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The new Pandora Spring 2021 collection is a wonderful combination of nature-inspired and themed charms. The most interesting is the new collection of two-tone jewelry with 14k gold details! Classic Pandora items such as the Frog Prince and Swan Embrace charms have also been redesigned. Get ready to be enchanted…


The Pandora Garden Spring 2021 Collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, March 4, 2021 and will be available on our Pandora online store


Pandora Spring 2021 Collection: Bracelets


Pandora Icons Moments Multi-Snake Chain Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Triple Moments Bracelet (599338C00)

The Pandora Moments Snake chain bracelet takes beauty to the next level with lots of chains! Three thin serpentine chains are held together by a ball-shaped clasp engraved with the Pandora logo and monogram. Use regular Moments charms the same way you would a classic Pandora Moments bracelet.


14k Gold Moments Bracelet (599347C00)

The two-tone Pandora Moments Snake chain bracelet is back again with a modern barrel-shaped clasp. Unlike the silver chain, the 14k gold clasp is engraved on both sides with the Pandora logo. A wonderful bracelet with both gold and two-color themes.


Triple Moments Bracelet in Pandora Rose (589338C00)

The new Pandora Moments Multi-Snake Chain Bracelet is also available in a beautiful Pandora Rose finish.


Pandora Spring 2021 Collection: Charms


Pandora Charm Pendant Moments «Artist’s Palette» (799320C01)

Celebrate your creative side with the cute Artists Palette charm! Two brushes are suspended in the center of the palette, and a tiny heart is embossed on the bale. Green, blue, pink, red and yellow stones serve as paint on various forms.


Pandora Pendant Daughter-in-Law and Mother-in-Law (799321C01)

Share the love with the sister-in-law and mother-in-law double pendant. The multi-dimensional heart charm splits in half, providing one piece of jewelry for gifting and another for keeping. Each of the hearts is engraved with the message «Happy I have you». Inside — mother-of-pearl enamel and embossed inscriptions «Daughter-in-law» and «Mother-in-law». Each bale is decorated with a row of tiny hearts.


Pandora Charm pendant Moments «Sincere congratulations» (799323C01)

Show your loved one how proud you are with a sweet Heart & Stars Dangle. Bright cubic zirconia stars adorn the bale, and an anther star is carved from a heart-shaped pendant. The front side is engraved with the words «You did it» and the reverse side is inscribed «The sky is your limit».


Charm pendant Moments «Sweet home» (799324C01)

This love-filled amulet perfectly illustrates the phrase «Home is where the heart is» engraved on the front. Tiny hearts adorn the bale, and the amulet itself is shaped like a heart. In one corner stands a small house adorned with a glowing red stone, while the other heart hovers above the house on the back of the amulet.


Charm Moments Graduate 2021 (799325C00)

Celebrate successful studies with graduation charm! The hat and rose are placed on two books, and the annual date «2021» is engraved on the spine. for graduates of 2021 — all doors are open to yesterday’s schoolchildren and students.


Charm pendant Moments «Japanese sakura» (799326C01)

Three beautiful elements hang from a thin bale with transparent cubic zirconia stones; Decorative fan with tiny flowers, cherry blossom and Japanese Omamori amulet. This handmade pendant is decorated with delicate pink, yellow and purple enamel details.


Charm pendant Moments «My favorite dog» (799327C01)

Keep your furry friend with you with this fun hanging charm! The double droop resembles a dog’s head with fluttering ears, as well as the torso and tail. Inside. Shimmering mother-of-pearl enamel surrounds the silver words «My Best Friend» and the bale is embossed with two paw prints.

I really like the idea behind this charm and wonder if it can be personalized by attaching a picture of a pet face to the back of the front charm.


Charm pendant Moments «My favorite cat» (799329C01)

The My Pet Cat Dangles match the design of the dog version. In front hangs the head of a cat with ears and whiskers. The body and tail of the cat sway behind. The inner part is decorated with pearl enamel around the perimeter of the inscription «My best friend» on the enamel surface. The last details of the bale are decorated with two small paw prints!

