High-quality photos of all products are already available, and there are also several live, real photos from stores in Europe and the USA.

The products of the summer collection are bright and colorful, they should help us tune in to sunny warm weather. This year the theme is somewhat tropical and oceanic.
Very unusual and interesting charm — Solar Doll, $89. Such a doll is supposed to bring good weather. The idea came from Asia. How does this charm look like a good ghost to me :).
Another charming charm is taken from Japanese culture. Murano Koinobori. It has a scale pattern on it.
There are two more Pandora Murankas: Menthol Glitter and Pink Glitter. They are littered with golden sand dust and bubbles in the glass. The effect is simply amazing. The price is 45 dollars.
Next we have three beautiful orchids. In the summer of 2015, the same orchid came out only in fuchsia. This charm will now be available in white. 45 dollars.
There will also be a fuchsia orchid, but not in the form of a pendant, but in the form of a charm.
The following charms are very bold and bright. Opinions are always divided about them. Some people think they are funny, others think they are too catchy. The price is 70 dollars.

Charm Sunny Smile $65. It has an engraving on the side — to live in the sunlight.
Charm Tropical Flamingo $85. Very cheerful and bright.
Charm Ocean Life $75. With fish and shells.
The well-known charm of the Heart, came out with a new color — the Caribbean Ocean. Amazing depth. 80 dollars.
Charm pendant Tropical star and shell. 55 dollars.
Charm pendant Tropical star.

Next, we have shiny retainers with silicone clips. Available in three colors: green, blue and pink.
New clips Cosmic stars. Green and Blue.

This collection will also include limited edition bracelets. Leather consisting of two colors. 50 dollars.

We are also pleased with the new summer sea petites. With tropical shell, fish and palms.

Now earrings: in the form of starfish and white orchids. 50 dollars.

As we have said before. Stores in the US and Canada receive new collections a little earlier than other countries. Therefore, they have the opportunity to post real photos before everyone else.

This is a very beautiful summer release. With well-chosen colors. I can’t wait to see the new Murano with sand or the Sun Doll charm. Each collection amazes me more and more, Pandora becomes more and more elegant every year. This collection lacks only simple silver balls.

All photos are located below in the photo gallery!