The Pandora Summer 2022 collection includes many themes. Adorable new creatures are appearing in Pandora’s ocean, and feathered friends are joining us in the colorful jungle! In addition to a fun selection of exclusive country-inspired charms, the summer collection features cute Disney and Pandora characters.
In addition, we have a selection of colorful jewelry added to the fun Pandora ME lineup and more valuable Pandora Disney Parks collectible pendants. All in all, an adorable collection!




The Pandora Summer 2022 Collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, May 26, 2022, both in store and online.


Bracelet Pandora Braided leather bracelet with T-clasp 591675C01-C

The braided leather bracelet is given a makeover with a new sterling silver T-clasp! Featuring the iconic snake chain pattern, the T-bar clasp brings a modern edge to this relaxed bracelet. Simply thread the T-bar through the smallest circle inside the large serpentine ring to make sure the bracelet is securely closed. Please note that since leather is a natural material, natural wear and tear may occur over time. Wear alone or decorate with charms or pendants for a unique look. Available in three sizes: S1, S2 and S3.


Chain bracelet with freshwater cultured pearls 591689C01

Who doesn’t love pearls? Inspired by the beach, one half of this bracelet features luminous freshwater cultured pearls strung on a knotted blue cord. The other half consists of an elegant silver chain with a carabiner clasp. A cute detail is the small disc next to the clasp, which is engraved with the Pandora O crown. Please note that natural materials such as pearls can wear naturally. Available in three sizes: 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm.



Pendant Pandora Cherries 791583C01

Get fruitier and spruce up your look with the new Asymmetrical Cherry Fruit Pendant! This fun pendant is crafted from sterling silver and hand painted with translucent red and green enamel. Pandora has released several cherry designs over the years, including the now discontinued Love Red Cherries Clip (791093EN39) and Sweet Cherries (791900EN73).

Jungle Creatures & Leaves Charm 791620C01

Keep your jungle memories alive with the new Jungle Creatures & Leaves charm! This intricate openwork pendant features a backdrop of luscious palm leaves with hand-enamelled cute jungle creatures. Tropical birds and butterflies in pink, purple and green enamel hide among the leaves. This charm really reminds me of Walt Disney World’s Enchanted Tiki Room and I think it would be perfect for the Disney Parks bracelet theme.


Pendant Pandora Chameleon 791676C01

This cute color-changing chameleon pendant is a wonderful symbol of adaptability and change. A sweet reminder of life in all its spectrum of colors! Two elements hang from a silver base; curled up chameleon and a silver disc engraved with the inspirational message «You are magic». The chameleon character is hand-painted with a special thermochromic enamel that changes color depending on temperature changes. The color changes from light turquoise to dark blue on the body and dark purple to pink on the stripes.
Although it’s not a Disney x Pandora pendant, it does remind me of Rapunzel’s friend Pascal and would fit perfectly with the theme of the Rapunzel: Tangled bracelet.

Pandora Moments
Tropical starfish and shell clip 791678C01

Complete your Pandora Ocean themed bracelets with the new Tropical Starfish & Shell clasp! Inspired by the sea, surf and sand, this silver clip depicts treasures found on the beach. Beautifully beaded starfish and shells rise above sparkling marine pavé of blue and turquoise crystals. This clip has a silicone grip that holds it in place. It can be hung anywhere on your bracelet for a carefree beach vibe, and it will look perfect on a turquoise Pandora Moments Seashell Clasp braided leather bracelet.


Jungle Parrot Pendant 791679C01

Spread your wings and fly with the new colorful Jungle Paradise Parrot pendant. An adorable parrot, hand-painted in rich blue, green and yellow enamel, dangles from a massive silver brace. My favorite detail is the etched texture of the feathers, which can be seen through the translucent green enamel.
Pandora has previously released other parrot designs such as the Tropical Parrot Dangle (791903ENMX).

