Full Preview of the Pandora Summer 2017/Pandora Summer 2017 Collection

The release of the Pandora Summer 2017 collection in the world is expected on June 1st.

Therefore, there is a little time to look, admire and think in advance what you would like to wear in the summer …


The theme of this summer is the tropics and the sea. Tropical charms are something new. This was not the case before. Our team liked Flamingo very much and we are looking forward to it.
All charms are very bright. Tropical flamingos and ocean life are encrusted with blue zirconium stones on the sides. Tropical order and Summer mood engraving. The text is not yet known.
We are presented with a new set of summer petites. This is a shell, a fish and a palm.
New pendant with starfish — Tropical starfish with shell and just Starfish.
in a slightly different form, we were presented with a beloved orchid. Now it is made in the form of a charm. And also appeared white orchid charm and pendant.


The summer collection will please us with three new Marks. Mint glitter with zirconium stones inside, Pink glitter and red charm with the incomprehensible name Asian Koinobori. Koinobori means carp in the Asian world. Perhaps this is an imitation of carp scales.

The collection of space stars is replenished, they were made with green and blue pebbles, as well as three new clamps with silicone.


Limited edition leather bracelets woven from two different colors of leather strips. The lock is round with the inscription Pandora.


And finally, a pair of new earrings in the form of stars and white orchids.
Below we will present some live photos that are already walking around the Internet to tease you :).