Take a dip in the serene Pandora Ocean with new collectionher Pandora by summer 2021.


Relax this summer with a refreshing journey to Pandora’s ocean filled with iridescent shimmering waves, wildlife beauty and stunning sunsets!

The Pandora Summer 2021 Collection features select pieces from the Pandora Summer 2020 Collection, available online for a limited time only. And the new designs perfectly complement the previously released ocean-themed jewellery. Be inspired by boats, waves, palm trees and sunsets… and secret treasures too!

The Pandora Summer 2021 Collection was released worldwide online and in stores on Thursday, May 27, 2021.


Slider bracelet “Blue waves”


Turquoise-colored crystals are encrusted in the sensuous thin line of the wavy bracelet, reflecting the beauty and serenity of the ocean. Inspired by the sparkling sea and flowing tides, this tennis bracelet features rows of blue pavé on the bracelet’s wavy lines. Fits perfectly on your wrist and the innovative slider closure makes it easy to adjust the size of the bracelet.

Pandora Moments turquoise braided leather bracelet with seashell clasp


This simple turquoise woven leather bracelet features a polished shell clasp and is perfect to decorate your wrists in warm weather. Wear it on its own for a splash of turquoise wave on your wrist, or add your favorite Pandora Ocean themed pendants for a unique look. Pandora recommends 3 to 5 charms or pendants.


Charm pendant “Sea Turtle” made of Murano glass


The most exciting charm from the Summer 2020 collection was the Murano Glass Sea Turtle Pendant, and now it’s back again! A magnificent turquoise-blue Murano glass stone forms the body of an adorable sea turtle. On the reverse side, a silver ribbon draws a scaly pattern that shows through the glass. Pay attention, one of the cherished Pandora hearts is hidden among the scales! Glittering turquoise stones and clear zirconia stones set in the shackle add a touch of luxury.

Charm pendant “Shimmering dolphin”


The Shimmering Dolphin charm is very similar to the outdated Playful Dolphin charm (791541CZ). Azure-blue enamel is applied to the back of the dolphin, as if it had just jumped out of the water. The shackle is elegantly set with a single light blue stone.

Openwork charm “Starfish, shells and hearts”


A delicate set of shells, including a calico scallop, a large shell and spiral shells, surround a beaded starfish and a hidden heart. The entire marine scene is surrounded by a delicate beaded border.

Murano glass charm “Waving Ocean”


Pandora has been releasing gorgeous Murano glass charms on a regular basis, but this navy blue wavy charm still outperforms the charms already released! The shimmering highlights in the deep blue glass are reminiscent of bioluminescence. This incredible Murano glass charm is perfect for both summer and winter looks.

Openwork charm “Seahorses in the heart”


Two seahorses face each other on this touching openwork heart-shaped charm. A charming braided rope frame frames the charm. The side faces are decorated with carved figurines and small starfish. Interestingly, some species of seahorses mate for life. Hanging from the charm is a disc engraved with the sweet and fitting words «When we have each other, we have everything».

Shimmering Narwhal Charm


This friendly sea unicorn raised its tail up as if it was captured in the middle of a jump. The shimmering blue enamel is beautifully hand-applied onto the body of the animal, creating a wonderful ombre effect. Narwhal tusk in the form of a protruding silver spiral shimmers beautifully.

Charm pendant “Blue globe”


In this new Pandora globe variant, a matchless moonlight blue crystal is encased in a beaded meridian ring that rotates 360°. The beads also frame the bow of the pendant, which is engraved with «Wonderful World» on one side and the Pandora logo on the other. This dainty pendant is the perfect complement to a travel style bracelet or a beautiful way to show your love for our planet.

Charm pendant “Cinematographic clapperboard”


Camera ready, move! This fun clapperboard pendant is perfect for aspiring actors, movie buffs, or even as a souvenir for La La Land movie fans. The famous striped pattern on the clapping bar is hand-applied in black enamel. And on the hinge is an embossed heart. On one side of the cracker board are engraved the words “TITLE: Pandora” (“Name: Pandora”) and the Pandora monogram, and on the reverse side there is an outline of a star, a heart and the inscription “Hollywood” (“Hollywood”). Another small heart is applied to the silver bow.

