The Pandora bracelet is truly a unique piece of jewelry, because its owner decides what charms it will consist of, and what value it will have. In this article, we will reveal meaning of charms on pandora braceletso that you can choose what you like and create your own unique story in one bracelet.

1. frog princess associated with Eastern ideology, it symbolizes protection from bad influences from outside and attracting wealth.

2. A horseshoe According to ancient belief, it gives protection and good luck to its owner.

3. Hotei (or Buddha) known throughout the world as a symbol of material well-being. But remember that the description of Pandora charms does not guarantee you untold wealth immediately after buying the jewelry, it all depends on you. For example, the prototype of the talisman is a real person — a monk who devoted his whole life to enlightenment, the search for spiritual enrichment. That is why for his hometown he became a symbol of well-being.

4. Manéki-neko — Japanese sculpture, bringing good luck to anyone. You can often see it at the entrances of stores in Japan — sellers believe that it attracts buyers. For you, it can also become a talisman of a successful business, because the main thing is to believe.

5. Sakura — probably the most delicate and feminine charm. The Japanese associate the color of this tree with wisdom and divine beauty.

6. Clover — no less beautiful flower. In the Christian faith, it denotes the holy trinity, and in everyday life — good luck. People who managed to find this flower became lucky and achieved all their goals.

7. Balloon will accompany you in dealing with difficult life changes, will help you rationally assess the situation and make the right decisions.

8. Kangaroo is a symbol of growth and movement forward because they are not able to move back.

9. Combinations key and lock characterizes a strong personality that overcomes all obstacles on the path of life. Separately, the key means power, and the lock means success and material independence.

10. Giraffe — an excellent choice for a gentle and sensual person, will emphasize her kind, calm nature.

11. Unicorn — we continue zoomotives — the personification of chastity, dignity and immortality.

12. Charm in the form peacock will become for its mistress an amulet of happiness and wealth.

13. An owl — decoration of a mysterious and wise girl. It will become a little assistant to its owner for good luck in love affairs.

14. «Starfish» with inlay symbolizes the vitality and determination of the owner.

15. Charm «open your heart«consists of many hearts and personifies the openness and friendliness of the girl.

16. «Butterfly«is a symbol of rebirth and is perfect for a girl who longs for change: changing her hairstyle, job, place of residence …

So we figured out what each Pandora charm means. Remember that all of the above is not an axiom, but only a hint for choosing, you can collect a collection of several charms and give them your own hidden meaning, because it is much more interesting.