Be bold and beautiful with new vibrant Pandora Colors jewelry or show your feelings with a retro mixtape (audio cassette) of love songs!

The Pandora Valentine’s Day 2021 collection includes a colorful selection of charms as well as traditional symbols dedicated to love. Roses and feathers are a key motif throughout the collection, and angel wings are also featured in the 2021 Pandora Club pendant.

PANDORA 2021 Valentine’s Day Bracelet Collection


Pandora Moments Heart T-Chain Bracelet
shaped fastener (599285C00)

Pandora has released several T-Bar bracelets over the past few years. The new Pandora Moments Heart T-bar chain bracelet is beautifully designed with a sleek snake chain and original clasp. A silver T-bar on a dainty chain fits into a sleek heart-shaped clasp. Available in sizes 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm.


Bracelet Pandora Moments
Clasp Shiny blue disc

This Pandora Moments bracelet is perfect for fans who love the sparkling blue double disc charm (799186C01) . Starry blue crystals and cubic zirconia stones are set on one side of the button closure, lending a shimmering hue to the model. The other side of the clasp features the Pandora logo and a crown motif. Available in sizes 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm.


Pandora People Heart Family Tree Chain Bracelet

Love for the family is one of the themes of the Pandora collection February 14, 2021. This is beautifully symbolized by a family tree and a heart attached to a delicate chain on this bracelet. The leafy branch at the end of the adjustable closure is a nice extra detail.


Bracelet Pandora Wish
Wishbone’s Sparkling
heart shape (599297C01)

Pandora Sparkling Wishbone Bracelet (597837CZ) Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection. On the front of the bracelet is a sparkling heart set with clear cubic zirconia stones. The geometric shape of the chevron makes the bracelet ideal for pairing with other bracelets. Available in sizes 1, 2 and 3.


Disney x Pandora
Bracelet with Mickey Mouse heart clasp

The Valentine’s Day 2021 collection also includes a new Mickey Mouse bracelet. The classic Pandora Moments double clip chain features a sleek heart-shaped clasp. One side is adorned with a silhouette of Mickey filled with clear cubic zirkonia. An outline of Mickey’s silhouette adorns the back of the clasp. Available in sizes 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm and 23 cm.


Pandora Colors Pink Swirl Bracelet (589287C01)

The new Pink Swirl bracelet in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish has a very interesting clasp design. Shimmering pink enamel is hand-applied to the «button» part of the clasp. Pale pink stones create a sparkling setting on the second closure, while a carved heart pattern adorns both pieces. Click on the center circle to release the clasp and open the bracelet. Available in sizes 1, 2 and 3.




Charm Pandora People heart with
roses (799281C01)

Roses and hearts are traditional love themes and both are brought to life in this openwork heart shaped charm. Transparent cubic zirkonia form a sparkling border, while tattoo-style roses are engraved on the side surrounded by carved hearts and leaves. Different sized roses sit on either side of the charm, creating a beautiful texture.


Pandora Charm Bird Kiwi

The discontinued Kiwi Bird charm (791217EN24) has been updated in this new version. It is very similar to the original amulet and the kiwi bird is in the same position, but stands on a curved leaf rather than a smooth silver base. Olive green stones are inserted into the top of the leaf in place of the fuchsia enamel flowers that were in the original version.

I don’t currently have much information about the Pandora Kiwi Charm (799278C01), but it will most likely be a country exclusive charm.


Pandora Letter Dangle Charm (799274C00)

Send a love letter with this fun sterling silver dangle charm. The open envelope is adorned with two tiny hearts, one of which is stamped and the other embossed on either side of the envelope. A letter with a smooth surface hangs in front of the envelope, on which a personal message can be engraved. Also note the extra hidden heart that forms a hole in the letter.


Pandora People charm, sparkling intertwined heart

Hearts inside hearts are adorned with more hearts on this sweet charm. Clear cubic zirconia stones form a brilliant frame on both sides of the pendant with an additional smooth heart running through the loop. More hearts create a Celtic design that borders on charm.