Charm pendant “Blue fish”


Feel the very essence of the sea with this little underwater friend! Three shades of blue enamel are applied by hand to the scales of the fish, and the eyes are made using bright zirconium stones. Textured lines on the tail and fins add extra detail to this moving charm. The back of the fish and the bow are inlaid with elegant beads.

Charm clip “Blue globe”


This pretty clip will look great on a travel style bracelet. Polished silver continents are surrounded by a rippling ocean, hand-painted in translucent blue enamel. Our favorite detail is the heart-shaped continent of Australia! This clip does not have a silicone insert, so it must be fixed on the bracelet (two convex partitions).

Charm “Treasure chest”


Grab your map and compass and get ready for an adventure filled treasure hunt! The embossed lines on the starfish-covered treasure chest look like it has been hidden underwater for years. Open the elegant shell-shaped lock and you will see the pleasant message “TREASURE EVERY MOMENT” engraved inside. The chest rests on polished heart-shaped legs, and textured rope handles hang down the sides.

Charm pendant “Airplane, globe and suitcase”


Pack your bags and go on an adventure with the new Airplane, Globe and Suitcase pendant! Three charming elements descend from the oval temple: an airplane, a globe and a briefcase. The pendant is very detailed — tiny windows on the plane, lines of longitude and latitude on the globe, and a hand-painted pink heart on the suitcase. The perfect addition to a travel-themed bracelet.

Charm pendant “Palm tree and coconuts”


With the new Palm and Coconut pendant, remind yourself of your pleasant moments on the sunny beach. As with the previously released Sparkling Palm Pendant (791540CZ), the new pendant features coconuts encrusted with emerald green crystals. Another green crystal is placed at the base of the palm tree, while a clear cubic zirconia shines on the temple. Oxidized lines emphasize the beautiful relief of palm leaves and grass growing at the base of a tree trunk polished to a shine.

Charm pendant “Sailboat”


Embark on a sea adventure with the new Sailboat harness! Similar to the outdated Sailboat charm (791138CZ), this version of the design features a traditional boat with wind-filled sails. Rumbling waves roll on the bottom of the boat, sparkling and contrasting with the oxidized surface. Inside the boat, you can see a tiny steering wheel near the mast, and on the sides are a lifebuoy and an anchor. A sailor’s rope adorns the shackle, one side of which is engraved with the romantic message «Sail Away With Me». Although we still have the old version in our store, we like this new design as well, as it has more detail and relief.

Glittering Starfish Charm in Pandora Rose Finish (788942C01)

Vibrant round cut turquoise stones sparkle on a beautiful Glittering Starfish pendant in a delicate Pandora Rose finish. A beautiful pattern is engraved on the back of the starfish, and a tiny heart is embossed in the center.

Shimmering ocean waves and fish charm


Tiny fish swim in Pandora’s ocean on this magical Pandora Rose finish charm. Under the iridescent blue enamel, wavy lines and fish can be seen, and on the side, a beach filled with shells and starfish. Above the sea, hand-painted in blue enamel, a fish in Pandora Rose has risen. Clear cubic zirconia stones set in a charm.

Charm pendant “Flamingo”


Add some tropical warmth to your style with this pendant. «Flamingo» from pink Murano glass. Flamingo body in Pandora Rose finish, adorned in the center with pink Murano glass cabochon. If you look closely, through the transparent glass you can see the graceful feathers of a bird. The flamingo gracefully stands on one leg, and the bow is decorated with a line of cute hearts.

Charm pendant “Pink balloon”


Reach new heights with the sparkling new Pink Balloon Pendant. The new charm is similar to Balloon Blue (798064NMB), but has a number of differences that go beyond the new warm tone of the Pandora Rose finish. In the center, a fabulous pink crystal entwined with beads looks amazing. Glittering, clear zirconia stones adorn the graceful bow and base of the balloon. The small basket is engraved with the Pandora logo and two embossed hearts.

