spring 2019 collection: rings

Ring «Four Petals of a Flower»

This cute sterling silver spiral ring features a glowing flower and a cubic zirconia stone.

Ring «Four Petals of a Flower»

Adjustable Clover Ring

Is it a trefoil or a four-leaf clover? You decide for yourself with this adjustable ring.

Butterfly ring

A tiny butterfly rests its wings on a shining ring.

Shining Clover Ring

Add some movement to your ring collection with the cute Shining Clover ring.

Ring «Flower with a crown»

Join Bella Bot and celebrate spring with a gorgeous crown and flower ring. Sparkling stones alternate with silver flowers, creating a winding floral garland.

Sparkling Butterflies Ring

The smooth and sparkling lines of two glittering butterflies dance together on this cute silver ring.

Ring «Feminine Symbol» from the series PANDORA Rose

This is a ring from the series PANDORA Rose has two hands as a sign of friendship and support. The female symbol is on both the inside and the outside of the ring. The inside also has the words Trust Your Tribe.

Ring «Matte glow» from the series PANDORA Rose

To create an attractive texture on this ring from the series PANDORA Rose the technique of diamond cutting of stones was applied.

Ring «Matte heart» from the series PANDORA Rose

Smooth and textured hearts combine beautifully on this ring from the series PANDORA Rose Matte Brilliance.

Ring «Rose and Flower»

The new flower crown ring is also available in pink.

The Love Castle ring is now available with a new finish from the series PANDORA Rose.

Ring «Shining Elegance» from the series PANDORA Rose

The cute ring «Shining Elegance» is now in the series PANDORA Rose.

Openwork butterflies ring

A tiny silver butterfly flutters above openwork 18k gold-plated butterflies that form a mosaic on the ring.

Radiant Flower Crown Ring

This ring can be worn on its own or paired with rose and silver versions.

Dazzling butterflies ring from the series PANDORA Shine

Two golden butterflies play against each other, creating a beautiful ring.

spring 2019 collection: Disney line

Disney park. Bracelet «Castle»

In this new version from the Disney series, the bracelet has been lightly dusted! The famous Disney castle motif adorns the heart-shaped clasp and is decorated with pink, turquoise and green stones.

Exclusive Disney Parks. Shanghai

Charm «Amusement Park in Shanghai» from the series PANDORA Rose

PANDORA recently released their first Charms in the series PANDORA Rose Disney Parks. Now for another addition, the Shanghai Amusement Park charm. The miniature castle is surrounded by zirconium stones in the shape of a cube, which repeats the idea of ​​​​Disney films. This charm will only be available in Shanghai.

Chip and Dale Charm

Chip and Dale are real Mickey Mouse fans and peek out from under the hat together Mouseketeer. These two adorable chipmunks look alike, but Dale has a red nose and Chip has a black nose. This cute charm is already on our wish list from the series PANDORA Disney!

Charm «Family»

The famous Disney castle, surrounded by pink enamel, is brightly lit by a star. The other side of the charm features a silhouette of the Disney family holding hands all day as they stroll through the Disney park. This charm would look cute paired with the pastel pink Fairyland charm from the series PANDORA Disney Parks 2019.

Cookie Charm

Cookie is Daffy’s new friend, making her Hong Kong Disneyland debut in 2018. Dressed in a chef’s hat complete with onions, Cookie is depicted with a wooden spoon. She is ready to bake a fresh batch of cookies! Gold stones adorn the clasp, but our favorite detail is the hidden photo of Mickey on Cookie’s little paws! The «Cookie» charm is another piece of jewelry worth adding to your collection.

Charm «Dumbo»

Dumbo is one of our favorite Disney characters, and we were thrilled to find out PANDORA is about to release two new charms from Dumbo. This beautiful silver charm depicts the story of Dumbo’s mother opening her stork basket to reveal the adorable baby! Dumbo’s eyes are two tiny blue enamel dots, and a single cubic zirconia stone adorns the clasp. There is also a special pin that connects Dumbo’s ears to his head, allowing them to move up and down.

Charm «Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo»

Dumbo shares a precious moment with his mother in this adorable button charm. Blue, pink and yellow enamel details highlight the design and the charm design is surrounded by tiny hearts. The reverse is engraved with the message ‘My Precious Love’.

Our favorites from the collection PANDORA Spring 2019 features the Murano Pink Flower and Butterfly Charms, the Blooming Watering Can Charm and of course, the Floral Bella Bot Charm! As well as «Chip and Dale» charms from the Disney Parks series, «Cookie» charm and «Dumbo» charm.

What do you think about the spring collection PANDORA 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments below…