The Pandora Valentine’s Day 2022 collection is inspired by love, filled with decorative locks and keys. The release also includes a new range of gemstone charms from our favorite Disney couple, Mickey and Minnie, which are included in new romantic jewelry with a fun twist.

The Pandora Valentine’s Day 2022 Collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, January 6, 2022.



Shine Heart T-Clasp Bracelet (569285C00)

The Pandora Moments Heart bracelet with a heart-shaped T-clasp was recently released in 14k rose gold and is now available in yellow gold. Inspired by the Pandora Moments snake chain with T clasp, this bracelet is hand-finished in 14k gold. The clasp has a heart-shaped disc with an open circle on one side through which the T-bar clasp passes. The heart-shaped clasp is engraved with the Pandora logo on one side, while the polished back can be engraved with a personal message.



Pendant Typewriter (790069C01)

This cute retro dangle charm is a fun way to express your love. Vintage typewriter-style pink enamel adorns the eight keys, and the word «L ♥ ︎VE» is inscribed on the four middle keys. The top of the pendant unfolds a rolled-up piece of paper engraved with the typewritten message “You are my type” — “You are my type”. Other details include two round cut cubic zirconia stones mounted on both roller pens and a Pandora monogram embossed in the center of the typewriter.


Openwork charm with lock (790071C00)

Explore new styles with this intricate openwork charm with lock and chains! Inspired by the love locks that happy couples hang on bridges around the world, this charm features small padlocks dangling from a cut-out mesh pattern. The side of the pendant is engraved with the sweet words «Locked in Your Heart», while the clasps say «True Love» and «Love You».


Pendant I love you more than anything (790086C00)

Express yourself with a pendant. This double pendant features two heart-shaped padlocks dangling from an oval handle. A carved rose pattern adorns the front lock disc, and «I love you more than anything» is engraved on the second disc. My favorite details are the leaf wrapped around one of the locks and the tiny heart embossed on the side of the base.


Pendant lock and key (790088C01)

One of the most interesting novelties in this collection is the Lock and Key pendant. The pendant, consisting of two parts — a key and a lock, can be worn separately. Hang it next to the lock and wear it together or give it to your loved one so only they can open your lock! Sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones form a key shape on one side of the lock while the other is smooth and polished. The key element is adorned with the word «L♡VE» in two parts of the design. Please note: For security reasons, the key must not be carried inside the lock.


Pendant lock and key-heart (790095C01)

Celebrate your everlasting love with the Heart Lock and Key charm. This chunky sterling silver charm features a large carved heart in the center of the lock and a small key dangles from the top of the charm. The words «Be Mine» are engraved in cursive at the bottom of the amulet.


Pendant Rotating compass (790099C01)

Keep your heading straight with the fun Spinning Compass Charm! This original sterling silver charm is adorned with bright blue crystals, one on the temple and one on the rotating inner part. «Always follow your heart» is engraved on the edge of the compass, and the back is decorated with an embossed heart.


Charm clover, horseshoe and ladybug (790100C01)

The three-sided clover, horseshoe and ladybug charm is inspired by good luck charms. A green four-leaf clover adorns one side and a horseshoe pattern with blue crystals on the other, and on the last side a red enamel ladybug is ready to fly. The words «L♡VE» and «LUCK» are engraved in the star background.


Pendant Mythical Phoenix (790102C01)

Inspired by the mythical phoenix as a symbol of grace and rebirth, this colorful pendant features brilliant-cut pink and cherry crystals and red cubic zirkonia. Hand-painted blue enamel adorns the bird’s body and eye on both sides of the charm, creating a dramatic look. Notice the three hidden hearts on the back of the curly tail. I predict this amulet will become a fan favorite.


Charm Sparkling openwork heart (791061C01)

Illustrating a heart bursting with love, the Glittering Openwork Heart Charm features glittering silver hearts nestled together inside a plump heart. Two of the hearts are fully adorned with sparkling stones, while the other hearts sparkle with a single round brilliant-cut cubic zirconia.


Clip red heart solitaire (799203C01)

Embellish your bracelet design with a heart clip. This sterling silver clip with a red heart-shaped crystal in the center will be a bright detail for your bracelets.


