The world-famous jewelry brand Pandora, since its appearance on the world market, has been constantly pleasing fans with amazing collections of jewelry, each of which very quickly finds its owner. Some products are discontinued and replaced by new creations. But two collections — Shine and Rose — have not lost their popularity for a long time. It’s all about the alloys of precious metals patented by the company, with which jewelry acquires a unique brilliance and chic. If you are part of the brand’s fan club, you probably have Shine or Rose in your jewelry box. If you are just planning to get acquainted with the world of Pandora, let’s try to decide where to start.

Pandora Rose Collection

In 2014, the eminent jewelry brand presented a collection Pandora Rose, which simply could not help but attract attention. The brand’s proprietary rose gold alloy has been used in the new selection of jewelry. That is why to this day Pandora Rose has no analogues from other manufacturers.


To achieve a delicate pink hue, the brand uses an alloy of silver and copper. The finished jewelry is covered with a 14-carat gold layer by galvanization, thanks to which it is possible to obtain high-quality rose gold pandora. On a light shiny surface with an amazing golden sheen that lasts for a long time, a scattering of cubic zirconia crystals looks especially good.

Versatile and Diverse Pandora Rose collection includes bracelets, charms, earrings, necklace, pendants. The selection contains floral motifs that are harmoniously intertwined with love notes. It’s hard to imagine a Pandora collection without romantic hearts, and Rose is no exception.

Since the advent of rose gold products have not lost their popularity. Graceful openwork notes, stones, colorful enamel, embodied in feminine and romantic images, amaze with their design. Not without more strict geometric patterns that will appeal to fans of the classics. Rose gold alloy was used in one of the recent Reflexions collections, so you will have the opportunity to find not only beautiful and unique, but also the most fashionable jewelry.

Pandora Shine Collection

Pandora Shine — another long-awaited novelty from a well-known brand, presented in the spring of 2018. The selection was based on a honey theme: honeycombs, bees, honey are the main images. It turned out to be so successful that at one glance at the amazing golden jewelry, the sweetish aroma of spring seems to be felt.


The main feature is not only in the original design of jewelry, but in the material from which they are made. Pandora Shine — This is jewelry made of 925 sterling silver with a layer of palladium. For the exterior finish, 18 carat gold is used, a thick layer of which ensures high quality and durability of the product. The coating is not erased and loses its brightness for an unlimited time.

Products have a honey golden hue, but Pandora Shine price much lower than the cost of pure gold jewelry. With the release of a new collection, the brand has again maintained its reputation by offering quality and affordable jewelry.

Bracelet Pandora Shine represented by several interesting models. The Smooth Bracelet is a sleek model with a smooth finish. To prevent the charms from moving, you will need special clips or stoppers with a silicone base. The collection also includes an extendable bracelet and a silver model with a gold heart-shaped clasp. Honey bee — a bracelet adorned with two cute bumblebees looks expressive and perfect, so it does not require any additions. Charms from the collection are decorated with sparkling stones and amber enamel, supporting the theme of the sun, bees, beehives and honeycombs. The selection also includes a large selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, in which honey notes are mixed with eternal symbols of love and romance.

What to choose

It is difficult to say which collection to choose — Shine or Rose. Each product that the brand’s designers have worked on is unique in its uniqueness. It is not worth talking about the durability of the coating, because the word Pandora itself is synonymous with the highest quality in the jewelry industry.

It is enough to listen to yourself to find your own decoration. If you like classic gold with a noble rich radiance, the Shine collection will attract you. If you prefer gentle romantic motifs Pandora Rose Gold — exactly what you were looking for. Plunging into the world of Pandora, you will find the answer to the question of what will be your own ideal piece of jewelry.