ring PANDORA Spiritual Symbols

A silver feather, anchor and seashell hang from a smooth heart in the center of the ring. You can also see a small heart stamp on the shell coil, which looks really cute!

Black ring PANDORA Vibrant Spirit

It’s a simple design adorned with a stunning black crystal cabochon reminiscent of old PANDORA rings. We really like the beaded detail around the ring and the little heart on the side.

blue ring PANDORA Vibrant Spirit

The Vibrant Spirit ring also comes in this gorgeous navy! We’ve always loved the combination of silver and turquoise, and this ring is a perfect example of how beautiful they look together. The style, stone and color combination make us think this might be an antique ring that was found in a small antique shop.

ringchain PANDORA Spirited Heart, windows

We love the design of this ring and its chain, which reminds us of friendship rings. The small heart in the middle is encrusted with clear zirconia. The inscription with the logo is at the base.

ringchain PANDORA Spirited Heart, blue

ring Spirited Heart available in three different colors: clear, pink and blue. The blue version is our favorite!

ringchain PANDORA Spirited Heart, pink

We’re sure the pink version of the Spirited Heart ring will be popular with younger PANDORA fans.

PANDORA earrings Summer 2018

Earringspiercing PANDORA Shine Open Heart

Sometimes it seems to us that we have fallen back into the past. Last year we had the PANDORA equivalent of friendship bracelets, this year chokers are back and now we’ve got piercings back! Are we 15 again?

Earrings PANDORA Open Heart Cuff

The new Open Heart Piercing Earring is also available in silver.

Earrings PANDORA Rose Open Heart Cuff

PANDORA also released a version of these earrings in PANDORA Rose.

Earrings PANDORA Rose Vintage Fans Stud

PANDORA earrings Vintage Fan have the art deco style in both color and style. In the center of the earring is a transparent zirconium heart.

Earrings PANDORA Vintage Heart Fans Stud

The silver version of the Vintage Heart Fans is more of a heart shape than a circle. We love how the two stud earrings on one ear go together, so we think both versions would look really nice together

Earrings PANDORA Spiritual Feathers

These cute hoop earrings are perfect for this summer’s boho trend. The silver rings are decorated with fine beads, a silver feather and a turquoise enamel heart hanging from it.


Black leather black with feather pendant PANDORA

PANDORA fans went a bit crazy for the fabric choker last year, and we’re curious to see what the reaction will be to these new leather chokers. The black leather choker has a slip-on clasp with a clear cubic zirconia on the end. Its length is 38 cm.

Leather gold choker PANDORA

The gold version of the leather choker features a pink cubic zirconia on the end of the sliding silver clasp.

PANDORA silver necklace

This thin 70 cm long necklace alternates between small silver beads. The overall effect is very good and will look stunning with any kind of pendant. The chain has a sliding clasp that allows you to adjust the length to suit your style.

PANDORA necklace Open Heart

This gorgeous necklace has a charming layered look that looks understated yet elegant. It’s been a while since we’ve had a deep crush on PANDORA necklaces, but this one looks seriously tempting.

PANDORA bracelets Summer 2018

PANDORA Sparkling Strand bracelet, multicolored

The Sparkling Strand Bracelet is now also available with multicolored iridescent cubic zirconia stones, perfect for summer festivals! It has an adjustable bolo clip for a perfect fit.

PANDORA Black Leather Slider Bracelet

We absolutely love this new slider bracelet, which is a combination of the new slider bracelet and a leather bracelet. I also think this would be a great option for all male PANDORA fans out there! #mandora

PANDORA leather gold slider bracelet

There is also a gold version of the new PANDORA slider bracelet.

Double leather slider bracelet PANDORA Moments, Spicy Orange

New bright double leather bracelets are the perfect summer accessory. They will look great with any of your favorite charms or with other bracelets for a more eclectic style!

Double leather slider bracelet PANDORA Momentsblack

The new loop-style clasp on the double leather bracelet is engraved with the PANDORA logo and set with sparkling stones for added detail.

Double leather slider bracelet PANDORA Momentsgolden

The gold version of the new double leather bracelet is our favourite, and we think it would look stunning paired with a turquoise tassel!

Double leather slider bracelet PANDORA Momentsturquoise

The turquoise double leather bracelet looks great with the silver clasp and the stitching details stand out very nicely.

Charms PANDORA Summer 2018

Charmpendant PANDORA Rose Fan of Love

The PANDORA Rose Fan of Love pendant features two arcs of clear cubic zirconia set over textured lines.

Charmpendant PANDORA Fan of Love

The Fan of Love pendant is a delicate charm in a cute vintage style that would look very elegant on its own on a necklace.

Charm PANDORA Amulet/Italian Horn Pendantred

Summer hippie vibes continue with two new Amulet pendants. The small beaded detail is actually formed of red enamel, although it resembles small pebbles. Also, as on some before it, you can see a small print in the form of a heart on top of the pendant.

Charm PANDORA Amulet/Italian Horn Pendantturquoise

In the turquoise version of the pendant Amulet turquoise enamel is present.

pendantcharm PANDORA Spiritual Feather

This beautiful charm Spiritual Feather will look adorable on PANDORA’s new leather bracelets with a tassel or two!

Charm PANDORA Shine Fan of Love

We love the combination of PANDORA Shine’s beautiful 18k gold finish with vintage style Fan of Love.

Charm PANDORA Fan of Love

We definitely caught the PANDORA Shine wave, as the silver version of the Fan of Love Charm didn’t sink into our hearts.