Again, as with the My Pet Dog Dangle pendant, I really like the idea behind this charm and I think it can be easily personalized by adding the owner’s pet picture to the back of the front pendant.



Charm Moments «Love Car» (799330C01)

Get electrified with this eco-friendly charm! This fun charm is full of realistic details, including a spare tire, side mirrors, hood and headlights. The battery badge and «1♥︎♥︎%» mark are applied under the suspension to indicate it is 100% electric. The Pandora monogram is featured on the front license plate, while the back features «L❤️VE» written in red and black enamel.


Charm Moments «Theatrical mask» (799331C01)

Show off your love for the theater with the detailed Comedy and Tragedy Mask Charm. A theatrical mask adorns each side of the amulet. One has smiling eyes, rosy enamel cheeks and a laughing mouth to represent comedy, while the other has weeping eyes, a blue enamel tear and a downturned mouth to illustrate tragedy. Volumetric tassels and ruffles create texture on both sides of the charm, featuring subtle sparkling stones.


Charm pendant Moments «Rainbow» (799351C01)

The new Pandora Colorful Rainbow charms last year were a cheerful symbol of hope. Pale pink, blue, yellow, orange and purple enamel form a rainbow with a bright silver star at the bottom. Cubic zirconia and matching color crystals add sparkle to the charm. The bale is adorned with a line of tiny stars.


Charm pendant Moments «Firefly» (glows in the dark) (799352C01)

Light up your style with a fun firefly charm. The cute little beetle has silver lacewings and a tiny heart in the center, but the highlight is its glow in the dark glass case. When charging with both solar and artificial light, the glass is white during the day and greenish at night. The small silver plate is engraved with the cute message «You light up my life» on one side and the Pandora logo and monogram on the back.


Bruno Rainbow Unicorn Moments Charm (799353C01)

Pandora’s friend, Bruno the Unicorn, is dipped in color! The rainbow effect is created by manually applying transparent pink, blue, lavender, lilac and green enamel to the keychain. Another part of Bruno’s impressive transformation is the tiny pair of wings on his back.


Charm-pendant Moments «Faith. Hope. Love» (799354C01)

Three elements of tricolor metal hang from a bale of silver. Sparkling silver heart with cubic zirkonia, Pandora Rose beaded anchor and 14K Pandora Shine gold cross. On the side of the bale is a heart.


Pandora Charm Pendant Moments «Garden Watering Can» (799359C01)

The watering can and spatula are ideal for gardeners and nature lovers. A silver watering can and trowel hang from a thick silver bale. Flowers adorn the spatula and bale, and the watering can is engraved with the inscription: «Let life bloom in full bloom.» A bright yellow crystal is fixed on the bale, and transparent stones are mounted on the shoulder blade.


Charm pendant Moments «My favorite» (799360C00)

Pay tribute to your beloved pet with the new Hearts Paw Print Dangle. Two pendants hang from the bale; an open paw print with a heart-shaped pad and a heart-shaped plate engraved with «A paw print in my heart». On the side of the bale are two pretty paw prints.



Pandora Garden Purple Daisy Moments Pendant Charm (798771C01)

The Pandora Rose Pink Daisy Flower charm from Pandora Spring 2020 Collection is now available in silver and purple colorways. The hand-painted enamel transitions from a white center to petals of lavender and purple. A transparent cubic zirconia sparkles in the center of the flower, the bale is decorated with silver beads.


Moments Purple Daisies Charm (798772C02)

The openwork White Daisy Flower Charm from Pandora Spring 2020 Collection is now available in pretty purple. Hand-painted lavender, lilac and pink enamel adorns the flowers, while tiny ladybugs and bees are scattered throughout the openwork charm.