Charm Pink Heart (799291C03)

The heart charm has already been released in vibrant purple and red, and is now available in fuchsia pink. Decorated in vibrant pink enamel, the charm is hand-finished in sterling silver that shines through the enamel to create a unique metallic aesthetic. Add this charm to your collection for an instant pop of color.



Ladybug pendant and heart (780072C01)

Start the new year in style and spread your wings with Pandora Club 2022 charm. The pendant is inspired by the humble ladybug, considered a universal symbol of good luck and hope. Open her wings to reveal a glowing heart plated in 14k rose gold, set with a round brilliant cut diamond created as a special surprise inside. The positive message «Hope Has Wings» is engraved on the back of the heart, and the year «2022» is engraved on the base.


Pendant Together Forever (780087C01)

This two-tone charm with two pendants is inspired by the padlocks that lovers hang on bridges as a token of their eternal love. A heart-shaped padlock plated in 14-karat rose gold hangs in front of a silver padlock set with pavé brilliant-cut cubic zirkonia. The words «always together» are engraved on the second lock, and a tiny lock holds the two pieces together, symbolizing two hearts joining as one.


Pendant Lock and key Rose (780088C01)

The new lock and key pendants are also available in stunning 14k rose gold plating. Both the lock and the key pieces can be worn as separate pendants. Put them together or give the key to a loved one so they can open your lock. Fluted lines and a pavé key pattern adorn one side of the castle while the other side is plain. The word «L ♡ VE» is embossed twice on both sides of the key. Please note: the key cannot be carried inside the lock.


Charm Sparkling All-Seeing Eye Rose (780097C01)

The Glittering All-Seeing Eye charm is a fresh take on ancient symbolism in a beautifully lustrous 14k rose gold plating. to add charm to your look. Corrugated beams of light emanate from the eye design in the center, which is decorated with sparkling stones and white and purple enamel.


Pendant Shining Yin and Yang Rose (780098C01)

Separatable sparkling yin and yang pendants are a concern! Give half of this special symbol to the person you complement the most, or wear both amulets on your jewelry as a reminder of balance. Both pendants are crafted in 14k rose gold and adorned with shimmering enamel. The dangling Yin pendants feature clear cubic zirconia and a swirling blue and purple enamel background, while the Yang pendants feature sparkling blue stones set against a mother-of-pearl enamel backdrop. Exquisite beadwork decorates the edge of the charms and the temples.


Hamsa Pendant, All Seeing Eye and Feather Rose (780101C01)

Hamsa, the all-seeing eye and the three-sided feather tells a new story from all angles. A radiant eye adorned with bright blue crystals adorns one edge, the other has a raised Hamsa pattern with crisp pavé details, and the third side has a prominent white-enamelled nib.


Rose Intertwined Heart Pendant (781062C01)

This pretty double charm pendant is hand finished in sterling silver and 14k rose gold plated. Two hearts are intertwined on the front of the pendant: a smooth one and one decorated with transparent cubic zirconias. The words «I love you unconditionally» are engraved on the back of the silver heart in a repeating pattern.


Pendant Lock and key Shine (760088C01)

The lock and key pendant is also available in 14k gold plated. The two-part key itself is a talisman. Wear both pieces together or give the key to your loved one to open your lock! One side of the lock features fluted lines and a sparkling key-shaped motif embellished with clear cubic zirkonia. The hanging key is embossed with «L♡VE» twice on each side. Please note: the key cannot be carried inside the lock.


Charm Dreamcatcher Shine (767200C00)

One of Pandora’s most popular mascots, the Spiritual Dreamcatcher, is now available in 14k gold plated. Beaded petals form a flower with a tiny heart in the center on the pendant. Beautiful feathers dangle from under the pendant, creating a subtle movement, and the words «Follow your dreams» are engraved on the sides.


Charm Sparkling Woven Hearts Shine (769270C01)

Already available in silver and rose gold plated, the Glittering Woven Hearts Amulet is now available in 14k gold plated, making it the perfect gift for someone with a heart of gold! Both sides of the amulet are decorated with intertwined hearts: polished and adorned with sparkling stones. The connection of hearts on the sides of the amulet symbolizes eternal love.


