Step into spring with the latest from the Pandora Moments collection inspired by nature in full bloom. This collection, full of beautiful butterflies and pansies, is full of colors and positive energy.

After long winter days at home, we can find beauty in rebirth. We were inspired by how light returns after winter. Decorations in our «spring garden» this year are even more special thanks to the unique hand-applied enamel. New styles have been developed that convey the realism of nature.

The Pandora Spring 2022/Pandora Spring 2022 collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, February 17, 2022, both in store and online.



Bracelet with butterfly clasp (590782C01)

Create a vibrant spring story with the beautiful Pandora Moments chain bracelet with snake weave butterfly clasp. Inspired by the season of change, this sterling silver bracelet features a sparkling butterfly motif with carved details and sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones around the wings. My favorite detail is the hidden hearts at the bottom of the wings!


Pendant Royal Crown (790231C01)

This dainty pendant is perfect for adding a majestic touch to your look and would look just as great in a Disney princess style. Inspired by the ornate crowns worn by royalty around the world, the pendant features a loose faux pink crystal encased in a delicate crown. A row of sparkling pavé stones adorns the slender shackle, while a carved heart adorns the base of the crown. Other hidden hearts are located at the top of the crown.


Double Pendant Blue Butterfly (790757C01)

Reconnect with nature this spring with this beautiful Blue Butterfly pendant. One element features a beautiful butterfly with wings hand painted in blue and white enamel. Brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia edges on the wings add a vintage feel. Hanging on the back is the second element, a silver medallion with the inspiring quote «One of a kind.» Like butterflies in nature, each charm is completely unique.


Pansy flower charm (790759C01)

Create an enchanting miniature spring garden with the cute Pansies Charm! Fragrant blooms huddle together to create this intricate openwork work featuring three pansies hand-painted in pink enamel. Look closely to see a hidden snail and a butterfly that have taken up residence in the pansy patch.


Charm charming blue butterfly (790761C01)

Jump into makeover season with stunning Edwardian charm. Both sides of the butterfly are covered with hand-painted enamel in pleasant blue and white tones. Raised tendrils add realism, while brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia stones form a sparkling wing edge.


Charm Cute Curly Caterpillar (790762C01)

One of my favorite pieces from the Pandora Spring 2022 collection is the Cute Curly Caterpillar Pendant. I love the fun and creative design of the little caterpillar wrapping around the bracelet. It would also be a fantastic combination with Alice in Wonderland charms! Hand-enamelled in hot pink, these playful caterpillars feature two sparkling black crystal eyes and beautiful silver beaded paws. A wonderful amulet as a reminder of the beauty of nature and the power of transformation.


Royal Heart Crown Charm (790763C01)

The new pendant is reminiscent of the Princess Heart Pendant (791375PCZ) from the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 collection. Both feature sparkling pink cubic zirconia at the center of the heart-shaped pendant and a crown at the top. However, the 2022 charm seems to be more intricate, with a subtle filigree design on both sides. Notice the tiny hearts above the pink stone and at the base of the crown. A brilliant cut clear cubic zirconia adorns the sides of the charm for a majestic look.


Murano glass tree of unity pendant (790768C01)

The colorful Tree of Unity pendant is a beautiful symbol of unity with multicolored Murano glass blended to create a unique rainbow effect that will be different on each pendant. Heart-shaped leaves adorn the silver tree on the back of the pendant, the stem of which is engraved with the word «Together». Silver branches securely wrap around the glass, while oxidized curled lines give the base an image of a tree trunk. A rainbow of sparkling artificial crystals is set into the base of the pendant, which is engraved with the message «Life is Beautiful».

The Tree of Unity Murano glass charm with rainbow colors and a symbol of strength and unity will be a wonderful reminder of everything we have learned during the pandemic.


Charming chick (790769C01)

Inspired by the new spring life, this pendant is handcrafted from sterling silver and features two round brilliant-cut artificial blue crystal eyes. Raised and textured feathers create a fluffy look on its small, rounded body, perched on tiny paws.


Charm Shiny Cute Panda (790771C01)

Inspired by the beloved giant panda, this pendant is a wonderful symbol of strength and wisdom. Glossy black enamel is applied to its body, ears, eyes and nose, while clear cubic zirconia stones adorn its oversized head. My favorite details are his cute chiseled paws and tiny ponytail!


