Today’s post brings one of our latest previews of the Pandora AW17 collection, with a detailed look at the upcoming Pandora Winter 2017 jewelry!

We have already reviewed charms and bracelets, this article we would like to dedicate to the Pandora jewelry collection, which includes earrings, rings and necklaces. We have detailed images as well as some live shots of the winter collection as a whole. ^^


The key motifs of the Pandora Winter 2017 jewelry collection are elegance, star motifs and the new Winter Heart design element, all of the main sets revolve around these themes.

We are in anticipation of something grandiose and majestically elegant – the collection may be in style and design made in the tradition of past collections, but the execution of products is truly very bewitchingly beautiful.

RELEASE will take place on November 2nd. Read on for a fuller view!


Let’s start with necklaces this time.
Add some drama to your look with the Shooting Star Necklace. The length of the product in the chain is 60 cm.


Also featured is the Celebration Stars pendant. It looks brighter than the previous necklace, but with a prettier and less classic design. The chain length of this model is 70 cm, although it can be worn at different lengths due to additional rings.


The Heart of Winter pendant is made in two different styles: the first one is more petite, delicate and romantic, the chain length is 45 cm.


If in the first case the pendant was made in a «solid» version, then in the second — as an independent pendant in a larger size. It is more suitable for a chain of 80 cm or more.

Finally, we have the Classic Elegance necklace, which has a non-removable pendant with a large zirconia in the center and is framed around its circumference by smaller stones.



Pandora rings are probably the most popular piece of jewelry after their charms and bracelets, and we have our own collection these days, so it’s always interesting to see what cool new designs they come up with and what they can add to their collection. ^^

Our review is first opened by the Heart of Winter ring, made in the same design solution as the pendant. The elegant base of the ring adorns the heart with a snowflake pattern inside, which in turn contains insanely sparkling cubic zirconia stones.
The Cosmic Stars ring combines classic lines, figured weaving and incredibly dazzling cubic zirconia stones, which combine to create an amazingly beautiful piece that its owner will definitely not want to take off.
The Shooting Star ring offers a more minimalist design for the Space Stars ring. In our opinion, it is more versatile, since its size can be adjusted, moreover, it can be combined with other rings or with another one of the same.
The Timeless Elegance ring is now available in three new colors: deep blue, garnet red and emerald. The rings are perfectly complemented by earrings, which we will review below.


Our favorite new earrings are the Shimmering Drops, now available in this gorgeous sky blue. Like the previous models in this series, they are double-sided!

The Shooting Star earrings are available in two different sizes. Shorter ones, with two rows of zirconia, and long ones, which have only one row of stones, but at the same time have a more sophisticated design:

Carnations «Hearts of Winter» (Hearts of Winter) adhere to the same design as the entire line and will perfectly complement the ring and pendant set:

The Classic Elegance stud earrings are undisputedly our leader in this collection, as there is nothing better than simplicity in design and versatility in life, and when combined with the pendant of this series, they create a win-win combination:

Our review of the incredible beauty of the Timeless Elegance stud earrings in midnight blue, which is perfectly complemented by snow-white stones framed by the central element, completes our review of the incredible beauty.

Some of the jewelry featured is great, but to be honest, we were more excited about the Winter 2017 charms, which we absolutely love!

We love how Pandora managed to achieve a harmonious combination of starry and celestial motifs in this collection of jewelry, while maintaining the classic look of her jewelry in every millimeter. Ultimately, they seem to us similar to previous collections of winter decorations.

We think the Heart of Winter design looks especially good in the petite version, and we also love the Glitter Drop earrings in gorgeous sky blue!

What do you think of this collection?