Strawberry charm with seeds 791681C01

One of the original Pandora Moments charms was a silver strawberry that was honored with a special 20th Anniversary Limited Edition. Since then, several strawberry designs have appeared, such as the Sweet Strawberry (791091EN09) and Pavé Strawberry (791899CZR) charms. The new Seeded Strawberry pendant is now hand-finished in translucent red enamel with realistic seed detail created by the grooves underneath the enamel. Decorate it with other fruit dangles, such as the new cherry dangle, for an equally cute look!


USA Independence Day Pendant 791684C01

Celebrate the 4th of July with this holiday charm! Inspired by United States Independence Day celebrations, this sterling silver pendant features hand-applied enamel details depicting the US flag in red, white and blue. A new way to put up a star-studded banner at the 4th of July celebration.

Murano glass bubble tea pendant 791685C01

A fun new Murano glass pendant is a creative way to display your favorite drink or vacation memory. This bean tea pendant is crafted from specially crafted Murano glass with a realistic milky white to brown gradient and adorned with soft black tapioca pearls. Iridescent milk foam, rendered in sterling silver, is the finishing touch to this miniature replica of the iconic drink.


Pendant Camping Under the Night Sky 791686C01

Keep the memories of camping and getting back to nature with this double charm charm. Ahead is a small campsite with a simple tent and a sparkling orange stone fire. Hanging behind is a beautiful scene with a turquoise enamel lake and shimmering blue mountains and a night sky embossed with a silver moon and stars. A sparkling star is attached to the shackle, and the phrase «Sleeping Under the Stars» is engraved on the back of the pendant.

Charm Ocean waves 791691C01

Inspired by the shimmering blue ocean waves reflecting the summer sun, the Opalescent Ocean Blue Charm is my favorite piece from the Pandora Summer 2022 collection. This stunning lab-created opal pendant shimmers with blues, pinks, purples and teals, making it the perfect addition to your summer look. Each stone is unique, just like you.


Cute Octopus Murano Glass Pendant 791694C01

Explore Pandora’s ocean and dive into the deep blue sea with this cute Murano glass octopus pendant! Our new underwater friend hangs from a sparkling base adorned with artificial crystals in three shades of blue. Large green-blue Murano glass forms the body of an octopus with a wavy openwork pattern on the back. Its eight tentacles coil under it, adorned with a beautiful beaded texture representing suckers. Above the two front tentacles, two sparkling blue crystals act like the eyes of an octopus.

Charm Fly Away Rainbow Sky & Travel 791695C01

We hope that this year some of us will be able to fly away on the wings of adventure and enjoy the holiday, and the new Fly Away Rainbow Sky & Travel charm will be the perfect souvenir. This cute openwork pendant depicting a sky full of fluffy clouds that travel is hand-painted with white enamel. A cheerful yellow enamel sun and a multi-colored rainbow light up the sky, through which balloons and an airplane fly. Also note that the balloons match the colors and style of the Blue Travel Balloon Pendant (798064NMB) and the Sparkling Pink Balloon Pendant (789434C01) — a fun design detail! The sweet message «FLY AWAY WITH ME» is engraved on one side of the pendant.

Pendant Pandora Lemon Slice 791696C01

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade or gin and tonic! Bright hanging sparkling fruit with lemon slices is a fun way to show off your zest for life. Hanging from a silver base is a realistic lemon slice full of beautiful realistic details, including a textured lemon peel created with translucent yellow-green enamel over a silver microbead. The front and back of the pendant are adorned with shimmering enamel details on a lemon cross-section with four sparkling cubic zirconia stones to add sparkle.

Pendant Fish, sea turtle and shell 791697C01

Dive into Pandora’s ocean and have a snorkeling adventure with the new Fish, Sea Turtle and Shell Triple Pendant. This beautiful pendant charm is made up of three elements; a polished silver shell, a small fish and a cute sea turtle. The fish is based on the design of the previously released Blue Scaled Fish pendant (799428C01) with hand painted turquoise enamel details. While the tiny turtle is a simplified version of the Murano Glass Sea Turtle Dangle Pendant (798939C01) with a gorgeous two-tone blue-green Murano glass as a shell. A miniature starfish adorns the oval-shaped shackle, which is engraved with the words «Explore» and «Dream» on both sides.