Clip with Pink Pansy (790772C01)

Add some color to your bracelets with this clip. Each clip is adorned with hand-painted pansies on both sides. An artificial orange crystal sparkles like the sweetest pollen from the center of a pink enamel flower. Since pansies are a symbol of love in many ways, this clip will be a wonderful reminder of all the loved ones in your life. This clip does not have an internal silicone tab and will slide freely on the bracelet if it is not secured to the threads or between the stoppers.


Charm Pink Pansy Flower (790777C01)

The Pink Pansies Charm is adorned with sparkling clear cubic zirkonia and beautifully hand painted enamel making each pendant completely unique. A stunning symbol of love in its many forms, pansies are adorned with sparkling faux orange crystals on each side.


Charm Blue Pansy (790777C02)

The pretty pansy charm is also available in beautiful blue enamel to match the sparkling blue butterfly pendant. Clear cubic zirconia stones sparkle around the edge of the pendant, while faux orange crystals sit in the center of the flower.


Letter Pendant with Pansies (790787C01)

Send a sweet-smelling letter with a cute pansy envelope pendant! This sterling silver letter is filled with multicolored pansies hand painted in pink and blue enamel. The front of the envelope has a tiny postage stamp, franking lines, and a «From Me to You» address. Embossed hearts form a line around a thin bow.


Pendant drop of Lake Baikal (790760C01)

Inspired by the world’s largest freshwater lake, the charm captures the essence of this natural wonder in a single blue drop. On one side of the pendant, with a shimmering blue enamel finish, the inscription «Pure Depth» is hand engraved, and on the shackle is the name of Lake Baikal. Wear it as a symbolic reminder of the calming power of water or as a souvenir from Lake Baikal.


Pendant Spanish slipper, guitar and fan (760765C01)

Dance with the spirit of Spain, symbolized in the new Spanish flamenco with guitar pendant, shoes and fan! Inspired by Spain’s famous musical heritage, this ornate charm features three elements dangling from a silver ring; a beautiful lace fan adorned with enamel, a sturdy flamenco shoe hand-painted in translucent red enamel, and a small guitar plated in 14 carat gold. The silver bow is also engraved with the word «❤ SPAIN», making it a charming souvenir.


Suspension Pink Scooter (791057C01)

Travel in style with Pink Scooter Pendant! This fun silver scooter is hand painted in beautiful pink enamel with white flames on the sides. Carved hearts adorn the wheels, while a sparkling stone serves as a headlight. A matching pink Pandora-monogrammed helmet sits atop the seat, ready to wear.


Pendant Canadian Goose (791054C01)

Always stay on course with this beautiful pendant! This beautiful bird, hand-finished in natural black and brown enamel, is proud of its lineage and features a Canadian red maple leaf on its chest. A wonderful amulet for a bracelet if you like traveling or a souvenir option from Canada.


Pendant balloon «Happy Birthday» (791501C01)

Cheer up with a Happy Birthday balloon charm! The balloon is a large heart-shaped balloon that is hand painted with pastel pink, lilac and green enamel. A small silver bundle hangs at the bottom, and the message «Happy Birthday» is engraved on the front of the pendant.


Charm Dark Purple Pansy Rose (780777C01)

Create a glamorous spring look with this charm. The charm is plated in 14k rose gold and adorned with sparkling clear cubic zirkonia, each flower is hand-painted in enamel making each flower completely unique. I love the combination of dark purple and rose gold.


Dark Purple Rose Pansy Pendant (780776C01)

Create an eye-catching look this spring with the Pansy Flower Pendant. 14k rose gold plated pendant with three petals hand-painted in deep purple enamel and two large petals covered in sparkling pavé. Sparkling clear cubic zirconia sits at the center of the pendant, while the back of the pendant is embellished with curly leaves.


Pendant Cherry Blossom Rose (780667C01)

Cherry blossom is my favorite flower and I love its exquisite beauty. The pendant is perfect for celebrating the first days of spring. Plated in 14k rose gold, the flower is hand-painted in pink and white enamel with a delicate domed center. Cut-out petals add texture to the back of the flower, and there is a tiny heart in the middle. Sparkling pink cubic zirconia stones adorn the temple.


Blue pansy flower pendant necklace (390770C01)

Complete your spring style with this blue pansy flower pendant necklace. Each pansy pendant is completely unique and features hand-painted blue and white enamel petals. The two petals are adorned with fairly clear cubic zirconia stones, with a larger stone set in the center. Textured leaves adorn the back of the flower, and tiny pansies dangle from the necklace’s chain clasp.


Rose Link Chain Necklace (389410C00)

This necklace will be a classic addition to your jewelry collection. Beautifully plated in 14K rose gold, this necklace can be worn alone with simple earrings or with small, medium or large Pandora O pendants. Pair this necklace with necklaces in different finishes and lengths for a layered look.


