magnificent bloom, luminous bugs and multicolored friends welcome You in magical garden Pandora!

New collection Pandora to spring 2021 of the year represents yourself miraculous combination thematic shame and inspired nature shame. Most interestingnew compilation bicolor jewelry with details from 14-karatnogo gold! Cult decorations Pandora, such how charm Princefrog and Embrace swans, also represented in updated design. Get ready to be enchanted.


Pandora Moments bracelet with several chains from Pandora Icons Series


Pandora Moments bracelet with several chains from series Pandora Icons — this is new level beauty! Three thin chains fastened together clasp in form event, on which engraved logo Pandora, a also monogram. style his, how and classical bracelet, acquaintances shame from series Pandora Moments.

Two tone chain bracelet from Pandora Icons Series


Classical bicolor braceletchain again returns in option with contemporary clasp in form cylinder. From silver chains he is different topics, what on clasp from 14-karatnogo gold with both parties engraved logo Pandora. He will be wonderful look stylized how golden, So and bicolor shame

Pandora Moments bracelet with several chains from Pandora Icons series Pandora Rose trim


New braceletchain Pandora Moments with several chains also available in beautiful Pandora Rose finish.


Charm pendant «Palette artist» from Pandora Passions series

underline my creative side with help this cute charm Palette artist! AT center palettes placed two brushes, a on long ones embossed tiny heart. Greens, blue, pink, red and yellow stones in recesses different forms portray paint.

Detachable charm pendant «Daughter-in-law and mother-in-law» from Pandora People series


Share love with help detachable charmpendants daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. three dimensional charm in form hearts is divided on two halves: one part preserved, a another can give. On everyone from hearts engraved inscription Lucky to have you» («I happy, what you in me there is«) . Insidemother-of-pearl enamel and embossed inscriptions daughter-in-law and mother in law. Each bracket decorated beside tiny hearts.

Charm pendant «Congratulations» in form hearts from Pandora Passions series


Show beloved man, how you be proud im, with help cute charmpendants Congratulations. Bright asterisks with stones from zirconium adorn doggy, a more one star cut out in suspension in form hearts. On facial side engraved words You did it (You did this is), a on reverse side inscription The sky is the limit (Even skynot limit”).

Charm pendant «I love my house» in form hearts from Pandora People series


This filled hearts charm wonderful illustrates phrase House there, where heart, engraved on facial side. Tiny hearts adorn doggy charm in form hearts. AT corner placed small house, decorated shining red stone, a on reverse side over home soars yet one heart.

Charm “Graduate 2021” from Pandora Passions series


Check successful completion study with help charm Graduate 2021! Graduation hat and rose lie on two books, on spine one from which applied engraving “2021”.

Charm pendant “Japanese sakura, amulet omamori and fan»


Three interesting element hang down with thin brackets, decorated transparent stones from zirconium: Japanese fan with tiny flowers, flower sakura and Japanese amulet omamori. Details pendants manually painted gentlepink, yellow and purple enamel.

Charm pendant «My Darling dog» from Pandora Passions series


Not break up with their fluffy to another with help such funny charm! This double suspension consists from several elements: head dogs with hanging down ears, torso dogs and tail. Inside flickering mother-of-pearl enamel surrounds written silver words My best friend (My best another), a on long ones knocked out prints two lap.

Nam very Like an idea this wariness, and we wondering question, can li do his more individual, attachable image faces our domestic animals to front suspension.

Charm pendant «My Darling cat» from Pandora Passions series


Charm-suspension My Darling cat is couple suspension My Darling dog. front it hangs down neb cats with ears and mustache. Behindtorso and tail cats. In internal parts charm flickering mother-of-pearl enamel surrounds written silver words My best friend (My best another), a on long ones knocked out tiny prints two lap.

Again same, how and in case with pendant My Darling dog, us very Like an idea this charm, and we think, what his can light personalize, adding image homemade animal owner on reverse side front pendants.