Pandora ME Valentine’s Day 2022


Word Link Pandora ME Crash Rose (780080C00)

Keep your secret love everywhere you go with the Pandora ME word link. This Pandora ME link is plated in 14k rose gold and features the word «crush» in a serif font. Wear between stylish connectors on Pandora ME jewelry and personalize it with the addition of a Pandora ME medallion. The stylized word link is the same length as a double link or four small links.


Pandora ME Heart Connector (780081C00)

Add some love to your Pandora ME style with Pandora ME 14K Rose Gold Plated. Attach them to Pandora ME chain bracelets or necklaces to give them shape and length, then adorn up to eight of your favorite mini charms or up to three medallions. You can even add it to Pandora ME earrings for a fun look! The connector’s heart-shaped loop opens inward with a spring function to make customizing jewelry as easy and secure as possible.


Open ring Angel Pandora ME (190105C00)

Create a heavenly look with the sterling silver Pandora ME Angel open ring. The solid line forms a ring with the word «angel» inscribed in Gothic script. Please note that attempting to reshape the open ribbon yourself will damage your ring.


Open Ring Love Pandora ME Rose (180077C00)

Add some romance to your look with the 14k rose gold plated Pandora ME Love Open Ring. A single flowing line forms an open ring design with the word «love» in the front. Please note: attempting to reshape an open band yourself will damage your ring.


Stacked black ring Pandora ME Rose (189655C01)

Add contrast to your Pandora ME rings with the Pandora ME Black Enamel Ring in 14K Rose Gold. I love the combination of feminine rose gold and glossy black enamel. Create endless styling possibilities with the Pandora ME Styling 2-ring connector and up to 2 Pandora ME mini dangles.


Stacked black ring Pandora ME Pave (199679C02)

The Pandora ME Pavé ring is now available in a new color combination! This sterling silver ring is set with black diamond-cut crystals for a dark, contrasting look. Wear with other Pandora ME rings and use the Pandora ME Styling 2 Ring Connector and up to 2 mini charms to create your own unique look.



Bracelet Minnie Mouse (590107C01)

The classic tennis bracelet got a magical look! The Disney x Pandora Minnie Mouse Tennis Bracelet is handcrafted in sterling silver and features a brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia that runs the length of the bracelet. In the center of the bracelet is a sparkling silhouette of Minnie Mouse with a small silver bow! Lobster clasp and 3 rings for perfect fit. Available in three sizes: 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm.


Pendant Mickey and Minnie Mouse Kiss (790075C01)

Add romance to your Disney style with this cute pendant! One of the world’s most iconic couples leans in and kisses on this enchanting handcrafted sterling silver pendant. Bright red enamel adorns Mickey’s shorts, as well as Minnie’s bow and dress. My favorite detail is the little heart-shaped link that looks like an animated kiss!



Charm Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the plane (790108C00)

Embark on a romantic adventure with this charm! Minnie is the co-pilot, and Mickey flies the plane, which is decorated with hearts and the words «Love» on the sides. My favorites are the retro Mickey’s flying goggles and the hidden Mickey on the word «Love».


Clip Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (790111C01)

Complete your Disney bracelet with a cute clip. One side of the clip has a silhouette of Mickey, while the other side has a silhouette of Minnie. Both are encrusted with brilliant-cut cubic zirconia for magical charm!


Charm with lock Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (780109C01)

The Pandora x Disney collection continues the theme of Valentine’s Day castles with a new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse castle charm. This pretty two tone padlock pendant is full of details. Minnie and Mickey are adorned with black and red enamel and peek out on either side of the keyhole on the front of the amulet. On the reverse, the pair’s gloved hands are joined together to form a heart-shaped white and red enamel detail. The top of the lock is engraved with the words «YOU and ME» and «PERFECT COUPLE». My favorite detail is the little 14 carat gold plated key that dangles from the clasp. The top of the key features Minnie’s bow, and a tiny heart forms the key detail.


Mickey Mouse pendant (780112C01)

Play hide and seek with Mickey! This fun two tone pendant comes in two separate pieces. Mickey’s hands, wearing white enamel gloves, hang down at the front and cover his face. Mickey’s face, which peeks behind his back, is adorned with white enamel and a beautiful 14-carat rose gold plating. The words «Be yourself» are engraved on the back. My favorite detail is the sparkling zirconia that forms the Mickey on the base.



