So, we continue this week with a new detailed review of the Pandora Fall 2018 Shine collection. Combining warm colors and sophisticated details, the collection combines brand new vintage motifs with a Shine treatment of existing Pandora classics.

The collection will be released alongside another Pandora project on August 30th. To learn more about the new collection, read on for our review with high-quality images.

Pandora Shine Fall 2018 Collection: Overview

Let’s start with bracelets. We offer two options without typesetting beads. Shine style interpretation for a bracelet Glittering Thread

Bracelet floating grains with tiny gold leaves hanging from a chain, this is a limited edition piece of jewelry

What drew our attention is mesh braceletwhich introduces a new way of arranging jewelry from the Shine collection

Pandora Shine will delight us with two more bewitching beads (*charms). Charm Shining Hearts ( Radiant Hearts ) is adorned in the middle with an irresistible golden stone.

Charm sinuous splendor (Intertwining Radiance) also combines a gold stone with a sophisticated finish in the spirit of Shine.

The most accessible way to create an image of Shine will be a bead Golden faceted crystal (Golden Faceted Glass). The base of the bead harmonizes with the iridescent yellow glass and will perfectly match the existing white Venetian glass charm and the bumblebee bead.

Dazzling vortex of grains (Dazzling Grain Swirls). We assume that only cubic zirconia stones became the beauty of each grain, because it’s hard to believe that Shine’s idea turned out to be so simple.

clip bead The epitome of elegance (Seeds of Elegance) has a silicone base in the middle, which will allow the rest of the elements, whether it be a bracelet with a smooth texture or made of leather, to be in the right place.

clip bead shining arch of love (Sparkling Arcs of Love) also has a silicone stopper

Suspension soaring grains (Floating Grains) is one of the most interesting beads in the Shine collection. Zirconia stones blend gracefully with the overall design. We are in awe of this bean curl from its base to its very tip. The only concern is the size. Judging by the picture, the pendant is quite large.

Next, we will talk about one of the most interesting and cute jewelry of this collection — a two-tone Scarecrow guardian. Pandora put in the name an allusion to Guardian of love (Guardian of love), apparently in order to clarify that, in fact, a scarecrow is a small and friendly creature. Although, in our opinion, after all, the developers should not have added such a reading to this fun and original symbol.

Pendant «Seeds of the future” also carries a special meaning, linking the motif of harvesting with the idea that dreams are seeds, that is, the beginning and pledge of the future

Back to more decorative decorations. The Shine Charm collection Floating medallion (Floating Locket) got its new incarnation

A version is also foreseen for the Floating Pendant necklaces Medium Floating Locket, which will consist of a chain length of 60 cm (adjustable to 40 or 50 cm).

Necklace Ring with grains (Circle of Seeds) is another limited edition decoration. It is really expensive, but, nevertheless, it is a very refined little thing. The pendant comes with a chain 60 cm long with a sliding clasp.

Two tone necklace Gate of love (Gates of Love) is another one of our favorites from this collection. The core of the product in the Pandora Shine style is as if entwined with silver multifaceted elements. The original brochure for this collection has the same version of the charm, but we haven’t been given a picture of it yet, so it’s not yet known if this bead will be available for sale.

Let’s take a look at rings! Seed ring (Circle of Seeds). This piece uses the grain chain motif in an extremely elegant way. The ring will be released in a limited edition

The ring will become more accessible Grains of Energy (Grains of Energy) at prices

Ring Spikelets (Open Grains) is distinguished by its simplicity and originality

And finally, an interpretation of the classic Pandora favorite ring design Moya royal tiara (My Princess Tiara)