Charm “Electric car” from Pandora Places series


Navigate on electric vehicles with help such ecological charm! This funny charm captivity realistic details, including spare wheel, lateral mirrors, hood and lights. Bottom on suspension applied icon battery and mark 1 ︎%”, denoting, what automobile on 100% electric. Monogram Pandora placed on front license plate signs, a on rearinscription L️VE” (“Love), performed red and black enamel.

Charm «Masks comedy and tragedy» from Pandora Passions series


Demonstrate my love to theater with help executed details charm Masks comedy and tragedy. Theatrical a mask decorates every side charm. On masks, personifying comedysmiling eyes, pink enamel cheeks and laughing mouth. U another, depicting tragedycrying eyes, a tear from blue enamel and mouth with lowered way down corners. texture charm created voluminous ruffles and ropes with brushes, inlaid sparkling stones.

Charm pendant “Colorful rainbow» from Pandora Passions series


New charmsuspension colorful the rainbowthis is glad symbol hope in flow of the past of the year. Gentlepink, blue, yellow, orange and purple enamel form rainbow with bright silver star at the bottom. stones from zirconium and crystals relevant colors add charm a spark. Dugku decorates line tiny stars.

Charm “Firefly, which glows in darkness» from Pandora Passions series


The lights own style with help this funny charmfirefly. U cute small thin silver mesh wings and tiny heart in center, but highlight charm is body firefly, completed from glass, which glows in darkness. That charging how from sunny, So and from artificial the world: glass white afternoon and greenish at night. On small silver disk engraved cute message You light up my life(You you illuminate mine life) on one side, a logo and monogram Pandora on reverse side.

Charm “Rainbow” unicorn» from Pandora Friends series


Another pandora, Unicorn Bruno, plunged in color! Rainbow finishing created via drawing manually on charm transparent pink, blue, lavender, cheesy and green enamel. More one impressive elementpair tiny wings in Bruno on back.

Tricolor charm pendant “Cross, heart and anchor» from Pandora Passions series


Three element from metal miscellaneous colors hang down with silver brackets. sparkling silver heart with stones from zirconium, anchor with beads in finishing Pandora Rose and cross from 14-karatnogo gold Pandora Shine. On side brackets embossed heart.

Charm pendant «Leika and shoulder blade» from Pandora Passions series


Charm-suspension A watering can and spatula perfect fits for gardeners and lovers nature. Silver watering can and spatula descend with massive silver brackets. Flowers adorn shoulder blade and doggy, a on watering can engraved inscription Live life in full bloom (Living life in complete bloom). brightlyyellow crystal inlaid in doggy, a in shoulder bladetransparent stones from zirconium.

Charm pendant «Heart and paw» from Pandora Passions series


Give it away tribute respect his beloved pet with help new pendants Heart and paw. S brackets hang down two pendants: frame in form imprint quotes in form hearts and disc in form hearts with engraved inscription «Paw prints on my heart» («Traces from paws on my heart«). On long ones decorations placed cute traces from two paws with each sides.

Charm pendant “Purple chamomile» from Pandora Garden Series


Charm-suspension Pink chamomile in finishing Pandora Rose from collections Pandora Vesna 2020 now available in silver option and purple a flower. inflicted manually enamel passes from white center flower to lavender and purple petals. AT center flower sparkles transparent cubic zirconium, a bracket decorated silver beads.

openwork charm “Purple chamomile» from Pandora Garden Series


Openwork charm White chamomile from collections Pandora Vesna 2020 now available in charming purple versions. Flowers painted manually lavender, cheesy and pink enamel, a by openwork charm scattered tiny God’s cows and bees.

Charm “Purple chamomile» from Pandora Garden Series


Charm blue chamomile from collections Pandora Vesna 2020 now available in beautiful purple shade. petals painted manually enamel, color which is changing from white to palepurple and purple, thanks to why created stunning Effect ombre. AT center flower with both parties inlaid transparent stone from cubic zirconium.

