True to form, in this collection, the emphasis is on pink hearts, just like in previous years, but with slight differences!


This collection is dominated by pink colors and controversial lip motifs. On the one hand, this collection is traditional in execution, but on the other hand, it contains notes of a new trend.
The collection was released on January 11!

Read on and see for yourself!

We would like to start with photos provided by Pandora herself. The lock and key motifs have been used by Pandora many times before and form the key theme of the new Valentine collection. Our favorite is a heart key pendant in sterling silver with a little gold accent. In addition there are earrings and a ring. The bracelet is fixed with a lock in the form of a heart with special clips and silicone inserts.

Let’s now move on to the darker color scheme of pink and red. Tree of Hearts is made in arbitrary motifs, looks great as a necklace.


Let’s take a look at two new bracelets: «Explosion of Love» is an adjustable bracelet, and «Your Promise Lock», which offers a new concept of bracelet lock using pink cubic zirconia stones.
To complement the bracelet, Pandora has released charms that will suit it perfectly, continuing the love theme. They come in quite different designs, some come with more elegant embellishments like the Two Hearts or Key to My Heart charm, and some come with brighter and more colorful ones like the Explosion of Love. » (Explosion of Love).
Our favorite is the Shape of Love heart shaped charm, which has a lovely faceted design with really rich color.
Our second favorite is a pendant with a heart-shaped key and a small gold element. It might look a bit bulky for a bracelet, but we love the little ruby ​​accent on the top.
There will also be a version of the Shape of Love charm for Essence. We are also expecting additions to the Pandora Rose collection. The combination of red zirconium with rose gold looks quite impressive and really beautiful. This combination works beautifully in the new open ring, which has a burgundy cut heart shaped cubic zirconia at one end.
More detailed photos below!

Continuing the motifs of the heart pendants, we were presented with the Lock of your Promise clip in a similar design, also in pink with cubic zirconia.
Next, consider charms with gold. Let’s start with the Two Hearts pendant in the traditional Pandora design.
The Key to My Heart is another beautiful design that perfectly combines two metals — silver and gold. The pendant only benefits from the ease of execution, and is not burdened with distracting zirconium stones!
The Shape of Love charm was one of the most popular charms from the collection, offering beautiful deep color and elegant design.
This design will also be available for the Pandora Essence bead, which symbolizes the value of Love.
The «Two Hearts» motif reappears as two new dividers. The dividers are 3D, as they themselves are made in the form of a heart and also have a small zirconium heart, which gives the divider an incredibly delicate look.
In the version of the Rose collection, the divider, in our opinion, looks even more beautiful, pink gold favorably emphasizes the depth of the red color of zirconium.
The final design of the two hearts is an enchanted silver charm with crystal clear zirconia stones.
Charm «Talk about Love» (Talk about Love) is made in a rather unusual design, but at the same time simple and not weighing down.
The I Love You pendant is available in both sterling silver and rose — we love the concept, but it might look best as a pendant on a necklace or as a standalone item on a bracelet. In our opinion, next to other charms on the bracelet, it will be lost and will no longer produce the desired effect.
The Explosion of Love clip has silicone pads inside, which means it’s perfect for braided silver bracelets, leather bracelets, and smooth bracelets. Very nice design, we think this clip is perfect as a separator of compositions on your bracelet.
Another one of our favorites in this collection is the Tree of Love pendant with a small but very atmospheric detail — engraved «You and Me» (You and Me)!
The Burst of Love series of charms combines cherry red and pastel pink enamel hearts.
Burst of Love also features a combination of pink and red, but this time in pavé stones for a more dramatic effect!
The following set of charms are in a rather controversial style as they deviate quite a bit from the traditional Pandora we are used to seeing earlier. They are dominated by lip motifs used for murano, pavé charms and openwork beads.
The most interesting in execution is the pavé charm «Kiss More» (Kiss More) — a pair of pavé encrusted lips.
The Glitter Kiss charm is an emoji-style charm with sparkling enamel and stylized eyes. This is another charm that is quite drastically different from the existing Pandora style!
This is a small amount of beads, which, apparently, serves as a kind of Pandora’s experiment. The rest of the collection follows a more familiar pattern.