Pandora Passions
Spinning Forever & Always Soulmate

This interesting pendant depicts a rotating heart, which is located in the center of a silver disk. One side is engraved with «Forever & Always» written on a clear stone set in a heart shape. The word «Soul Mate» is engraved on the back of the heart with a tiny star below it. A single clear cubic zirconia adorns a plain bale.


Charm Pandora Colors Sparkling Green Disc (799186C02)

Pandora has created more color variations of the Sparkling Blue Disc Double Dangling Charm (799186C01) that was released as part of the Winter 2020 collection. Vibrant emerald stones are a vibrant variation on this charm.


Charm Pandora Colors Sparkling Red Disc (799186C03)

The sparkling double dangle charm is now also available with sparkling cherry red gems.


Pandora Charm Metal Purple Heart

Remember the Glittering Heart (791886EN113) and In My Heart (791814EN62) charms that were released a few years ago? Pandora has released a metallic purple heart charm that is very similar but with a new color finish. The effect is more modern and the color has a neater edge on the side of the charm.


Pandora Color
Metallic Red Heart Charm

The Metallic Heart Charm is also available in bright red.


Pendant Pandora People
Friends Forever Heart

Show your best friend that you care with this cute pendant. A heart-shaped pendant dangles from a sigh of infinity attached to a bale. Another infinity is embodied in the double-sided design, with the word «FRIENDS» engraved on one side and «FOREVER» on the back. Single cubic zirconia gives a simple bale a slight sheen.


Pandora Passions audio cassette pendant (799295C01)

Create a romantic mix tape with the new Vintage Cassette Dangle Charm. A retro cassette dangles from a cute heart shaped bale. Rose and heart designs adorn both sides of the ribbon along with a Pandora’s crown motif. The words «Mix TAPE» are written on one side, and «OUR love songs» are written on the opposite side. Bright red enamel sticker on both sides.


Pandora Colors Cabochon Pendant
Fuchsia Rose Oval

Two fuchsia oval cabochon stones are set in a silver clasp on either side of this striking charm. Stones of identical color gemstones form sparkling lines at the top and bottom of the pendant.


Charm out
green oval cabochon Pandora Colors (799309C02)

The Oval Cabochon pendant is also available in a beautiful olive green shade, which is paired with gorgeous faceted olive green crystals (791729NLG).


Security Chain Pandora People Heart Family Tree

This beautiful safety chain is adorned with heart shaped leafy wood. Embossed branches adorn both ends of the safety chain and are engraved with the words «family» and «love».


Fixer Pandora Colors Purple Round (799204C02)

Part of the Pandora Colors range, this new silver retainer features a sleek silver design with a large purple stone set on one side. The clip also has a silicone core, allowing it to be worn anywhere on the bracelet.


Fixer Pandora Colors Green Round (799204C03)

The new retainer is also available with an emerald green stone. The clip also has a silicone core, allowing it to be worn anywhere on the bracelet.


Charm with
angel wings and heart Pandora Club 2021 (789296C01)

The Pandora Club charm for 2021 is silver and the Pandora Rose charm is like the Club 2020 charm. Like some of the other designs from the Valentine’s 2021 collection, the Pandora Club 2021 charm has a look that echoes tattoo styles. The textured wings open to reveal an all silver heart shaped frame engraved with the words «♥︎ LET YOUR DREAMS FLY ♥︎» on one side and «PANDORA ♥︎ CLUB 2021» on the back. Like all Pandora Club pendants, the design includes a tiny diamond set on the Pandora Rose Swinging Heart on the 2021 pendant. The thin bale is embellished with beautiful beaded lines for added texture.


Shaped Pandora People Pendant
heart and rose flower

This sweet two-tone pendant combines two hearts. An open heart in Pandora Rose hangs under a silver bale adorned with sparkling zirconia stones. A blooming rose adorns one side of the heart frame, and a silver padlock heart hangs in the center.


Pandora Color
Charm Sparkling Blue Disc

Sparkling Blue Disc (789186C01) is available in a new shade of blue. Cool icy blue stones look beautiful against the background of the warm shade of Pandora rose.


Charm Pandora Colors Pink Swirl

Pandora Rose flattened button charms are hand painted in shimmery pink enamel on each side. Matching pink gems are set on the sides.