Charm clip with floral ornament


This graceful the clip decorated filigree pattern from intertwined colors. lines from oxidized silver create beautiful textured background and vintage style. U this silver clips attractive design, relevant for different cases.

Separator charm “Pink chamomile»


Similar clips «Flowering peach«, new charmseparator Pink chamomile represents yourself pink flowers, alternating with bright stones from cubic zirconium. Each chamomile manually announced white enamel, passing gradient in raspberryred. The clip in finishing Pandora Rose It has silicone insert, thanks to why her can reliably fix in necessary to you place on braceletschain, but not on braceletsthread.

Charm “Swans” and heart» from Pandora Passions series


special pride collections Pandora Vesna 2021 are updated versions classical bicolor shame Pandora with details from 14-karatnogo gold. New charm Swans and heart established on filmed with production bicolor charm Embrace swans (791189). How and in original, two swan intertwined in form hearts, a a lot heads crowned crowns from 14-karatnogo gold. However new version charm more elongated. More one additional detailthis is stigma Pandora from 14-karatnogo gold, G585, embossed on gold ovals in grounds pendants.

Charm pendant “Wedding rings» from Pandora People series


New suspension Wedding rings inspired obsolete version wedding rings (79,999D), a also charm diamond ring and pillow (790549D). Two wedding rings hang down with hearts from 14-karatnogo gold, connecting with massive silver shackle. One ring inlaid sparkling stone, fixed on clasp from 14-karatnogo gold. Inside both rings engraved inscriptions You and I (You and I) and Forever and always (Forever and ever). Tiny heart embossed on facial side brackets

Charm pendant «S anniversary” from Pandora People series


Check special anniversary with help this sparkling bicolor charmpendants. His design echoes with by design filmed with production charm Glasses champagne (791150), but new suspension S anniversary added beautiful bicolor details. Romantic motive glasses champagne from gold 585 samples and tiny hearts in center brilliant frames. Behind it hangs down silver disc in form hearts with inscription “Happy Anniversary” (“S anniversary). Thin bracket inlaid transparent stones from zirconium.

Charm pendant «Candle with a cake who afternoon birth” from Pandora People series


S silver brackets with embossed in form hearts hang down two element: three-dimensional candle with flame from 14-karatnogo gold and round disc with engraved inscription (“Make a Wish ) Order it desire. oxidized heart decorates reverse side.

Charm pendant «Castle» from Pandora Passions series


New charmsuspension Castle similar on outdated charm Castle and crown (791133PCZ). On both shame pictured charming Castle with romantic towers. difference are in volume, what on new versions there is monogram Pandora from 14-karatnogo gold on front parts of the castle, then how in old under amulet pictured golden crown from 14-karatnogo gold. Except that, new charm represents yourself suspension, on bottom parts which engraved message Life is a fairy tale (Lifethis is story”).

Charm “Royal” crown» from Pandora Passions series


On throughout many years Pandora created multitude variations crowns. New charm Royal crown represents yourself combination filmed with production charm from 14-karatnogo gold with diamonds Majestic crown (750453D) and silver charm Royal crown (790930). Two sides crowns made from 14-karatnogo gold and decorated ornament. Silver pearl shines on oxidized edges, a crowns charm flower from 14-karatnogo golden!

Charm “Frog Prince” from Pandora Passions series


Updated also charm Princefrog (791118). How and in original versions, in the new one it’s a shame Princefrog head frogs crowns small crown from 14-karatnogo gold. U smiling silver frogs eyes more, how in original it’s a shame, and smooth back. Then how in obsolete it’s a shame Princefrog on back frogs bicolor embossing.


openwork charm «London» from Country Exclusive series


New exclusive charm London perfect fit for queens! Buckingham palace captured by both parties pendantsbuttons, a over himarch from sparkling transparent stones. Among others detailstiny carved hearts and inscription LONDON (London), engraved on the side.