Moments Purple Daisy Charm (798775C02)

The Pandora Spring 2020 Collection Daisy Charm is now available in a beautiful purple shade. Hand-painted enamel adorns the petals with a stunning ombre effect, changing color from white to lavender and purple. In the center of the flower on both sides there is a transparent cubic zirconia.


Clip Moments «Flower pattern» (799316C00)

This beautiful clip is adorned with an intricate pattern of interlaced flowers. The oxidized lines create a lovely textured background and vintage style. The silver clip has an attractive design that will suit many themes.


Clip Moments «Pink Daisies» in Pandora Rose (788809C01)

Similar to the Pink Peach Blossom flower clip, the new Pink Daisy Spacer clip features pink flowers interspersed with vibrant cubic zirkonia. Each daisy is hand painted with white enamel that fades to crimson red. The Pandora Rose has a silicone grip center that does not fit on the thread of the bracelet, but can be attached anywhere on the bracelet. A series of flower charms is very popular in spring and summer collections.



Moments Charm «Swans» in 925 sterling silver and 14k gold (799315C00)

The highlight of the Pandora Spring 2021 Collection are re-imagined versions of the classic two-tone Pandora keyrings with 14k gold details. The new Sawn Heart charm is based on the retired two-tone Swan Embrace (791189). As in the original, the two swans wear 14k gold crowns and curve together in a heart shape. However, the new version of this amulet is more elongated. Another additional detail is the 14 gold «G585» Pandora hallmark embossed on the oblong gold mold at the base of the pendant.


Wedding rings Pandora «Engagement» (799319C01)

The new Wedding Ring Charms are influenced by both the legacy Wedding Ring Charms (790999D) and the Diamond Ring and Pillow Charms (790549D). Two wedding rings dangle from a 14k gold heart paired with a thick silver bale. One ring features a sparkling stone set on a 14k gold clasp. Both rings are engraved with the inscriptions «You and I» and «Forever and always». A small heart is embossed on the front side of the bale. Wedding charms Pandora.


Charm pendant Moments «Happy Anniversary» (799322C01)

Celebrate a special anniversary with this sparkling two tone dangle pendant. The design echoes the champagne glass charm (791150), but the new Happy Anniversary Dangles feature beautiful two-tone details. A romantic motif of 14k gold champagne glasses and a tiny heart at the center of the sparkling frame. Hanging from the back is a heart-shaped silver plate with «Happy Anniversary» written on it. A thin bale is decorated with transparent cubic zirconias.


Charm pendant Moments «Happy birthday» (799328C00)

Two elements hang from a silver heart-embossed bale. One is a 3D candle glowing with 14K gold flame, and the other is a round disc engraved with the words «Make a Wish ♡» — everything will come true!


Charm-pendant Moments «Fairy tale castle» from silver 925 and gold 585 (799337C00)

The new Castle Dangle is similar to the outdated Pandora Castle & Crown charm (791133PCZ). Both amulets depict a charming castle with romantic towers. The differences are the 14k gold Pandora monogram on the front of the lock, while the old version has a 14k gold crown under the chamfer. In addition, the new charm is a pendant with the message «Life is a fairy tale» engraved on the bottom.


Moments Crown Charm in 925 sterling silver and 14k gold (799340C00)

Pandora has made quite a few variations of the crown over the years. The new Regal Crown charm is a blend of the discontinued 14k gold and diamond Majestic Crown (750453D) and Regal Crown silver charm (790930) . The two panels on the crown are made of 14 carat gold and decorated with ornaments. Silver beads glitter on the oxidized edges and a 14k gold flower tops the design!


Moments Frog Prince Charm in 925 sterling silver and 14k gold (799342C00)

Updated the discontinued Frog Prince charm (791118). Like the original version, the new Frog Prince amulet features a small 14K gold crown on its head. The smiling silver frog has bigger eyes than the original charm and a smooth back. Kiss the frog and find your prince!