Charm Pandora Ocean Bubbles & Waves Octopus Charm 791698C01

Fish are friends, not food! Now you can strike up a new friendship with the cute Ocean Bubbles & Waves Octopus pendant, featuring a unique bubble and wave enamel effect in shades of blue over silver. This friendly guy has two smooth blue artificial crystals for eyes, and eight tentacles decorated with cute hearts!


Pendant Pink Sea Turtle 798939C02

One of our favorite Pandora Ocean charms, the gorgeous Murano Glass Sea Turtle Pendant (798939C01), is now available in a beautiful pink. A mix of pink and purple faux crystals is inserted at the base of the pendant, while frosted Murano glass acts like a tortoise shell. The shimmery sequins in the glass sparkle in the light, making it truly beautiful. Like the original version of this charm, the sea turtle’s belly has a silver scale pattern with a hidden heart on one side.


Blue Stone Pandora Security Chain 791688C01-05

Protect your ocean treasures with this beautiful sterling silver safety chain. The sea-inspired chain is adorned with three blue imitation crystals placed along the chain to add an oceanic touch to your look. Each shackle has a thread inside to secure the charms to your Pandora Moments bracelet. The beautiful blue hue is also perfect for a Cinderella-themed bracelet.


Cultured Freshwater Pearl, Starfish and Shell Triple Pendant 781690C01

Inspired by ocean treasures, this two-tone pendant features three different pieces to make you take the beach with you! A luminous 14K rose gold plated seashell, a luminous freshwater cultured pearl and a small starfish adorned with domed microbeads. The sweet message «You are my treasure» is engraved on the oval temple.


Murano Glass Pink Sea Turtle Pendant 788939C01

The stunning Murano Glass Sea Turtle Pendant (798939C01) is now available in gorgeous matte pink and 14k gold plated metal. Sparkling cubic zirconia stones look elegant in a ruddy bow, while matte pink Murano glass forms a tortoise shell. Glittering specks catch the light from inside the glass, and the sea turtle’s belly has a carved pattern with a hidden heart.


Airplane, globe and suitcase pendant 789435C01

I hope this year many of us will be able to pack our bags and go on an adventure. For those who can travel, the Airplane, Globe and Suitcase Triple Pendant makes a wonderful souvenir. Previously available in sterling silver and pink enamel, this charm is now available in 14k rose gold plated. Three travel motifs hang from an oval bracket; a tiny plane, an old-fashioned spinning globe, and a suitcase adorned with a small pink enamel heart-shaped «sticker».



Sparkling Desert Cactus Pendant 361687C01

Enjoy the sun with this cute cactus pendant. Because the cactus is a plant that thrives in the heat of the desert, the new Sparkling Desert Cactus Pendant is a beautiful symbol of resilience and blooming vitality. Rows of emerald green crystals contrast sharply with the 14K gold plated pendant. At the top, a lacquered imitation pearl acts like a flower blooming on one of the branches of a cactus. Wear it to your bracelets, necklaces or even Pandora hoop earrings.



Disney x Pandora Bracelet with Stitch Biting clasp 591683C01

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Walt Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. As a result, Stitch celebrates by doing all sorts of pranks, like taking a big bite out of the classic Pandora Moments bracelet! The regular Pandora Moments Bangle now has a Disney twist, with the mischievous Stitch hanging from the ball clasp and trying to bite off a huge chunk. His eyes, ear and nose are painted in black and lilac enamel, and the cute message «Love at First Bite» is engraved on the inside of the bracelet. Wear the bracelet alone or complete it with pendants. Available in three sizes: 17 cm, 19 cm and 21 cm.


