It will be presented, according to tradition, both new charms and just jewelry that complements the entire collection! We expect an abundance of bright, iridescent colors and accents, new concepts for both bracelets and beads themselves. It seems that Pandora has begun to move away from her usual style and is more and more immersed in experiments, and she does it well! ^^


These are not all models that will be released in the March 8th collection, I think in the future we will have even more juicy new products! In this review, we will analyze in detail what ideas, colors and themes will be used in the spring release.

Let’s start with some new charms and a bracelet! All the charms are insanely colorful, and you can clearly see that the designer was inspired by spring shades and natural phenomena, such as rainbows.

Murano is made in a soft blue, almost heavenly shade. Clouds and a rainbow captured in Murano glass look like they were just taken from the sky and placed on your bracelet. The new bracelet is a fusion of two styles: the smooth woven base is taken from the Moments bracelet, and the clasp is taken from the adjustable bracelet with silicone clasps.


We have been presented with a lot of jewelry with rainbow motifs that will perfectly match with other items from the collection.




We, unfortunately, do not have photos of these decorations yet, but we became aware of some of them that Pandora prepared for Mother’s Day 2018:

  • A child holding a balloon (the balloon is attached to the child’s bracelet, which is worn on the baby’s arm)
  • Pendant in the style of «Tree of Life»
  • Bangle version of the bracelet that was featured in the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection

We think that in terms of style, this release will not differ much from the collection dedicated to Valentine’s Day this year.



The next jewelry set is quite unusual for Pandora!

Pandora noted that this is a preliminary design of the products, but we will be able to see their «favorites» in the Spring/Summer 18 collection. But since we saw some of the models below in a separate preview, we can assume that all these jewelry can be planned for release in the coming months.

Aqua Hearts is a charm for lovers of noble blue, and it looks like we can see it in the Pandora Summer 2018 collection?


We were also shown a pavé version of the charm we saw earlier, in clear.


The Glittering Hearts charm and the Open Your Heart pavé charm are now rainbow colored and complement the previous charms:



Another beautiful charm that we will see in the new collection is very reminiscent of the Essence mosaic, which was released in the fall of 2016. It looks truly bewitching, it uses the rainbow theme in a very subtle and detailed way.


In this topic, a connecting chain is also made. Small clouds on a chain and a rainbow of colored pavé look very cute.


If this may seem too much for some, the same chain with clear color zirconium stones will be released.


This year, Pandora, in honor of the March 8 holiday, prepared a charm using pink cubic zirconia stones depicting infinity symbols.


This scar is drastically different from anything we’ve seen before, but that doesn’t stop it from making a really strong impression. It is very elegant and unique in the current Pandora collection.


Can’t wait to see what Pandora has in store for the Pandora Disney Spring 2018 Collection! And the first we see is the Climbing Mickey connecting chain, which in our opinion is simply magnificent. The interesting design of the chain is complemented by a little mouse that climbs on the side of it, it looks too cute. ^^


Another Mickey Gestures link chain is pretty fun too, and we love that it’s all silver and not overloaded.


Not particularly impressive was the Vintage Minnie charm.


Moving on, we move on to the set for the Pandora Rose line. The first is called Part of My Heart and is a mix of pink, purple and white stones with rose gold hearts.


We have left out what the name of the next charm will be, but we assume that it will be included in the special issue of Mother’s Day 2018.


The Wildflower Meadow charm has elements that subtly bring out the beauty of this bead — the warm ocher colored stones in the flowers pair beautifully with the rose gold! The whole composition is completed by a small ladybug, which is made in the form of a small pendant that is attached to the charm, in general, everything looks just amazing!


Two Magnolia charms from the Spring 2016 collection have been reinterpreted in pink gold.



Of the beads for the Rose collection, we left the most interesting for last — the Bella Bot pendant! It’s not common for a Rose line to have characters in its collection, but this time Pandora decided to break away from her rules and go beyond her usual boundaries. The charm consists of two parts — the head of the staff plays a functional role and is put on the bracelet, and the body complements it and is made as a pendant that will hang from your bracelet.


The surprises from Pandora do not end there. The company introduced a new concept — gold-plated charms. We have a pair with a heart design.


Including the Fan of Love charm, which is inspired by the 2016 Bride&Groom charm.


Also, a Shining Elegance clip appeared.


Another Shining Path clip that we have been introduced to has a beautiful design that is harmoniously complemented by warm amber zircon stones.


One of the beads for special release before Mother’s Day in 2018 impressed us the most — on one side are engraved the words «Love you More» (Love You Stronger), on the other — «Love you Most» (Love You Most).


One of our favorites from the Pandora Spring 2018 collection is the You are my Sunshine medallion pendant, which looks like the Sun when it is closed, and when it is opened we will see a small message.


The Golden Honey charm is another design that is slightly different from what we are used to. Yellow honeycombs filled with amber honey give an unusual look to the charm and emphasize all its beauty.


Let’s, at the end of our review, look at other jewelry presented by Pandora. We will see a few new earring models in this launch, we especially liked the Springtime Bird earrings — the minimalism and simplicity of execution remind us of Trollbeads, and the feathers with miniature blue hearts complementing them look very cute. Earrings with purple ladybugs look so delicate and spring like never before.


We were also pleased with the new medallions and necklaces for the Disney collection.