Beautiful and stylish watches are loved by all women. That is why the variety of options now will not surprise anyone. In addition to cheap options, there are truly beautiful and original models that fit well on the hand. At the same time, the cost is quite acceptable for the average buyer.

Pandora watches are special because they combine Swiss quality and Danish design. As a result, customers are offered design developments and unique watch models with high quality workmanship and reliability of mechanisms. This is especially appreciated by customers when choosing any of the models.

Why are Pandora watches popular?

Pandora watches have collected completely opposite opinions around the world. Some women are ready to give their last means for the sake of a beautiful piece of jewelry that is assembled by hand, or made exclusively using all the subtleties of craftsmanship. Some believe that this is a hyped version and there is nothing special about it.

But regardless of the choice of opinion, Pandora is always popular and relevant as a gift for any significant dates, for holidays or as a gift for a boss. Women’s Pandora watches have a special meaning, which is invested when choosing such an accessory.

As a result, ordinary watches become a kind of jewel, filling with memories and pleasant emotions. And taking into account the fact that ordinary jewelry not only has standard models, but also becomes faceless and can be significantly inferior to Pandora watches. The main task of any girl is to correctly distinguish the original from the fake, which will make sure of the quality.

What is the difference between an original Pandora watch and a fake

Most disappointed girls in this type of jewelry do not even realize that they could become victims of a fake, which influenced their opinion about this accessory. To prevent this from happening, you should look at the material and other components:

  • Marking. Depending on the material the watch is made from, you may find a hallmark on the inside. As a rule, silver bracelets are branded, where a brand with a silver sample is put.
  • Material. In the production of watches, various metal options can be used: gold, silver, or a combination of both. If the bracelet is made of ordinary stainless steel, then this can immediately be attributed to a fake, since the company does not manufacture products from simple metals.
  • Price. Oddly enough, it is the price that can indicate a fake. If the cost of the watch is low, then this is clearly not a real Pandora, and the quality leaves much to be desired.

The Pandora watch bracelet, which consists of a set of beads and also has a dial, has become quite popular. In the production of this option, only the best materials are used, and the quality is strictly controlled in production.

Pandora watch bracelet made of leather strap has beautiful decorative pendants and the watch itself with a dial. But it is worthwhile to understand that even for analogues they use first-class leather and stones, which makes it difficult to determine originality.

In the design of the original Pandora watches, manufacturers may include clips, dividers, charms, Murano beads, protective clasps, extension rings. All the additions that are used in the creation of ordinary Pandora bracelets, but with a difference watch.