Charm out
Pandora Colors Blue Oval Cabochon (789309C01)

The Oval Cabochon pendant is also available in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish that stands out against the bright blue stones.


Charm out
Pandora Colors Pink Oval Cabochon (789309C02)

The Oval Cabochon pendant is also available in Pandora Rose and with lilac-pink stones.


Pandora People pendant with
rose flower

Give a lasting bloom with the Rose Flower Dangle! A mixture of red, cherry and fuchsia stones decorates the edges of the petals and graceful bale. The side of the rose is engraved with the words «I am yours».


Charm Pandora People, with intertwined hearts


Fixer Pandora Colors Pink Heart (789203C01)

The new Solitaire Clip is also available in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish. On one side of the clip is a pale pink heart shaped stone. The clip also has a silicone handle that allows you to wear it anywhere on the bracelet.


Fixative Pandora Colors Blue Heart

The Heart Brace is also available with a blue denim stone. The clip also has a silicone handle that allows you to wear it anywhere on the bracelet.


pendant Pandora People Spinning World (799303C01)

Recently, Pandora has started making more two-tone charms and I’m especially pleased with the design of the Spinning World dangling charms. The silver globe rotates in a circular frame with «YOU MEAN THE WORLD THE ME» engraved on one side and the Pandora logo on the back. Each of the continents is made of 14 carat gold and the hidden heart and crown details are embossed at the bottom. A single transparent cubic zirconia is inserted into the smooth bale.



Disney x Pandora pendant
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Love & Kisses
Dangle (799298C01)

This two piece hanging charm creates a romantic scene when Mickey and Minnie Mouse kiss. The reverse side of the silver disc is hand-applied with translucent red enamel with a pattern in the form of hearts. The words «Love and Kisses» are engraved on the reverse side, and ruby ​​red stones sparkle in the hearts scattered around the bale.


Pandora Disneyland Paris
Mickey and Minnie Eiffel Tower Charm

Our favorite Disney couple is enjoying a romantic trip to the city of love Paris and Disneyland Paris. One side of the button pendant shows Minnie and Mickey, hand-painted in red and black enamel, holding hands in front of the Eiffel Tower. The reverse is decorated with the legendary Disney castle and the logo of Disneyland Paris. Around the castle, transparent heart-shaped cubic zirkonia sparkle. A sparkling border also adorns both sides of the pendant, and along the edge are lines of carved hearts.


Pandora Disney parks
Mickey & Minnie Teacup Charm

Mickey and Minnie are enjoying the fun Disney Parks Teacup attraction. The outside of the cup is adorned with glossy pink stripes and hand-painted enamel hearts. Sitting inside the cup, Minnie and Mickey kiss while holding a bright red enamel heart. Matching red enamel also adorns Minnie’s iconic bow.


Pandora Disney Parks Passholder

The 2021 Pandora Disney Parks Passholder Keychain is hand painted in bright orange and black enamel. Mickey Mouse smiles over the silver letters that mean «PASSENGER». Clear cubic zirconia sparkles in each of the fireworks that adorn the charm.


Pandora Rose
Disney Parks Partners charm

Blaine Gibson’s iconic brass statue of «Partners» is carved into silhouette on this enchanting Pandora Rose pendant. Walt Disney stands and holds the hand of the most popular character he created, Mickey Mouse. The inscription «Believe in the Impossible» is engraved above the duet, and the name of the statue «PARTNERS» is below. Shimmering clear cubic zirconia stones are set in a bale and a tiny decorative star.



carnations Pandora Wish Sparkling Wishbone in the shape of a heart (299280C01)

Clear cubic zirconia stones are set in tiny heart and wishbone studs. These pretty earrings can be worn with or without a jacket.


Disney x Pandora Mickey & Minnie Mouse Silhouette Carnations (299258C01)

Charming silver stud earrings with miniature silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie. Pure heart-shaped stones sparkle on each of the earrings.


Pandora Colors Purple Solitaire Huggie rings (289304C01)

These delicate hoop earrings are designed to fit snugly around your ear. A purple stone is fixed on one side of the hoop.


