Winter 2017 with lots of holiday cheers, icy sparkles and cosmic blues.

This collection sticks firmly to the brand’s tried and tested formula, offering more neutral winter blues, and for those who like to be bright on New Year’s Eve, Pandora has prepared cute enamel charms in honor of the festive season.


The collection will be released on November 2.

As usual, Pandora will be releasing a limited edition bangle with the Winter 2017 collection — this year’s bangle is called the Heart of Winter and also features a heart/snowflake clasp design based on last year’s pendant.


Moving on to the charms, let’s start with one of our favorite bead sets from the AW17 collection — frosty design charms! The ones we love most about this selection are the mesmerizing sky blue murano Ice Drops Glass, followed by the more dramatic midnight blue Wintry Delight that we’ve fallen in love with since the first live shots came out. 😀


In addition to them, the collection features sky-themed charms in deep blue colors. Their general tone is very similar, but they are less winter-oriented. None of them are the must-haves of the season in our opinion, but the Celestial Mosaic charm is the “king of mother-of-pearl” and we can only imagine how good its glowing effect is live.


In general, the main decorative charms are made in the most popular colors of the Winter 2017 season. The Nature’s Radiance charm (The radiance of nature) is presented in 2 shades: in dark blue and emerald pink, and Radiant Hearts (Shining Hearts) — in emerald green. The Color Fresco charm, which is made of 14k gold, has an amazingly carnival feel!


Finally, we have the regular holiday beads! These are the winter beads that we are looking forward to, and we think that this year they turned out just fine, perfectly capturing the spirit of the New Year holidays. Murano Red Twinkle Glass has a golden sheen coming through, giving it a truly luxurious look. At the same time, the Christmas Night and Snowy Wonderland charms offer us something more complex in their execution. If you’re a fan of bright festive red charms, which are usually characterized by more festive Christmas motifs, then Pandora hasn’t forgotten about you either. The Pandora Winter 2017 collection features a variety of charms and pendants in this style and color palette. Our favorite of these is definitely the adorable Christmas polar bear, with his little sign that says «Santa stops here.» What a cute!


While this collection is very similar in theme and aesthetic to previous collections, there are, as usual, some individual pieces that we absolutely love! <3 Our favorite holiday charms are Polar Bear, Christmas Eve and Festive Wreath. :D

What do you think of this latest collection? What associations does it conjure up in your mind?