Finally, we have these two new Chinese New Year charms! «Luck and Fortune» has become an instant favorite of many collectors, which combines silver, gold and classic red enamel.
The Double Happiness charm represents a more «new» Pandora. The pendant comes with ceramic enamel and additional pink pave stones.
Let’s take a closer look at the presented necklaces, medallions with interchangeable elements and petites to them. Pandora this time decided to use the heart shape in two new medallions, the combination looks quite advantageous. Also pleasantly pleased with the new silver petites.
Next, consider a few additional jewelry. The Tree of Hearts necklace is beautiful — we love that there is no extra glitter and there is a little red heart that gives the piece a crazy accent with just one little detail. The pink gemstone pendant pairs beautifully with the rings in this series, which are adorned with cubic zirconia hearts and look truly amazing!
The You & Me ring has a wonderful design, on the one hand it looks quite restrained, on the other hand, a red faceted heart-shaped stone gives it notes of tenderness and playfulness! The pink stone earrings, which are shaped like a half-open heart in the lower left corner, did not appear in the catalog and we are wondering if they might be exclusive to certain countries or regions.

Gift sets Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018

We have a lot of photo gift sets! Unfortunately, we do not yet know the price of them. 🙂
For the US, the first Bangle Kiss Me gift set includes a Glitter Kiss charm, a sterling silver bangle and a pair of earrings. Comes with a cosmetic bag.


The next set comes with an open bangle. You get two open bangles, a pair of earrings, a Shape of Love charm, and your choice of two sterling silver pendants.

The first is called «Be Mine» (Be Mine):
And the second «Soul Mates» (Soul Mates). We like that this pendant uses a more modern font, quite simple, but at the same time nothing superfluous or distracting.
There are also 2 sets of gift charms — Pandora Club 2018 and Kiss More. This usually means that the beads will be sold in exclusive packaging for a certain period of time.

Gift set «Kiss Me» (Kiss More) offers a clutch as a gift, in the form of red lips:

In Canada, two gift sets will be presented. The Love Tree will include two new Love Explosion clips and a new Love Tree charm with a silver heart clasp bracelet.
The Lock your Promise set includes heart earrings from the new Valentine’s Day collection, a medallion necklace and three new petitas.
These gift sets look great in the updated branded Pandora boxes in soft pink.
In Australia and New Zealand, the gift sets are very similar to those released for Canada. We are expecting two gift sets with bracelets and two with necklaces.

Pandora Collection for Valentine’s Day 2018: previously unseen charms

The second part of our review includes four charms from the Pandora Valentine’s 2018 collection that we haven’t seen before!

We’ve got a new pendant charm adorned with pink miniature cubic zirconia crystals. This pendant was not featured in the official catalog so we think it will be exclusive to Jared stores this season.
Then, we were introduced to three previously unknown charms from the Pandora Disney collection. We assume that they will be sold exclusively at Disney Parks, but there is no concrete information about them yet, so we do not know where and when they will be released.
The first of these is Epcot’s new amusement park charm, which is shaped like a Mickey Mouse with floral motifs instead of the usual black lugs.
Next, let’s look at the charming two pendants. These are the «cute» versions of Mickey and Minnie. They remind us of Disney style tsum tsums, they look very kawaii (cute!).

The new Pandora Valentine’s 2018 collection turned out to be insanely interesting. It combines both bold new experiments and proudly demonstrates strict classics and fidelity to its traditions.
The combination of pink and ruby ​​stones looks great, we especially like these combinations in rings. The dark pink color gives it a noble look.

Valentine’s Day gift sets look interesting. The choice of pendants and bracelets gives you more opportunities to diversify your collection with both new products and long-loved, but not yet purchased.

What do you think of the collection? Are you planning to buy something?