Today we’re reviewing the last big Pandora release of the year, the Pandora Winter 2017 Collection!

There are new charms and jewelry for the Pandora Moments, Essence, Disney and Rose lines, and much more. Pandora knows how to tempt us into purchasing the various holiday deals this season. ^^


As usual, we are celebrating the new release by brightening up a lot of live images of all the new jewelry and adding some new information! 🙂

The updated Moments line combines blues motifs with galactic and icy themes, as well as some fun holiday pieces adorned mostly in vibrant reds and greens. For a full review with many detailed images, please view the article VIEW: PANDORA WINTER 2017 HQ IMAGES! 🙂


As usual, a lot of good live shots have surfaced online and we’ve compiled some of them below for you to check out! Our favorites are still the Wintry Delight and the navy blue Dazzling Snowflake, which are insanely beautiful. 😀 They demonstrated it well in the live pictures we found, which is good news!


There are also some new North American gift sets that come with special holiday packaging — you can read more about them in our recent article PANDORA HOLIDAY 2017 GIFT SETS AND OTHER UPDATES 🙂


Release of the Pandora Rose Winter 2017 collection

The Pandora Rose line is getting its first holiday beads — a Christmas Tree, a Snowflake pendant and previously released charms, plus three petitas! They look pretty cute.


Some live shots are below!



Release of the Pandora Essence Winter 2017 collection

Also featured in this release are three new Essence charms, miniature versions of the Radiants Heart from the Moments range in festive red, blue and green. Incredibly bright, cute and petite. ^^


Here are some live photos showing all the new Essence colors with matching decorations ^^


Pandora Bright Ornament Limited Edition charm

Today, a limited edition of the Bright Ornament charm has appeared in most regions — it is made of silver in combination with red enamel, decorated with an ornament of snow-white stones engraved with «2017». It was originally intended as a Black Friday exclusive this year, but it looks like the decision has been made to release it as a limited edition Winter 2017. In the US, it will come with a stunning box that matches the charm’s patterns exactly:


Unfortunately, this special packaging appears to be exclusive to the US only. 🙁 The photo below shows us the beautiful charm and his equally amazing box! We should get at least one! 😀


Pandora Disney Winter 2017 Collection Launch

To the delight of Disney fans, a set of new Pandora Disney charms was introduced today! 😀 You can see more images and some live shots by reading the article PANDORA DISNEY UKRAINE 2017 COLLECTION. ^^


GWP starts today with Pandora UK Christmas Ornament

This year, a limited edition of the new Christmas decoration is available in the UK as part of the GWP (Giving With Present)! 😀


On live photos, the decoration looks truly bewitching! Later, it will be available in other countries.


We have become fans of this collection — the new blue charms are especially good this year, and there are some lovely non-holiday-themed beads too.

Our must-haves are Wintry Delight, Ice Drop Murano, Christmas Polar Bear and Bright Ornament! We were also fascinated by the Christmas Night charm, Snowy Wonderland and the blue Dazzling Snowflake.

Have you bought anything from this collection yet? ^^