Charm pendant “Chinese opera» from Country Exclusive series


Demonstrate my love to Chinese culture with help this charming exclusive charm. Character dressed in traditional outfit: dress, painted brightlyred enamel, and head dress, inlaid sparkling blue, red and transparent stones in head clothes. Pinkwhite enamel scheduled face performer, a in doggy charm inserted one precious stone.

Charm “French rooster» from Country Exclusive series


French cockerel flaunts, pacing and shaking feathers on his tail. Young cockerel wears gives with painted manually details red, white and blue colors.

Charm pendant «Pretzel in form hearts» from Country Exclusive series


Filmed with production charmsuspension Pretzel (791218) was with love converted in charm Pretzel in form hearts! twisted in heart salty bun it hangs down with simple striped brackets.Silver pearl decorates anterior part pendants, a logo Pandora stamped on reverse side.

Charm “Canadian beaver» from Country Exclusive series


Symbol Canada, North American beaver sits, squeezing big, painted translucent red enamel, maple sheet. On paddle-like tail beaver engraved lines, a two his large teeth act front.

Charm pendant “Durian is king fruits” from Country Exclusive series


This charmsuspension consists from two halves durian. yellow pulp fruits wonderful pictured at help coatings Pandora Shine from 18-karatnogo gold, a silver pearl embodies prickly peel the fetus. On long ones charm engraved nickname durian KING OF FRUITS (KING FRUITS). Undoubtedly, in durian strange taste, which the represents yourself combination spicy, sweet and creamy. But he especially famous their smell, which the, by words writer Richard Sterling, better Total described how aroma of turpentine with onion, supplemented sports toe”.


Charm “Blue hunter dreams” from Pandora x UNICEF series


Support cooperation Pandora and Children’s Fund UN with help this is new blue version legendary charm Hunter dreams. Feathers hunter dreams covered translucent blue enamel, a corresponding colors azureblue stone sparkles in center charm. Believe in the power of your Dreams” (“Believe in strength their a dream) engraved above charm. Pandora will donate 15 euro from sales everyone charm, to help needy children in everyone the world.


Bracelet with elongated clasp pave from Pandora Reflexions series


Add a little glitter in own image with help latest bracelet from series Pandora Reflections in beautiful finishing Pandora Rose. sparkling stones laid out diagonal in rows on front parts fasteners, a on rear side engraved Pandora logo.

Charm clip “Blue heart pave» from Pandora Reflexions series


Add shine his bracelet from series Pandora Reflections with help clipshearts blue heart pave. Silver charm decorated 38 flickering crystals different shades blue, placed by diagonals. By carved heart on reverse side clips viewed texture bracelet. Logo Pandora engraved side charm.

Charm clip “Pink pave» from Pandora Reflexions series


light-pink stones from zirconium connect with crystals raspberrypink colors in this sparkling it’s a shameclips from series Pandora Reflections. On reverse side charm engraved logo Pandora and monogram.


Bangle bracelet “Cheshire cat from alice in Foreign miracles” from Disney x Pandora series


The steps in The side miracles with bracelet Cheshire cat from alice in Foreign miracles from series Disney x Pandora. Cheshire cat, famous his mischievous smile, decorates clasp bracelet. Tail cat curls up on rear parts fasteners, a on smooth bracelets engraved famous phrase alice Curiouser and curiouser’” (Everything more wonderful and more wonderful”).

Slider bracelet «Mickey» from Pandora Disney Parks series


AT braceletsslider in finishing Pandora Rose present characteristic distinctive trait Disney! Instead ordinary fastenersball hereclasp in form mickey Mouse. emeraldgreen, purple and turquoise stones surround image legendary of the castle Disney, embossed on clasp. More two transparent stone inlaid in balloons on ends threads bracelet.