Country Exclusive Pandora Openwork Charm London (799382C01)

London’s new exclusive charm fit for a queen! Buckingham Palace is depicted on both sides of the charm with an arch of sparkling clear stones at the top. Other details include tiny cut out hearts and the word «LONDON» engraved on the side.


Exclusive Pandora Charm Chinese Opera (799387C01)

Show your love for Chinese culture with this adorable charm. The girl is dressed in a traditional outfit with bright red enamel on the dress and sparkling blue, red and transparent stones in the headdress. Pink and white enamel adorn the performer’s face, and a single gem is inserted into the bale.


Exclusive Pandora Charm French Rooster (799388C01)

The French cockerel is pacing and shaking its tail feathers. A young cockerel wears a beret with hand-painted details in red, white and blue, the colors of the French flag.


Pandora Heart Pretzel Pendant (799393C00)

The disused Pretzel Dangle (791218) has been lovingly transformed into a Pretzel Heart charm! A heart-shaped savory snack dangles from a simple bale with striped details. Sterling silver beads adorn the front of the pendant, while the Pandora logo is stamped on the back.


Charm Canadian beaver Pandora (799394C01)

Symbol of Canada, the North American beaver sits clutching a large maple leaf painted in translucent red enamel. The beaver’s tail is shaped like a shoulder blade with engraved lines, and its two teeth protrude from the front.


Exclusive Pendant Durian King of Fruits (769391C00)

Pendant pendant consists of two halves of durian. The yellow flesh of the fruit pairs beautifully with the 18k gold-plated Pandora Shine finish, while the silver-beaded texture on the outside illustrates the prickly skin. The bale of charms is engraved with the fruit nickname «KING OF FRUIT». Apparently, durian has a strange flavor that is a combination of savory, sweet, and creamy. However, it is particularly noted for its scent, which, according to writer Richard Sterling, «is best described as onion turpentine garnished with a sports sock.»

Pandora x UNICEF 2021


Pandora x UNICEF Pendant Blue Dreamcatcher (799341C01)

Show your support for Pandora x UNICEF with a new blue version of the legendary Dreamcatcher mascot. The dreamcatchers’ feathers are covered in translucent blue enamel, and a matching azure blue stone sparkles at the center of the charm. «Believe in the power of your dreams» is engraved on the top of the amulet.


Pandora Spring 2021 Collection: Reflexions


Reflexions bracelet in Pandora Rose with long pavé lock (589358C01)

Add some sparkle to your style with the latest Rose Series Reflexions Bracelet. Glittering stones are arranged in oblique rows on the front of the clasp, while the Pandora logo is engraved on the back.


Clip Reflexions «Blue Heart» (799346C01)

Add sparkle to your Reflexions bracelet with the Blue Pavé Heart Clip. The silver heart is adorned with 38 shimmering crystals of different shades of blue placed diagonally. The carved heart on the back of the clasp lets the texture of the bracelet show through. The Pandora logo is engraved on the side of the clip.


Clip Pandora Reflexions Pink Pavé (799362C01)

A sparkling Reflexions clip with light pink cubic zirconia and raspberry pink crystals. The back is embellished with the Pandora logo and monogram.


Pandora Garden Spring 2021 Collection: Disney


Bracelet Pandora Moments Disney «Alice in Wonderland» (599343C00)

Step into wonderland with the Disney x Pandora Cheshire Cat bracelet featuring the Cheshire Cat face clasp, known for its mischievous smile. The cat’s tail curls up on the back of the clasp, and Alice’s phrase «Curious and Curious» is engraved on the sleek bracelet.


Pandora Disney Parks Mickey Adjustable Clasp Bracelet (589357C01)

The Pandora Rose Sliding Clasp Bracelet has a magical Disney twist! Instead of the usual ball clasp, the bracelet has a Mickey-shaped clasp. Emerald green, purple and turquoise stones surround the iconic Disney Park castle embossed on the clasp. Two more transparent stones are inserted into the ends of the bracelet threads.