Rollo chain necklace (369260C00)

Wear your favorite Pandora charms with the new hand-finished 14k gold-plated Rollo chain necklace. This simple necklace can be adjusted to three different lengths and can be worn with small to medium Pandora O pendants.


Ring with three pansies (190786C01)

Make the beauty of spring eternal with this silver ring. Three pansies sit in a row along a polished silver ribbon. Each flower is adorned with sparkling brilliant-cut cubic zirconia that mimics the dance of sunlight on the petals.


Dark Purple Rose Pansy Ring (180764C01)

The Deep Purple 14K Rose Gold Plated Pansy Ring with Purple Enamel looks stunning! A large pansy flower sits at the center of a polished ribbon embellished with two sparkling pavé petals and three petals hand-painted in rich dark purple enamel, making each flower completely unique. The ring has an organic band that mimics a real stem and symbolizes the freedom of spring.


Hoop earrings with blue butterflies (290778C01)

Add a touch of freedom to your look with these hoop earrings. Dangling from each sterling silver band is a tiny butterfly with hand-painted enamel wings and sparkling clear round cubic zirconia stones. Butterflies dangle at an angle, as if in flight, and raised tendrils add to the realism.


Hoop earrings blue pansy (290775C01)

Create a fresh spring look with these hoop earrings. These hoop earrings are set with a row of clear cubic zirconia stones for a sparkling finish. At the top of each hoop are beautiful pansies, decorated with hand-painted blue and white enamel and embellished with pavé.


Deep Purple Rose Pansy Stud Earrings (280781C01)

Create a bold spring look with gorgeous stud earrings! Each flower is plated in 14k rose gold and adorned with two sparkling pavé petals and three petals hand-painted in rich purple enamel. One clear cubic zirconia sparkles at the center of each flower.


Vibrant Enamel Pavé Double Link Pandora ME (791444C01)

Bring fresh spring style to your Pandora ME jewelry with this vibrant double link. One link is covered with green, turquoise and blue enamel, while the other is decorated with green stones on one side and blue stones on the other.


Word Link Ver Pandora ME (Limited Edition) (790767C01)

Focus on the positive with the new Pandora ME link. This sterling silver link is encrusted with sparkling purple pavé and features the handwritten word «believe» as a daily reminder of hope and perseverance. Attach this word link between the styling connectors on your bracelets, necklaces.


Link Burning Fire Pandora ME Rose (781472C01)

Hand-plated in 14k rose gold, this double link is adorned with a flame line in a mixture of red, yellow and orange enamel. Add Pandora ME jewelry for an eye-catching look!


Word Link Power Pandora ME Rose (Limited Edition) (780766C01)

Carry your confidence with you wherever you go with our Pandora ME link. Plated in polished 14K rose gold, this link features the handwritten word «strength» as a daily reminder of positivity, fearlessness and courage. Add this word to the connecting elements on bracelets, necklaces.


Disney Castle and Wishing Star Stud Earrings (290455C01)

These stud earrings celebrate the iconic castle and magical wishing star beloved by Disney fans the world over. Handcrafted in sterling silver, the castle towers over a sparkling pink cubic zirconia star like a fairy tale.


Necklace Disney Castle and Wishing Star (390308C01)

The necklace celebrates the iconic castle and the magical wishing star beloved by Disney fans the world over. Handcrafted in sterling silver, the castle towers over a sparkling pink cubic zirconia star like a fairy tale. Add it to your collection and decorate it with matching stud earrings for a little bit of magic every day.


Disneyland Castle Pendant (790457C01)

Make a wish! The Disneyland Castle sterling silver pendant is dedicated to the legendary castle loved by Disney fans. Let this cute charm take you to the castle doors, where you can marvel at the pink and blue enamel and sparkling cubic zirkonia on the fabulous spiers. Add it to your collection to experience the magic of Disneyland resorts every day.


The Pandora Spring 2022 Collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, February 17, 2022, both in stores and online.

Spring is usually my favorite of the Pandora collections and this is a really beautiful collection that does not disappoint. I love the butterfly theme and the new pansy motif, especially in the dark purple with 14k rose gold plating. My favorite pieces of jewelry are the Lovely Curled Caterpillar Pendant, the Deep Purple Pansy Flower Pendant and the Cherry Blossom Pendant.

What do you think of the Pandora Spring 2022 collection? What is on your wish list? Share your thoughts in our Telegram group.