The history and secrets of success of the jewelry brand Pandora

Today, jewelry brand Pandora is associated with sophistication, elegance, exclusivity and individual identity. And this is not surprising, because for thirty years in the jewelry market, Pandora has managed to gain the constant love of her fans, whose number is growing every day. But what is the secret of the company and what features make jewelry so desirable?

How did the history of the brand Pandora begin?

It all started in 1982, when a young, talented jeweler Per Evoldsen, with the support of his wife Winnie, opened a small shop. It was located in the very center of Copenhagen, and sold original and unusual handmade jewelry. For their products, they used different precious metals, stones, enamel and even precious woods. The Danes quickly fell in love with the master’s work. The couple often went on trips to Thailand, from where they brought new jewelry and drew creative ideas there. A little later, they met Luna Francesana, who inspired them to create new models of jewelry. After working with the designer, things went much better. And so in 1989 it was decided to start their own production of jewelry in Thailand.

Pandora - history

Why the brand was named Pandora

Probably, each of us from childhood is familiar with the story of a box of sorrows and troubles, with its unpredictable mistress Pandora. But, few people know that the name itself is translated from ancient Greek as “gifted with everything”. And that is why the owners of the Pandora company gave their brainchild such a name. After all, for many years the jewelry brand has been gifting beautiful women with its jewelry.

Worldwide recognition of Pandora jewelry

In 2000, Pandora presents a unique charm bracelet model. And thanks to him, the brand again gets incredible success. Jewelry is starting to be sold in Europe, Australia and the USA, and a charm bracelet has become their hallmark. This model of the bracelet has become the most recognizable and unique product of the brand. With a unique combination of charms, each Pandora bracelet becomes exclusive. To expand the production range, the owners of the company in 2005 decided to open a plant in Thailand. And three years later, the second plant for the production of Pandora jewelry began to work.

Pandora today

Since 2010, the brand has four factories that produce patented, certified products made of gold, silver, leather, decorated with cubic zirconia and multi-colored enamel. All raw materials are of the highest quality. Jewelry managed to conquer every woman with its design. Because thanks to him, the owners can independently create their own amazing life story. Combine many different models with each other, no matter what metal they are made of or what collection they belong to.

Jewelry brand Pandora sold in 70 countries, where they have gained high popularity and success among the beautiful half of humanity. They are given for holidays and just for no reason, creating collections of personal happy moments of life.

Pandora story

Jewelry brand Pandora in Ukraine

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