Disney x Pandora Charm Lilo and Stitch 781682C01

Celebrate what it means to be a family with the new Disney x Pandora Ohana Lilo & Stitch charm. Based on the usual heart-shaped charm design, this sterling silver charm features Disney’s favorite Lilo & Stitch characters framed by a row of cubic zirkonia. Wearing a red enamel dress adorned with silver palm fronds, Lilo leans in to kiss Stitch on the cheek. From the look on his face, Stitch is not very impressed! The bright blue enamel is hand-applied to Stitch’s body with black and lilac enamel highlighting his ears, eyes, and nose. Pink, purple and yellow hibiscus flowers adorn both sides of the pendant, while the heart-warming message «OHANA means family» is engraved on the back. Below the charm hangs a small 14k rose gold heart, which is also engraved with the word «OHANA».


Disney x Pandora Charm Pixar Buzz Lightyear 792024C01

Travel to infinity and beyond with the new Buzz Lightyear charm from Disney x Pandora Pixar! This sterling silver pendant features the fearless Space Ranger from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story with a confident smile. Purple and green enamel highlight the realistic details of his suit and wings. Look under his foot to see where his owner wrote his name «ANDY».


Disney x Pandora Pendant Pixar Dory 792025C01

Keep swimming and channel your inner optimism with the Disney x Pandora Pixar Dory Pendant! Our favorite forgetful fish comes to life with hand-applied enamel in clear blue, yellow and black, with raised fin details and a distinctive sunny smile. Her articulated tail can move from side to side as if she were actually swimming.


Disney x Pandora Sharm Pixar Edna 792026C01

Be sassy with the new Edna charm from Disney x Pandora Pixar! The beloved fashion icon from Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles features realistic details, including Edna’s pose and facial expressions, as well as signature black enamel hair.


Disney x Pandora Pixar Joy Glow in the Dark Memory Sphere Pendant 792028C01

Find your inner joy with the glow-in-the-dark Disney x Pandora Pixar Joy Memory Sphere Charm. This sterling silver pendant reflects the radiant and optimistic nature of the beloved Disney and Pixar cartoon character Inside Out. Glitter blue enamel adorns her hair, and the Memory Sphere is covered in special glow-in-the-dark enamel to capture the magic of happy memories.

Disney x Pandora Pixar Remy Pendant 792029C01

Get inspired by Disney x Pandora Pixar’s new Remy Dangle charm and follow your dreams! This sterling silver pendant features Disney’s Remy and Pixar’s Ratatouille wearing his chef’s hat and making the chef’s kiss gesture. Hand-applied pink enamel adorns his ears and nose, while black enamel enlivens his eyes.

Disney x Pandora Pendant-pendant Pixar Wall-E 792030C01

Spread the love of planet Earth with the Disney x Pandora Pixar Wall-E Pendant. Big Heart Robot from Disney and Pixar Wall-E is depicted in silver with realistic robot details. The combination of black, red, and glittery enamel on his slanting eyes creates depth to capture his kind and curious expression, giving the impression of stars reflecting in his eyes. My favorite details are the track grooves and the WALL•E logo engraved on the front.

Disney x Pandora Pixar Sharm Sally 792031C01

Harness the power of laughter with Disney x Pandora Pixar’s not-so-scary Sulley charm! Inspired by Sally, the benevolent monster from Disney and Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., this sterling silver charm is hand-finished in purple and translucent blue enamel. Sally’s big personality shines through in realistic detail, from his horns to his toothy grin.

Pandora Disney Parks Summer Collection 2022

Disney x Pandora Pendant Pirates of the Caribbean 791637C01

Celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Walt Disney Park with this swashbuckling charm! The double hanging pendant features an interesting rope-patterned shackle on each side and two hanging pieces. In the foreground, in a decorative frame, is an intimidating-looking pirate skull mounted on two crossed sabers. On the back of the silver disc is the «Black Pearl» at sea with billowing sails covered in shimmering translucent blue enamel. The back of the pendant is engraved with the Pirates of the Caribbean logo and a raised knot of rope.


