Spending the summer with Pandora jewelry: a review of the summer collection 2017

In early June, a jewelry house from Denmark presented a new, exclusive summer collection for the 2017 season. The brand surprised us in earnest! New motives, plots, original solutions appeared. Let’s see together what we will wear this summer.

Charms and pendants, sea and tropics

The main motive of the new collection is a marine theme, diluted with exotic tropics and an amazing combination of bright colors. This is something fundamentally new, which was not there before. The Danish jewelry house surprised everyone — girls from all over the world, expert jewelers.

Let’s start with the most amazing charms, which, according to reviews, were liked by literally everyone, including the team of the Silvers online store.

The first representative tropical flamingo, a very bright charm, encrusted with tiny zirconium stones. The blue tint of the inlay adds just the right nautical flair.

Another interesting charm is made according to the same principle — ocean life. The design is a cute fish swimming in the vast expanses of the ocean. The inlay of blue, rather azure pebbles conveys the atmosphere of real underwater life.

An interesting, funny, smile-inducing option — suspension summer fun, where the atmosphere of a beach holiday is conveyed in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Blue tinted glasses, fresh tropical pineapple, a glass of pink cocktail — all this cannot leave you indifferent.

In the tropical collection, the Silvers online store wants to highlight three more attractive models:

· tropical starfish, made in a modest but very beautiful design;

· Tropical Sunset — colorful charm from a combination of pink and orange shades;

and another combined model: to Tropical starfish a small shell was added, and the star itself was in azure inlay.

Interesting? Even more than. Fans from all over the world take apart Pandora silver charms with incredible passion. We are sure that this summer you will have something to wear.

Brilliant murano — original motifs continue

The 2017 collection from Pandora has replenished with three more models of the original Murano. The first two — Mint Glitter and Pink Glitter — are strewn with gold chips inside, which creates an amazing effect. Of course, those with more gold look best.

The third murano is called Koinbori and is dedicated to Japan. Under this mysterious word lies the name of a Japanese ornament made in the pattern of a carp and fluttering in the wind. The designers captured the amazingly accurate color and structure of this fish.

It was assumed that the model will be sold only in Asia, but almost all countries of the world received it.

Pandora clips in a unique mosaic

Another surprise for fans of Pandora jewelry was the original clip-on earrings made with a mosaic pattern. They are called Shimmering Elegance and are available in three colors: blue, pink and green.

We note not only the beauty, but also the quality of the models. Inside, they are equipped with special silicone stoppers that allow you to attach them to the bangle. This makes the clips very tight.

Two more models represent the line Space stars. Designers have released amazingly beautiful clip-on earrings in the form of balls encrusted with pebbles. There are two options — green and blue.

Summer collection Pandora 2017 is very pleased. There are new, previously unexperienced sensations of summer sea lightness, tropical mood.