Pandora Disney Mickey Prom Hat Charm (799313C01)

Celebrate a successful graduation with the fun Mickey Graduation Cap Dangle! The traditional graduate hat in a fun Disney style is adorned with Mickey ears on the sides. The charm is decorated with dark blue and black enamel, and transparent cubic zirconias are inserted into the bale.


Pandora Disney Parks Mickey Dumbo Ride Pendant (799318C01)

Mickey waves, enjoys a ride on Dumbo’s Flying Elephant. Dumbo’s hat and blanket are hand-painted with blue and mustard enamel. Color-matched stripes adorn the bale.


Disney x Pandora, Alice in Wonderland Magic Drink (799334C01)

Alice shrunk until she was small enough to fit in a drink bottle! A special translucent enamel gives the optical illusion of glass, so that Alice’s apron and dress are clearly visible. Tag engraved with «Always» — «Always» on one side and «Curious» — «Curious» on the other. Inspiration: the scene where Alice shrunk and floated through the door in a glass bottle; she looks at the world with open eyes with curiosity.


Pendant «Alice in Wonderland. Doorknob» (799344C00)

Open the door to Wonderland and start your adventure with this fun key pendant! Beautiful details adorn the pendant, recreating the memorable scene of Alice talking to the enchanted doorknob. Two elements hang from a single bale; an ornate key and a three-dimensional doorknob with a whimsical face. The back is engraved with the message «A New Adventure».


Disney x Pandora Alice in Wonderland Crazy Tea Party (799345C01)

Alice is just in time for tea! Join the party and enjoy a cup of tea from a beautiful blue enameled teapot. A puppy with a brown enamel nose peeks out of the teapot, and a dainty pocket watch dangles from a chain. Pay attention, it’s 5 o’clock, it’s almost time for tea!


Disney x Pandora Alice in Wonderland The Mad Hatter (799348C01)

The Mad Hatter tea party charm is full of amazing details! A shriveled Alice in a blue enamel dress stands at the brim of her hat, looking over a tiny butterfly. Hand painted roses in yellow, pink and red enamel are tucked into the side of the hat, along with a playing card and a 10/6 hat price tag. The famous phrase from Alice in Wonderland: «We’re all crazy here» is engraved on the side of the amulet.


Disney x Pandora Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat & Absol the Caterpillar (799361C00)

This charm is beautifully detailed and filled with characters from Alice in Wonderland. On one side is a smiling Cheshire cat perched on a tree framed by windy vines. On the other side of the charm, Alice is depicted standing among the mushrooms next to the caterpillar Absol. The message «Nothing is impossible» is engraved on the top of the amulet.



Pandora Flower Pattern Necklace (399339C01)

This charming necklace features a large silver key pendant with a 14k gold flower in the center. The Pandora branding in 14k gold «G585» is engraved on the gold oblong on the back of the pendant.


Pandora Garden Spring 2021 collection: earrings


Pandora Stud Earrings Floral Pattern (299349C00)

These delicate flower-inspired stud earrings are crafted in an Art Deco style. Four silver petals connect with each other to form a flower, while smaller 14-karat gold petals shine in the center.


The Pandora Garden Spring 2021 collection will be released worldwide on Thursday, March 4, 2021 and will be available in our online store

I love the Pandora Garden Spring 2021 collection! Obviously, Pandora and its designers are listening to fan feedback and I’m glad to see so many two tone designs. There really is something for everyone in this new collection, from the funky Bruno’s Colorful Rainbow Charm to the elegant Flower Earrings.

My favorites from the collection include the new Multi-Snake chain bracelet, silver, and Pandora Rose clips, and an electric car. Of these two pieces, my must haves are the Frog Prince and Swan Heart amulets, plus I was really seduced by the flower stud earrings.

I have always loved Alice in Wonderland and am in awe of the fantastic new pendants and bracelet! A bracelet with a Cheshire cat clasp, a teapot, a hat and an openwork charm are all on my wish list.