Happy Place Charm 791672C01

Where is your happy place? For many Disney fans, it is located in one of the Disney parks and this charm makes the perfect souvenir. The classic Pandora button charm features the iconic Disney castle on one side and colorful fireworks in the back. On the other side are the words «My Happy Place» and four balloons in the shape of Mickey. Cut-out stars adorn the side of the pendant, while glittery pink, green, purple, yellow and orange enamel create vibrant accents.


Pendant StellaLou 792032C01

The super cute StellaLu is back again in an adorable new Disney Parks pendant charm. This double pendant features Daffy’s friend StellaLu wearing a tutu and ballet flats in a classic ballerina pose. At the back hangs a beautiful floral scene in blue, yellow and pink enamel. A raised purple enamel flower adorns the front of the pendant’s base, while a tiny purple star adorns the back. The back of the silver disc is engraved with the StellaLou logo and the words «Disney, Duffy’s Friend, HONG KONG Disneyland». My favorite detail is the silhouette of little Mickey on one of StellaLou’s ears!

Charm Magic Holiday Book Dangle 799176C01

Pack your bags and get ready for a magical adventure! Record your memories with the adorable Disney Parks Our Magic Book of Holidays pendant. A cute openable book hangs on a shackle adorned with alternating silver and sparkling red stars. Four red cubic zirconia stars also adorn each corner of the book’s cover, along with the title «Our Magical Vacations». Open the pages to see the engraved words «Best Day Ever» and a stamped image of the iconic Disney castle. A cute Tinker Bell and padlock motif is also embossed on the back cover.


Pendant LinaBell 781544C01

LinaBell is one of Duffy’s new Disney friends. The smart pink fox debuted at Shanghai Disneyland on September 29, 2021. Lena Bell will also debut at Tokyo DisneySea and Hong Kong Disneyland in 2022. She loves flowers and solves mysteries and is often seen wearing a purple orchid and holding a magnifying glass.

This two-tone pendant is the perfect way to celebrate Lena Bell’s arrival at the Disney parks. Disney Parks Climbing vines and leaves adorn the silver shackle with tiny stars and sparkling lavender cubic zirconia front and back. Luminous in a 14k rose gold finish, Lina Bell dangles below, holding up her long, bushy tail. Beautiful lilac enamel is hand applied to the orchid, creating a super cute charm!


Head Hoop Pendant Minnie Mouse 781581C01

The Minnie Mouse pendant is back! This version of the Minnie Mouse from Disney Parks headband features a beautiful two-tone design plated in sterling silver and 14k rose gold. A classic Minnie Mouse headband dangles under a slender headband embellished with clear cubic zirconia stones. Minnie’s iconic bow is plated in beautiful 14k rose gold and adorned with sparkling stones. The ears are fitted with additional cubic zirconia stones that are lightly oxidized giving them a darker look compared to the polished silver band.

Pandora Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Charm Pendant 791674C01

Celebrate 30 years of Disneyland Paris with this commemorative charm! This double pendant is embellished with details, starting with pink crystals and clear cubic zirconia stars set at the shackle. Below are two silver elements. Framed at the front, Disney’s Magical Castle is depicted in intricate detail, with star-shaped fireworks exploding in the back. Behind, a silver disc dangles, hand-painted in lustrous blue enamel with the 30th Anniversary logo in shades of pink and magenta. Delicate silver beads form a border, while the back of the pendant is adorned with stars and engraved with the Disneyland Paris logo.


Pandora ME Goals Open Ring 191893C00

Achieve your goals with the new Pandora ME Goals Open Ring! This silver statement piece features the word «Goals» on a continuous line leading to the ring. Wear it as a reminder to believe in yourself and achieve your goals. Please note that attempting to reshape an open ring yourself may damage the ring.