Charm “Shining Sunset”


Infuse your Pandora jewelery design with sunshine with the enchanting Luminous Sunset Murano glass charm. This picturesque charm captures a magnificent sunset, bright pinks, yellows and oranges mingling in the Murano glass. Small dots of sheer sequins reflect the light beautifully, while the Pandora Rose core adds warmth. A must for Pandora Murano fans!


Charm pendant “My four-leaf clover”


Emerald green pavé crystals sparkle on the four hearts that make up the Pandora My Four Leaf Clover Pendant. The back of the pendant is covered with microbeads, so the pendant can be worn on both sides. Wear it as a reminder of the beauty of nature or give it your own meaning — it’s up to you. The My Four Leaf Clover pendant will definitely look good with Pandora Me or Pandora Essence jewelry.

Charm pendant “My compass”


A sparkling pink crystal shimmers at the center of the My Compass pendant. The four cardinal points intersect with a polished compass bezel, while the star-shaped back of the charm is embellished with microbeads. My Compass Pendant will look great with Pandora Me or Pandora Essence jewelry.

Charm pendant “My swallow”


The My Swallow charm was originally announced as part of the Pandora Me summer 2020 collection, but for some reason was never released. The bird has finally arrived! Symbolizing freedom and the endless possibilities of the future, this sterling silver charm is encrusted with sparkling clear zirconia stones. On the reverse side of the pendant are microbeads, so the charm looks beautiful on both sides. The “My Swallow” pendant will be in harmony with jewelry from the Pandora Me or Pandora Essence series.

Charm pendant “My world”


A brilliant combination of red, pink, yellow and purple cubic zirconia crystals and stones is placed in the My World pendant. The reverse side of the pendant is decorated with microbeads. The My World pendant will look harmonious with Pandora Me or Pandora Essence jewelry.


Charm pendant “Glittering Minnie Mouse ears” from the Disney x Pandora series


Add sparkle to your Disney-inspired look with the adorable new Glitter Minnie Mouse Ears Pendant! Minnie’s iconic bow is hand-painted in bright red enamel and embellished with polished silver specks. The black enamel is covered with dark gray sequins, which gives a special appeal to the ears of the mouse. Cherry red stones are inlaid in the shackle of the pendant.

Charm pendant “Castle in honor of the 5th anniversary of Shanghai Disneyland”


Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Shanghai Disneyland with this commemorative padlock pendant. The tops of the towers of the Shanghai castle are hand-painted with bright blue enamel, and a lilac stone in the shape of a heart is inserted into the bow. Clear cubic zirconia stones are set with a large number five that dangles from the front, and the message ‘Year of Magical Surprises’ is engraved on the bottom of the pendant. The logo of Shanghai Disneyland is engraved on the base of the castle.

Charm pendant “Stitch and the castle” from the Pandora Disney Parks series


The Stitch and the Castle charm is our favorite Pandora Disney Parks charm! Giant Stitch climbs up the legendary Disney castle with his mouth wide open and teeth bared. Stitch’s lock, back, and ears are hand-painted with purple, lilac, and blue enamel, while the character’s nose and eyes are hand-painted with shiny black enamel.


Pendant with a cultured freshwater pearl


Express yourself with the treasures of the ocean with this stunning freshwater cultured pearl pendant. This luxurious pendant features a radiant freshwater pearl dangling from a delicate beaded shackle. Our favorite little detail is the tiny silver heart at the bottom of the pendant.


Hoop earrings with cultured freshwater pearl


Show off the perfect beauty of imperfection with baroque freshwater cultured pearl hoop earrings. A naturally shaped freshwater cultured pearl dangles from polished sterling silver hoop earrings engraved with the Pandora logo on the inside.


Ring “Seashells”


Silver beads and shells alternate to form this ocean-inspired ring. Wear them as a personal statement or pair them with other nautical themed rings for the perfect beach look.

Shining Seashells Pandora Rose Ring (188946C01)

The Shining Seashells Ring is also available in Pandora Rose and is set with clear cubic zirconia stones. Wear with a Silver Seashell Ring for a beautiful mixed metal design.