Pandora 2016 winter collection will be available in stores from November 3. We will be pleased with new charms, pendants and bracelets for the New Year and Christmas holidays.

Winter collection Pandora (Pandora Winter 2016 Collection) will be released on November 3rd.

The style of the winter collection is red charms for Christmas and complex ice ones for the new year.

Let’s start with bracelets. 2016 is the year of Pandora’s bracelets. So many new models did not come out in one year. Very pretty entwined pavé with an unusual clasp. The sparkling strand bracelet is another innovative design, with a sliding clasp that allows you to adjust the size. And finally, the hit of the New Year collection is the Signature Pandora bracelet. The bracelet is made in a classic style braided thread with threaded jumpers. The clasp is made in two colors. The center is made of gold in stones, around the outside of the golden circle is the signature of Pandora.


Rumors about a gold Pandora bracelet have also been confirmed, it will be a luxurious gift for Christmas or New Year.


Another New Year’s bracelet will be released in a limited edition. Ball clasp with pavé-style snowflake engraving.


The next series can be called — ice blues. A mix of starry-heavenly themed balloons.


Lovers of gold jewelry will also not be left without attention. Grace’s new angel. There will also be 3 new two color charms. I liked the most — Snowflake Heart (Snowflake heart).


There will also be Christmas beads, bright red enamels and crystallized florals that look like snowflakes. Check out the lovely Santa’s Home and the Christmas kitten, I think they are lovely.


Finally, we left 4 new pendants, one of them in gold.


There is already a preliminary photo of the New Year’s packaging. This is a gift bag with ribbon. In red tones, which will look great with charms in red enamel.


Pandora is devoted to her traditions, especially New Year’s, but sometimes she brings rather unexpected surprises. The description provided is not complete. There will be other charms and other bracelets that are kept secret until the release. Also, the New Year’s Pandora 2016 collection will be diluted with beautiful charms from the 2015 collection, which have long been loved by everyone.

The collection will be available at this link after it goes on sale — /catalog/sharmy/filter/collection-is-winter/apply/