Travel with the new summer collection 2020 from Pandora.

Tropical blues, marine animals and heroes come together in collections Pandora Ocean.

Pandora invites us on a journey through the azure waters where dolphins play and turtles dive. Discover the beautiful underground life and watch fish big and small as you swim in the ocean from Pandora.


Turquoise sparkling adjustable bracelet from the series Pandora Rose

This beautiful bracelet takes on a summery flair with a vibrant combination of turquoise and pale blue stones. Square Gemstone Cut and Finish Pandora Rose give the bracelet a modern look.

Pink leather adjustable bracelet from the series Pandora Rose Moments

This gorgeous bracelet was released a few weeks ago as part of a promotion in China and Singapore. It may now be available for sale in some European countries such as Spain. Combination of dark pink leather with trim Pandora Rose strikes the imagination!

Turquoise woven leather bracelet from the series Pandora Moments

Perfect for warmer weather, this distinctive bracelet is crafted from woven leather and features a shiny mushli clasp.


Charm «Openwork heart with seahorses»

Two seahorses face each other in this adorable openwork heart shaped charm. The sides of the heart are decorated with carved figures and small starfish. Interestingly, some species of seahorses mate for life. That is why the message: «When we have each other, we have everything» fits so perfectly with the love theme of this piece.

Openwork charm «Starfish and shells»

Pretty shells, including a calico scallop, lightning bolts and moonshells, nestle against an openwork starfish and heart. The entire marine scene of the decoration is bordered with elegant beads.

Charm «Shimmering whale — narwhal»

This friendly narwhal appears to be just sinking into the water. The entire body of the whale is hand-painted with shimmery blue enamel, creating a wonderful ombre effect. The fangs of the narwhal gleam in a projecting silver spiral.

Wavy Dark Blue Murano Glass Charm

The wavy navy blue murano glass charm has managed to surpass all previous murano glass jewelry! The shimmering sheen is reminiscent of bioluminescence in a deep sea of ​​blue glass. This incredible charm is perfect for both summer and winter looks.

Murano glass sea turtle charm

The most exciting charm from the new summer collection is the Murano glass sea turtle. A beautiful turquoise and blue Murano glass stone forms the body of a cute sea turtle. At the back, a silver ribbon creates a scaly pattern that shows through the glass. Note that one of the hidden hearts is hidden! Sparkling and transparent stones are set in the clasp for an extra stunning effect.

Charm «shining dolphin»

The new Shining Dolphin charm is very similar to the Playful Dolphin charm. The body of the dolphin is decorated with blue enamel, creating a watery effect. One pale blue stone is set in the clasp.

Charm «Openwork seashell»

The popular Dreamcatcher Charm has been given a new alternative in the form of the Openwork Seashell Charm. An oxidized seashell is at the center of the decoration, which is surrounded by rope-like details. Three pendants swing at the bottom; lightning from the series Pandora Rose between two silver shells. The message «Every shell has a story» is engraved on the top of the piece.

Pendant «Anchor in the heart» from the series Pandora Rose

This pretty two-piece charm features sterling silver and embellishments. Pandora Rose. Two hearts sway — one of them has a large anchor in the center of a braided heart adorned with a tiny starfish and sparkling stones. The second is adorned with the message «Love strengthens the soul.»

Pendant «Sparkling starfish» from the series Pandora Rose

Vibrant turquoise round-cut stones shine in this enchanting embellished starfish Pandora Rose. The back of the starfish is engraved with a beautiful pattern and a tiny embossed heart in the middle.

Charm «Glimmering fish of the ocean waves» from the series Pandora Rose

Tiny fish swim in the ocean on this dreamy decoration from the series Pandora Rose. The shimmering fish are visible under the brilliant blue enamel with a beach scene filled with shells and starfish on one side. Pink fish raise blue enamel above the sea, and transparent stones adorn the charm.


Ring «Sea shells»

Silver beads and shells alternate to form this ocean-inspired ring.

Ring «Sea shells» a series Pandora Rose

The Sea Shells ring is also available in Pandora Rose and adorned with clear zirconia stones.


Pendant «Starfish from beads»

A beautiful starfish is the perfect motif for a summer decoration. Unlike the «Starfish» charm from the series Pandora Rose, this sterling silver version features strong oxidization that beautifully highlights the details of the sterling silver beads. The back of the pendant features the same pattern and small heart as the Starfish charm from the series Pandora Rose.

Choker «Black leather seashell»

This choker features a dainty sterling silver seashell pendant with an adjustable clasp that is embellished with a sparkling stone.


Earrings «Starfish from beads»

These cute stud earrings from the series Pandora Rose decorated with small beads.

Earrings «Heart and seashell»

The new Heart and Seashell earrings are similar to the turquoise Heart and Feather earrings from the Summer 2018 collection. Silver sink and tiny heart decoration Pandora Rose under silver earrings create a summer mood.

We really liked the nautical theme of the summer 2020 collection. In a year when few of us will go to the tropical areas, it is very nice that we will have the opportunity to explore the ocean from Pandora together!

Our favorites from the new collection are the incredible sea turtles, openwork starfish and shells, and the stunning wavy dark blue Murano glass charm.

What do you think of the new collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below…