Clips «Pink Daisy» by Pandora

The Pandora Pink Daisy clip is surrounded by tiny pink daisies. Transparent cubic zirconia stones are located between the flowers.

Charm «Turquoise heart» from Pandora

We don’t have much information about Pandora’s Turquoise Heart charm, which is similar to the Blue Heart charm but has a richer color.

Charm «Pink Heart» by Pandora

Again, we don’t have much information on the Pink Heart charm, so it could be a country-exclusive charm. Like the Fuchsia Heart charm, this jewelry design features a pink stone.

Charm «Shining Chamomile» by Pandora

At first glance, the Radiant Daisy charm from Pandora looks like an ordinary charm. But this decoration has a special feature! Seven shimmering petals turn and reveal a hidden message. The words «Love», «Hope» and «Peace» are engraved under three silver petals.

Charm «Dragonfly of love» from Pandora

The new charm from Pandora with the image of dragonflies is simply beautiful! Tiny dragonflies perform a wonderful waltz around the decoration. Under the decoration is the inscription «Love transforms us».

Charm «Bouquet of daisies» by Pandora

A bouquet of three small daisies sits atop this cute charm. This jewelry is perfect for Pandora necklaces and bracelets.

«Paw» charm from Pandora

Show your furry friends some love with this cute charm. A large cut-out shape of a paw print fills the center of the decoration, while small footprints are located on the other sides. Also note that a heart is hidden in each paw print.

Charm «Patti the Sheep» by Pandora

Patti the sheep is the second new character in the Spring 2020 collection. The fluffy sheep with a small tail looks adorable. As with other charms in the Pandora Friend series, hearts have been incorporated into the design of the sheep. Patti has a shiny heart-shaped nose and a heart outline on each hoof.

Charm «Poodle puppy» by Pandora

Fans have been asking for more dog charms and we’ve got a new poodle charm! The new spring collection from Pandora includes a new Poodle Puppy charm. The little puppy has a black enamel nose and eyes, and a heart-shaped tag that hangs from the leash.

Charm «Heart with a paw print» by Pandora

The Heart with Paw Print charm from Pandora is perfect for everyone, whether you’re a cat or dog owner! Two paw prints are on the open heart, and below it hangs a small disc that says «Fur M ♥ m». There is a heart on the back of the ornament, and transparent stones sparkle on the paw prints above.

Charm «Wavy Pink Ball Murano» by Pandora

Fans who have been concerned about the absence of Murano Charms lately will be happy to know that Pandora’s Spring 2020 collection includes some new favorites. The Wavy Ball Pink Murano Charm from Pandora is made of glass in a gorgeous candy pink shade. The charm dazzles with a soft pink shade.

Charm «Wavy Lavender Ball Murano» by Pandora

The new charm is also available in a stunning lavender color, perfect for the Frozen theme. Brilliant reflections in the glass resemble ice cracks. Thus, this beautiful charm is suitable for both spring and winter jewelry styles.

Kiwi Bird charm»

A cute kiwi bird surrounded by green fern leaves decorates one side of the charm. The back of the charm is engraved with the words «New Zealand» and small hearts adorn the top of the clasp.

The Merlion charm is exclusive to Singapore

With the purchase of this charm, you can purchase your very own piece of Singapore with the iconic national symbol, the Merlion. The decoration depicts a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, which is often used to represent a country.


Charm «Shining Pink Daisy» from the series Pandora Rose

The Radiant Pink Daisy Silver Charm is now available in the Pandora Rose finish. While we weren’t particularly fond of the silver finish on this piece, the pale pink stone looks great against the Pandora Rose finish.

Charm «Pink Daisy» from the Pandora Rose series

The pink fuchsia enamel is perfectly combined with the delicate pale pink finish of the decoration, creating an ombre effect. In the center shines a transparent zirconium stone in the shape of a cube.

Charm «Openwork pink daisy» from the series Pandora Rose

The beautiful openwork decoration is also available in the charming Pandora Rose finish. Different shades of pink enamel decorate the flowers. This piece is definitely one of our favorites from this collection!

Sharm «Pink Daisy» from the Pandora Rose series

The new Pink Daisy charm is also available in a Pandora Rose finish with pink petals. We really liked the combination of bright pink enamel with the blush of the Pandora Rose finish.

Charm «Pink daisy Pavé «from the series Pandora Rose

Fuchsia and soft pink color create a shimmering background for the pink daisies located on this charm from the series

Pandora Rose.


Charm «Hearts and bees» from the Pandora Shine series

Sterling silver and a Pandora Shine finish combine to create this beautiful two-tone dangle charm. A small bee rests on a glowing 18k gold heart. In the background, a second bee pours glistening honey into a heart-shaped silver honeycomb. Black enamel strips adorn the tiny bees. The words «WE BEELong Together» are engraved on the ornament.

Charm «Hamsa, All-Seeing Eye and Feather» from the Pandora Shine series

This tricolor pendant charm consists of three elements; Hand of Hamsa in 18k gold with Pandora Shine finish, All-Seeing Eye with turquoise blue enamel and feather in Pandora Rose finish.

Charm «Shining sun» from the series Pandora Shine

A beautiful sunbeam shines through the center of this 18k gold jewelry. Three twinkling stars surround the Sun, forming a pattern from the sides. The «Shining Sun» charm from the Pandora Shine series can be an exclusive piece of jewelry for a certain country.

Charm «Arabian Lantern» from the series Pandora Shine

The Pandora Shine Crescent Moon Arabian Lantern Charm will pair beautifully with Pandora’s Aladdin Charms! We do not have enough information about this ornament, it may be an exclusive ornament for a certain country.