In today’s review, we finally take a closer look at the Pandora Winter 2017 collection. There will be a lot of sparkling jewelry, snowflakes and space blue.

The collection is due out November 2nd.

Overview of the Pandora Winter 2017 Collection

As always, Pandora will release a limited edition of this bangle bracelet, which will be called Heart of Winter (Heart of Winter). The heart/snowflake clasp is pavé and will be the same as the pendant released last year.

Let’s move on to charms. We see that all these charms will be associated with snowflakes or blue. beautiful blue murano ice drops (Ice Drops Glass), which will appeal to many, as well as a pretty charm Winter Delight (Wintry Delight), which is covered with blue enamel and decorated with snowflakes. Also pendant and clip Winter Heart (Heart of Winter). Blue and white charm dazzling snowflake (Dazzling Snowflake), which will be similar to the Shining Hearts series of charms.

In addition to these, we will have some sky charms in the same blue color. Their color is identical, only these beads will not be winter-themed. We have three pieces of jewelry (clip, pendant and bead), which will be called Bright Star (Bright Star) with large blue and light blue stones. Charm Orbit (Orbit), which will be covered with blue enamel, and divided by a strip with stones in the middle. The well-known bead Galaxyonly in cosmic blue.

The next batch of charms will focus on the general theme. Nature’s Glow charms will now be available in navy blue and emerald pink. Also we have Shining Hearts (Radiant Hearts) emerald green. 14 carat gold bead color fresco (Color Fresco) is somewhat reminiscent of a carnival theme.

Finally, we have holiday beads. murano charm Red Shimmer (Red Twinkle Glass) has a beautiful golden sheen inside. The following charms will appeal to lovers of jewelry with small details. charms christmas night (Christmas Night) и snowy wonderland (Snowy Wonderland) have many small details such as snowflakes, snowman, green Christmas trees, Santa Claus on a sleigh with reindeer. Also, the bead looks very nice. Christmas Polar Bear (Christmas Polar Bear), which holds the inscription: «Santa stops here» (Santa stop here). There are several new petites for a medallion in the form of a star, a green Christmas tree, Santa, a Christmas wreath, a snowman and a gift.

The Winter 2017 collection came out very beautiful and attractive. The good news is that the company approached this collection with special attention to detail. All these cute snowflakes, inscriptions, snowmen, stars will definitely not let you get bored during the winter holidays and will not be ignored by others.