Charm pendant “Graduation hat Mickey» from Pandora Disney Parks series


Celebrate successful high school graduation with help this funny pendants Graduation hat mickey! Traditional graduation cap in style Disney with funny ears mickey by to the side. Charm painted darkblue and black enamel, a in doggy inlaid transparent stones from zirconium.

Charm pendant “Mickey and Dumbo» from Pandora Disney Parks series


mickey fun waving hand, enjoying trip on attraction Dumboflying an elephant. Hat and filling Dumbo painted manually enamel blue and mustard colors. Relevant by bloom stripes adorn doggy cute charm.

Charm pendant “Bottle “Drink me» from alice in Foreign miracles” from Disney x Pandora series


Alice decreased in size, to become enough small and fit in bottle with potion! Face and hair alice portrayed at help lung oxidation, a her dress and legs visible through translucent blue enamel bottle. On bottle hanging silver label with inscription (Always) (Is always) on one side and curiouson another. On oval long onesembossed curls in vintage style.

Charm pendant “Door handle and key from alice in Foreign miracles” from Disney x Pandora series


open Door in The side miracles with help charmpendants door handle and key from alice in Foreign miracles and start his an adventure! Suspension decorated beautiful details, which recreate memorable the scene, where Alice talking with enchanted door pen. S brackets hang down two element; elegant key and three-dimensional door handle with bizarre muzzle. On reverse side engraved inscription A new Adventure (New an adventure”).

Charm “Teapot on Day unbirth from alice in Foreign miracles” from Disney x Pandora series


Alice arrived in time how once to tea! Join to party and enjoy cup tea from beautiful blue enamelled kettle. Malyamkin, mouse Sonia, peeps out from kettle, a graceful Pocket times hang down with chains. See, now 5 hours, it’s time drink tea!

Charm “Crazy tea party Hatter from alice in Foreign Miracles” from Disney x Pandora series


Charm Crazy tea party Hatter from alice in Foreign Miracles captivity amazing details! reduced Alice in blue dress, painted blue enamel, costs on edge hats, considering tiny butterfly upstairs hats. Painted manually yellow, pink and red enamel roses, playing map and price tag 10/6 hats placed side hats. famous phrase from alice in Foreign miraclesWere all mad here (We all here crazy) engraved on side side charm.

Charm “Cheshire cat and caterpillar Absolem from alice in Foreign miracles” from Disney x Pandora series


This silver charm in form buttons skillfully detailed and filled characters from fairy tales about Alice in Foreign Miracles. On one side charm we visible smiling Cheshire cat, seated in framed curving under by the wind branches trees. On another side pictured Alice, standing among mushrooms beside with caterpillar Absolem. Above charm engraved phrase Nothing is impossible (Not nothing impossible”).


Necklace “Key” and flower» from Pandora Passions series


Distinctive trait this charming necklacebig silver pendant in form the key with flower from 14-karatnogo gold in center. stigma Pandora for 14-karatnogo gold, G585, engraved on reverse side pendants.


Stud Earrings «Flowers» from Pandora Passions series


These graceful earringscloves, inspired flowers, created in style eachdeco. Four silver petal connect another with to another, forming flower, a more small petals from 14-karatnogo gold shine in center.

We in delighted from collections Pandora to spring 2021 of the year! Obviously, what company Pandora and her designers are listening to reviews fans, and we happy see So a lot bicolor models. AT this new collections each will find whatthat special for myself, from funny charm Rainbow unicorn to elegant earringsstuds Flowers”.

Our favorites in this collectionsBracelet Pandora Moments with several chains and clips in finishing Pandora Rose, a also charm electric car””. A bicolor charmspendants Princefrog and Swans and heart must have each in his collections. Also us very liked earringsstuds Flowers”.

Nam always liked history Alice in Foreign miracles, that’s why we in delighted from new fantastic pendants and bracelets on this subject! BraceletBengal Cheshire cat from alice in Foreign miracles, charms Kettle on Day unbirth and Crazy tea party Hatter, a also openwork charmsall this is in list our desires.