Charm «Spanish Fan»

Several fans PANDORA expressed a desire to see how PANDORA releases new versions of classic charms. It’s interesting that PANDORA Heeded the feedback as the Spring 2019 collection includes some updated charms such as the new Spanish Fan Charm. The previous charm was a simple silver heart design over the clasp. The new version of the charm includes bright red enamel and a dangling love heart. In addition, the clasp is engraved with the inscription «España» and a heart icon.

Charm «Turtle with bright eyes»

This charm features two sparkling zirconia eye stones and a hexagonal pattern on the tortoise shell. PANDORA previously produced two turtle charms «Old Turtle» and «Sea Turtle». While we have the Old Turtle charm, we like the friendly expression of this new charm much more. This is definitely a candidate to get on the wish list of this collection. Plus the turtle has such cute little fingers!

Charm «Paper airplane in the shape of a heart»

The new Heart Paper Airplane charm is pretty cute, but it’s odd that it wasn’t included in the collection. PANDORA for Valentine’s Day. Especially since the folded paper plane has a small love note «Love in the air» engraved on it. Additional details include a heart pattern and sparkling cubic zirconia on the clasp.

Charm «Flowering watering can»

One of our favorites from the Spring 2019 collection is the Watering Can Charm. Combining flowers and a small yellow butterfly, this charm would look great paired with the Enchanted Teapot charm from the Spring 2018 collection. This charm includes a nice “Blossom and Grow” message on a disc below the spout, and a heart shaped spout!

Charm «Van»

Add some serenity to your bracelet with this new charm! It proudly features a heart in pastel pink enamel on the front, and the logo PANDORA replaces license plate. Although not very noticeable in this photo, the roof of the van is adorned with the symbol of the heart of the world and the word «LOVE». We’ve always loved the idea of ​​getting a camper van and decorating it with colorful pillows and pretty prints, which is exactly what this charm does!

Charm «Dance with a butterfly»

Navy blue and pale pink enameled butterflies dance together in this charming charm.

Charm «Shiny clover in the shape of a heart»

A small silver clover surrounded by green, turquoise and pink stones. The green and teal colors match the colors of the Ocean Mosaic Charm PavIt is Ball».

Carved Clover Charm

This is a silver button charm with a carved clover and a message engraved on the sides.

Glittering Skull Charm

The Glittering Skull Charm is the only charm that definitely won’t make it to our wish list! Even the name is repulsive. The smooth skull is embellished with a floral pattern of clear stones around the eyes. The floral design clearly confused the little butterfly that lies on the skull, mistaking it for a flower. PANDORA often includes tiny hearts in his charms, and we were very surprised to see it paired with a skull. Note that the nose of the skull is actually an inverted heart!

Clip «Butterfly»

This cute butterfly clip consists of miniature butterflies with painted enamelled wings in green, blue and pink. While we’re not entirely sure about the color combination, the overall design of the clip is definitely adorable. The raised wings of the butterfly create an interesting texture and almost take off!

Charm «Adventure Bag»

Brand new charm PANDORA and full of details. A small zipper twists on the top of the bag, above the crown badge PANDORA and a sparkling «trinket» dangling next to a heart-shaped sticker. Also, while it’s hard to judge accurately from this single photo, it looks like this charm could be a clip.

Shiny bike charm

The new Brilliant Bike charm features wheels set with clear zirconia stones and one stone set on a clasp. There are also cute tiny hearts around the chain ring and engraved «PANDORA» behind. Our favorite aspect of the Shiny Bike Charm is the spinning wheels!

Limited edition

Charm «Flower Bella Bot»

Bella Bot loves spring so much that she flew away with the fairies! Flower Bella Bot is depicted with a flower headband and magical wings on her back. Bella knows how to have fun and she’s flying right into our wish list! This charm is a limited edition for the spring collection. PANDORA 2019.

Charm «Pink Butterflies»

Lovely pink enamel butterflies surround this enchanting openwork charm. Silver beads adorn the body of each butterfly and the edge of the charm. This new charm will look great with clips and Magnolia Blossom charms.

Charm «Openwork flower»

The Openwork Flower charm has a simple yet beautiful design that repeats around the silver sphere. Delicate beading complements the motif of the charm creating a beautiful look! This charm would look great in an Aladdin style bracelet design.

Charm «Blue spark»

Beautiful moonlight blue crystals and cubic shaped clear zirconia stones fill both sides of this button charm. The edge of the charm is decorated with a pattern of small carved hearts.

Shiny silver rose horseshoe, clover and ladybug charm

A pink ladybug and clover dangle on either side of a silver horseshoe. All three symbols of Spring hang from a silver clasp that has a tiny heart stamp on top.

Charm «Pink and silver clover and ladybug pendant»

Cute little ladybug in decoration a series PANDORA Rosesleeping in the middle of the silver charm. NThe inscription on the back reads: «Love makes life extraordinary!». A clover leaf hangs at the bottom like an inverted heart.

Charm heart shaped with pink matte glitter

Classic keychain with a heart PANDORA looks new. Technique with using pointedthat’s it diamonda creates an intriguing texture on the front and back charmproviding excellent contrast with the smooth side.

Charm «Pink ladybug»

A tiny ladybug hides among the pink crystals on the charm «Pink Ladybug». Clear zirconia stones sparkle like dewdrops in the morning light.

Charm «Pink shining flower»

Clear cubic zirconia stones form a sparkling band around pink crystals. While we don’t really like the look of this charm, we really liked the combination of pale pink crystal from the series. PANDORA Rose.

Clip «Pink Matte Glitter»

To create decorative texture on this simple round clip used the technique with a diamond tip.