Charm PANDORA Radiant Hearts

Beautiful rainbows from the spring collection are also included in the summer collection! Here is a colorful version of the Radiant Hearts charm with a clear cubic zirconia stone in its center.

Charm PANDORA Shape of Love, blue

Remember when we said back in January that there would be colorful versions of the Shape of Love charm? We were right! We really like the style of the blue version of the crystal.

Charm PANDORA Shape of Love, orange

While we prefer the blue version, the orange Shape of Love charm would look really fun paired with a bright turquoise color.

PANDORA Mosaic multi-colored mother-of-pearl charm

We loved the PANDORA Essence Compassion mosaic charm, but we love this Moments mosaic design even more! It is summery and fresh, but not too intrusive. And it will definitely be on our wish list for this summer!

Charm PANDORA Stay Cool

We really hoped that the emoji-style charms had already faded into obscurity, but alas, one of them did make it into the summer collection! Charm Stay Cool has black and purple enamel and zirconium details.

Charm PANDORA Drink To Go

The whimsical charm of Drink To Go is a real must-have for coffee lovers! This takeaway tumbler features the PANDORA logo on and below a pink enamel heart. On the back there is an inscription «Take a break«(English -» Take a break «). We love that PANDORA is exploring new themes for Charms and look forward to seeing what will be released in future collections.

Charm PANDORA Delicious Popcorn

The popcorn bucket is filled with «popcorn» made of white pearls and decorated with pink and black enamel. Also prominent is the PANDORA logo on one side of the «box». While this is a pretty fun idea, the popcorn on this bead reminds us of soap bubbles!

Charm PANDORA Love

In keeping with the hippie and bohemian fashion trend of the 60s, we have a fun charm based on the pop art «LOVE» by American artist Robert Indiana. Instead of the letter «o», you can see a heart and multi-colored cubic zirconias, and crystals highlight the design. This charm is so fun it’s on our wish list!

Charm PANDORA Playing Cards

Charm Playing Cards includes red enamel details on a flying deck of cards with a royal flush on top.

pendant PANDORA Compass Rose

The unusual Compass Rose charm features a pretty shimmering silver enamel disc and an ornate compass design with a bright blue crystal in the center. On the reverse of the charm — a cute inscription «Follow your dreams«(English -» Follow your dreams «), and on the ring — a tiny stamp in the form of a heart. The Compass Rose charm would look great on one of PANDORA’s new leather bracelets and would make a great gift for someone who is about to embark on a journey or start a new phase in their life.

Charmpendant PANDORA New York Hightlights

Continuing the travel theme, PANDORA has prepared a selection of new Charms dedicated to cities. We anticipate that more cities will be released in the future. The New York Highlights pendant includes an apple, the Statue of Liberty and a yellow cab.

Charmpendant PANDORA San Francisco Hightlights

AT San Francisco Hightlights there’s a small tag that says «San Francisco,» a mini Golden Gate Bridge, and a small red enamel cart (thanks for the help we got identifying this!).

Charmpendant PANDORA Love Puerto Rico

The common Coquí frog, the national animal and symbol of Puerto Rico, will make a great souvenir from this wonderful island. The back plate is decorated with the colors of Puerto Rico: blue, red and white.

Charm PANDORA Colour/Ferris Wheel

One gets the impression that the designers PANDORA enjoyed creating interesting motifs for the summer 2018 collection. Charm Colour Wheel really fun and would look cute on a themed bracelet Disney. Each of the carts on the wheel has a different colored crystal or zirconium, and the inscription «PANDORA» Surrounds the center of charm.

PANDORA Spiritual Dreamcatcher

The floral round design features a small heart in the center and three thin silver feathers hanging down. The inscription «Follow your dreams» is engraved on top of the charm. Spiritual Dreamcatcher will look adorable on the new leather slider bracelets PANDORA.

Charmpendant PANDORA Anchor of Love

The cute nautical themed charm features a small disc with the inscription «Anchor yourself to someone special» and a mini anchor with two red enamel hearts.

Charmpendant PANDORA Be Free

This cute little skateboard charm features a textured board with clear cubic zirconias around the rim and in the center of the wheels. Under the board — a cheerful engraving «Be free» (English — «Be free»). The pendant itself has a new style, the feature of which is a light oblong and mini stamp in the form of a heart.

Charm PANDORA Burger & Fries Pendant

because Burger and Fries — a classic combo, this charm was designed to symbolize friendship. At the top of the pendant is the inscription «Best Friends» (English — «Best Friends»), and the food is decorated with red, orange and yellow enamel and filled with cubic zirconia stones.

Charm PANDORA Symbol of Peace

Following the style of pop art charm LoveWe have charm Peace with 3D the image of the world sign. The beaded edging of the charm creates an interesting texture. Miniature stamped hearts decorate the edge of this charm.

clip PANDORA Pavé Open My Heart, colorful

Rainbow multicolored clip Open My Heart will look cute paired with a new charm Love.

clip PANDORA Arcs of Love, blue crystals

clip Arcs of Love includes a silicone base inside, making it ideal for use on a smooth or leather bracelet. We really like this new version with blue crystals and would love to see this piece in real life to better determine its color.

Charm PANDORA Tasselblack

A brush is an accessory of 2018, and PANDORA coped with their task 100%, thanks to these bright and funny Charms Tassel! When in doubt, just add this brush!

Charm PANDORA Tasselpink

Charm PANDORA Tasselturquoise

Charm PANDORA Tasselorange