Minnie Mouse Ring (190074C01)

Add some magic to your ring set with this sparkling new ring. Hand crafted from sterling silver, this special ring features a large cubic zirconia in the center and two small stones to add sparkle to the ears.



Mickey Mouse Charm Pendant (390076C00)

Bestselling Pandora O gets a new Disney look! Mickey’s head forms the clasp of the pendant, creating an iconic silhouette. One side of the clasp is engraved with «Believe in Magic» in cursive, while the back has a heart-shaped button to open the pendant.

The Disney Pandora Mickey Mouse O Pendant appears to be the same size as the Little O Pendant, which can hold three charms or pendants. Be sure to use a thick chain necklace to support the weight of the O pendant and keyrings.



Ring of Desire with shining blue stones (196316C02)

The popular ring is adorned with vibrant sparkling blue crystals! Wear them alone for a sophisticated look, or create your own unique undercut with other similar rings.


Ring Shiny pink angel wings (198500C02)

The Shining Pink Angel Wings ring is now available in a new color. Symbolizing safety, this sterling silver ring features a brilliant-cut pink crystal at the center of a pair of feathered wings. Six tiny pink stones shimmer on top of the wings, giving them even more brilliance.


Ring Sketch Heart (180092C00)

Add some love to your collection of 14k rose gold plated rings. The narrow strap is adorned with a hard hand-drawn heart in the center as a symbol of imperfect love. Wear alone for a sophisticated style, or pair with other metals for a stylish and modern mixed metal look.

Although this is not a Pandora ME ring, it does feel very thin and I’m curious to see if it can be styled with the Pandora ME connector and Pandora ME micro charms.


Desire ring with sparkling pink Rose stones (186316C02)

The exquisite ring is now available in a new color. A simple yet elegant triangle shaped ring, plated in 14k rose gold, adorned with light pink cubic zirconia stones and looks equally beautiful on its own or with other rings.


Princess Shine’s Wish Ring (167736C01)

Create a sparkling look with this 14k gold plated ring. Inspired by royal headdresses from different times, this fork pendant ring is perfect for a modern princess! Decorated with rows of sparkling cubic zirkonia in a classic setting, this chevron-shaped piece is sure to be a highlight in any ring collection.


Ring Shine Sparkling Heart Shape (169302C01)

The ring has already been released in silver and rose gold and is now available in 14k gold plated. The classic design is combined with a cute heart to create a new motif. Clear cubic zirconia stones are set in the heart and top of the ring for a glamorous touch.


Pandora Necklace for Valentine’s Day 2022


Pavé Pink Heart Necklace with Angel Wings (398505C02)

The heart and angel wing necklace is now available in a new color. This vibrant necklace is hand-finished in sterling silver and pavéed with pink crystals. Inspired by angels as a symbol of love and protection, the necklace can be adjusted to three different lengths.


Necklace Sparkling Heart Sketch (380089C01)

Celebrate perfect imperfect true love with this sparkling 14k rose gold plated sterling silver necklace. One side of the necklace is adorned with a clear, brilliant-cut cubic zirconia, while the smooth back side is engraved with the word «forever» handwritten. The second part of the message can be found on a tiny silver heart engraved with the word «your» that hangs next to the clasp.


Pandora Earrings for Valentine’s Day 2022


Hoop earrings sparkling sketch heart (280090C01)

Complete your look with delicate earrings. Each silver band features a hand-drawn 14K rose gold plated heart as a symbol of a love that is not perfect. Embellished with sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones, these earrings are eye-catching and heart-warming!


A preview of the Pandora Valentine’s Day collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

I think this is probably the first time I’ve been captivated by the Pandora collection for Valentine’s Day! The theme of love locks is both beautiful and creative, and the Disney x Pandora items are simply adorable. My favorites from the collection are the openwork padlock with chain, the padlock and key pendant, the Minnie Mouse tennis bracelet, the Mickey and Minnie on the plane pendant. Plus an open Pandora ME Love ring and a Pandora ME black enamel ring.

What do you think of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2022 collection? Is your list of favorites as long as mine? Leave your feedback and pre-orders in our Telegram group.