Pandora ME Vibes ring 181986C00

This eye-catching 14k rose gold-plated accessory features the word ‘vibes’ on an unbroken line that flows into the ring. Wear yours and live your atmosphere every day. Please note that attempting to reshape an open ring yourself may damage the ring.


Pandora ME hoop earring in bright orange 291982C01

Feel the freedom and limitless power of style with the Pandora ME Hoop Earring! This polished sterling silver single hoop earring features bright orange enamel on the ring that glows under UV light. Equipped with a carabiner for easy personalization, you can attach up to five mini charms or one medallion to the hoop.

Double Link Pandora ME Styling Tie-Dye 791904C01

Give yourself a carefree and colorful vibe with this double link Pandora ME Styling Tie-Dye. Two interlocking links feature a sheer enamel gradient over sterling silver for a unique tie-dye effect in teal, yellow and purple. The inside of each link is polished sterling silver to prevent scratching of the enamel. Style on Pandora ME link bracelets, necklaces or earrings. Styling Tip: One double link is the same length as a styling link or four small links for endless styling possibilities.


Pandora ME Styling Double Link Hot Orange 791971C01

Color your look and spice up your link chains with Pandora ME Styling’s bright orange double link. This double link, made up of two interlocking links covered in bright orange enamel, glows under ultraviolet light. The inside of each link is polished sterling silver to prevent scratching of the enamel. Wear with Pandora ME link bracelets or necklaces or hang it on earrings for a unique accent. Styling Tip: One double link is the same length as a styling link or four small links for endless styling possibilities.

Pandora ME Styling Heart Connector 791973C01

Create the look you love by adding this Pandora ME Styling Heart Connector to your Pandora ME jewelry. Hand finished in translucent purple enamel, the inside of each link is polished sterling silver to prevent scratching of the enamel. Attach it to your Pandora ME chain bracelets or necklaces to choose the shape and length of your jewelry, then adorn up to eight of your favorite mini charms or up to three medallions. The heart-shaped connector loop opens inward with a spring return function to make jewelry as easy and safe as possible.


Pandora me Round Tie-dye Connector 792000C01

This round connector is adorned with fluted lines under a clear enamel with a gradient of yellow, purple and teal. The inside of each link is polished sterling silver to prevent scratching of the enamel. Attach it to your Pandora ME link bracelets or necklaces to choose the shape and length of your jewelry, then adorn up to eight of your favorite mini charms or up to three medallions. The styling connector hinge opens inward with a spring return function, making personalizing your jewelry as easy and secure as possible.

Pandora me Love It Double Link 781699C01

Carry symbols of positivity wherever you go with Pandora ME Styling Love It Double Link. Crafted from 14k rose gold, this double link is shaped like a heart, embellished with three cubic zirkonia and the number 1. Styling Tip: One double link is the same length as the styling link, or four small links for endless styling possibilities.


Pendant Pandora ME Light Me Up 781909C01

Channel your inner strength with the Pandora ME Light Me Up Mini Pendant, adorned with two blue faux crystals and bold enamel in a fearless orange to red gradient. Lightning is a symbol of creativity, strength and intuition. This mini charm is crafted to pair stylishly with Pandora ME opening connectors for bracelets, necklaces, rings and hoops.

Pandora me Rainbow Heart Medallion 791793C01

Inspired by the rainbow as a symbol of hope and freedom, this asymmetrical heart pendant features iridescent enamel and a range of purple faux crystals. This heart-shaped locket has a closed shackle and is inspired by Pandora ME’s openable connectors for stylish bracelets, necklaces, rings and hoops, a celebration of your authentic personality.


Pandora me Solar Power Medallion 781965C01

Feel warm with the Pandora ME Sun Power Medallion, a symbol of energy, vitality and empowerment. This colorful geometric sun medallion features 14k rose gold plating and hand-applied enamel embellished with clear cubic zirconia. This locket has a closed shackle and is inspired by the Pandora ME openable connectors for bracelets, necklaces, rings and hoops.

What do you think of the Pandora Summer 2022 collection? What products are on your wish list?