Pendant «Four-leaf clover» from the series PANDORA Shine

This pendant is very similar to its silver version, but it is larger and uses clear cubic zirconia stones rather than silvery green crystals.

Openwork pendant «Butterflies»

Silver butterflies dance around a luminous gold ball with a wonderful openwork pattern. This beautiful pendant perfectly illustrates the delicate nature of the butterfly wing.

Butterfly necklace

Silver Y-like necklace is set with a shimmering cubic zirconia stone. This jewelry has an adjustable clasp mechanism.

Lucky Four Leaf Clover Necklace

The Lucky Four Leaf Clover necklace can be worn in two styles. Can be worn with clover leaf up or down to shape Y figurative necklace.

Crystal pink butterfly necklace

This sterling silver necklace features a pink crystal butterfly in the same style as the Shiny Pink Butterfly charm.

Necklace «Four petals of a flower»

This simple necklace features clear cubic zirconia details and sparkling silver flowers.

Necklace «United Hearts»

Miniature hearts are connected to a beautiful chain necklace. It would be interesting to see the real size of the hearts in this jewelry and whether it is possible to wear standard pendants and charm from PANDORA.

Necklace «United Hearts» from the series PANDORA Rose.

PANDORA Rose Beaded Necklace

Tiny beads are scattered along this exquisite necklace from the series PANDORA Rose.

Necklace from the series PANDORA Shine «United Hearts»

New necklace Joined Hearts also available in 18K gold from the series PANDORA Shine.

Necklace «Beads from the series PANDORA Shine

A thin beaded necklace is now available in the series PANDORA Shine.

Necklace «Shine»

Simple necklace now available in series PANDORA Shineand crafted from 18 carat gold.

Flower stem necklace

A beautiful flower base forms an arc at the bottom of this pretty necklace from the series PANDORA Shine. Transparent zirconium stones sparkle like refreshing dew drops on a spring flower.

Collection spring 2019 :earrings

Stud earrings «Four petals of a flower»

The simple four-leaf flower design is available as cute stud earrings with clear zirconia stones.

Earrings «Butterflies»

Several silver butterflies dance together in these cute stud earrings. A tiny butterfly dangles from each earring. We really liked the versatility of these earrings, namely that they can be worn as pretty stud earrings or dainty dangle earrings.

Draped Flower Petals Earrings

These adorable earrings are designed to fit the curve of your earlobe. Alternatively, they can be worn on the other side, hung slightly over the ear. Clear cubic zirconia stones accentuate the delicate flowers.

Stud earrings «Contours of a butterfly»

The Butterfly Outlines stud earrings depict a small butterfly gently lowering its wings. The side of the earrings are decorated with sparkling stones on the wings. We love these cute stud earrings!

Lucky Four Leaf Clover Stud Earrings

Exquisite sterling silver Lucky Four Leaf Clover Stud Earrings set with clear cubic zirconia stones.

Earrings «Lucky four-leaf clover»

These cute sterling silver earrings are set with a single cube-shaped clear zirconia stone and have a long dangling stem.

Four-Leaf Clover and Ladybug Stud Earrings

Delightful orchid-shaped pink crystals sparkle on these delightful stud earrings. One earring features a tiny clover and the other features a small ladybug preparing to take flight. We liked that the earrings didn’t match and they became our favorite pair of earrings from the spring collection. PANDORA 2019.

Earrings «Pink rings»

New series Matte Brilliance continues with these beautiful earrings. The tiny hearts on the inside of the rings are a lovely detail.

Earrings «Pink hearts»

Earrings-hearts from the series PANDORA Rose Matte Brilliance combined with the pendant and charm from the series Matte Brilliance. Please note that the distinguishing featurePANDORA» is a crown over the letter «O».

Earrings «Sparkling Elegance» in the series PANDORA Rose

These beautiful earrings are now available in a series PANDORA Rose.

Earrings «Butterflies» from the series PANDORA Shine

spring collection PANDORA 2019 has some interesting plus size earring designs including a pair of Butterfly earrings from the series PANDORA Rose. Each earring has one large lacy wing plated in 18k gold. We really liked these earrings. I would like to see them live to make sure they really look beautiful and will not lose their appearance when worn.

Earrings «Radiance of Hearts»

Plunge into sunny weather with this cute pair of earrings in warm gold tones.

Earrings «Flower stem» from the series PANDORA Shine

Both earrings feature a beautiful flower stem design and sparkling stones.

Earrings «Butterflies» from the series PANDORA Shine

Earrings from the series PANDORA Shine with decorative butterflies are covered with 18 carat gold and with transparent zirconium stones.

Earrings «Sparkling tear» from the series PANDORA Shine

New earrings from the series PANDORA Shine sparkle refreshingly like dew in a golden sun.