Spring days are coming to an end, summer is coming and of course Pandora cannot but please us with the Summer Collection, which is released to the world on June 2!


You can view and purchase the Pandora Summer collection on our website in the Summer collection section.

Bracelets. First of all I would like to inform you about two new leather bracelets, note that they have new spherical Pandora clasps. Also these bracelets are without thread, just like in the spring collection.


Both bracelets will cost around $50 in the US

Charms. The most anticipated and favorite charm of our team is the Murano Garden of Flowers. Estimated price $55


Next we have two new adorable animal charms. A true Pandora classic. Adorable kangaroo and baby elephant. Both charms at an affordable price of $35

5-pandora-summer-2016.jpg 6-pandora-summer-2016.jpg

The new fruity charms fit perfectly with the tropical theme of this collection and look very fresh. Strawberry 65$
Watermelon Pave $65. Here opinions are divided, some believe that it is very fun and summery, and some say that it is too much. We think it’s very charming and new.
Charming cherry with red enamel continues the fruity theme. 55$


Nautical oceanic star crafted in sterling silver with rounded cubic zirconia. 70$


Tropical parrot. Another super cute animal on offer this season. We really liked how bright and colorful the enamel looks on this charm. 55$


New Murano — iridescent frosty mint, turquoise iridescent and red iridescent. All for $50.


We continue the collection of clips on silicone linings — a sparkling turquoise clip in the color of the warm Caribbean sea and a pink shining clip (Honeysuckle pink Shining Elegance). 45$


Shimmering drops. The oceanic feeling is especially captivating. Especially in this image, each stone looks like a liquid. Very beautiful color! 70$


Oriental Blossom Pendant 55$


Eastern fan (Oriental Fan). Very graceful design. 65$


The Chinese boat is very popular. Bright red enamel, stylized detailing and original design.


Did you like the summer collection? Do you already have a wishlist?


A few rumors have already leaked about the upcoming Pandora fall collection. It is said that there will be a new bracelet with a spherical clasp featuring a sun on one side and a star on the other. Also mentioned were zodiac charms, vintage letters, Canadian flag charms, new love/infinity clip-on earrings, and for sisters and best friends.