Pandora Colors
Light Blue Solitaire Huggie Hoop Earrings

The Solitaire Huggie Hoop Earrings are also available with an icy blue stone that looks stunning on a Pandora Rose finish.


Pandora Colors Pink Solitaire Huggie Hoop Earrings (289304C03)

The new Huggie Hoop earrings are also available with a sparkling pink solitaire stone.


Pandora Moments Pavé O small pink pendant

Pandora Rose Small Pink Pavé O Pendant (389097C01) is now available in Silver Metal. The clasp is decorated with pink cubic zirconias and synthetic pink sapphires. A small O pendant can be decorated with three pendants, pendants or pendants.


Pandora Colors Purple Amulet Pendant

The purple crystal stone is enclosed in a silver bracket. Small fillings and dots adorn the clasp, while the bale of the pendant is adorned with beautiful beadwork. Although this is an interesting design, personally it reminds me of lipstick!


Pandora Colors Pink Amulet Pendant

The new amulet pendant is also available with a frosty pink crystal.


Pandora Colors White Amulet Pendant

The Amulet pendant is also available with a milky white crystal.


Pandora Icons Rolo Chain Necklace

Decorate your favorite Pandora charms with the new Rolo chain necklace. This 60 cm adjustable choker is crafted in sterling silver with a minimalist style and can be worn in three lengths. Designed for use with both small and medium Pandora O pendants.


Pandora People Heart Family Tree Necklace

Remember the special people in your life with the beautiful Heart Family Tree Necklace. The family tree forms a sparkling heart-shaped frame that is attached on both sides to a necklace chain. The slider clasp makes it easy to adjust the 50 cm necklace. My favorite detail is the tiny twig hanging from the end of the chain.


Pandora Wish Sparkling Wishbone’s Necklace
heart shape (399273C01)

Part of the Pandora Wish collection, this necklace features a sparkling V-shaped pendant with a small heart placed inside it. The slider clasp allows for easy adjustment of the 45 cm length of the necklace. Note the tiny polished heart element hanging from the end of the chain.


Pink heart-shaped necklace with
curls Pandora Colors (389279C01)

Shimmering pink enamel is hand-applied to a heart-shaped pendant set with pale pink stones. A tiny heart adorned with sparkling stones hangs from the end of a 50 cm long necklace chain.



Pandora People Red Tiled Heart Solitaire Ring

A heart-shaped red stone sparkles in the center of the asymmetrical ring. The Pandora Crown logo is engraved on the side of the silver strap.


Pandora People Clear Tilted Heart Solitaire Ring

The Tilted Heart solitaire ring is also available with heart-shaped clear cubic zirconia for a sophisticated look.


pandora wish
Sparkling Marquise Double Wishbone Ring

Pandora Rose Sparkling Marquise Double Wishbone Ring (189095C01) is now available in silver finish.


Pandora Wish Sparkling Wishbone Heart Ring

This beautiful triangular bone ring is adorned with clear cubic zirconia stones tipped with a sparkling heart.


Pandora Colors Red Solitaire Ring

Ruby red solitaire sparkles at the center of this sleek Pandora Rose ribbon.


Pandora Colors Blue Solitaire Ring

The Pandora Colors Solitaire ring is also available with an icy blue stone that looks beautiful against the Pandora Rose finish.


Pandora Colors Pink Solitaire Ring

The Pandora Colors Solitaire ring is also available with a beautiful pale pink stone.


Pandora Colors Stellar Blue Solitaire Ring

The Pandora Colors Solitaire ring is also available with a bright blue sapphire stone.


Pandora Colors Green Solitaire Ring

The Pandora Colors Solitaire ring is also available with a sparkling emerald green stone.


Pandora Colors Purple Solitaire Ring

The Pandora Colors Solitaire ring is also available with a deep purple stone.


Pandora Wish Sparkling Wishbone Heart Ring

The Sparkling Wishbone Heart Ring is also available in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish.


Pandora Colors Pink Swirl Heart Chunky Ring (189263C01)

A large heart is suspended between two blushing Pandora Rose bands that fuse together on the back of the ring. Hand painted iridescent pink enamel adorns the heart.